More sword

More sword

63 degrees today, sunny tomorrow.  pl

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  1. TedBuila says:

    Hi again (your meat preps). Pat, first: what did you use for spices on top/bottom of the swordfish..I’m assuming you didn’t marinate it, but… Second, Moroccan spice territory. Do you buy it “whole” or put it together yourself? Get back when you can, thanks, stay well, ted

  2. turcopolier says:

    Ted Buila
    It was one piece. I cut it in half to see if it was cooked. I used some McCormick Garlic, Salt and pepper spice on both sides. Sprayed it and the copper grilling mat with olive oil and cooked it 7 minutes on a side at 350 degrees.

  3. Deap says:

    More brain food:
    Link to WUWT – Watts Up With That website – a pretty sane science discussion website:
    Dedicated mainly to “climate change” discussions – what is real, what is emerging knowledge, and what is still out there in science land that politicians never plan on telling us ….. because it won’t fit their own agenda.
    For those of us seeking new hobbies of late, this is a good way to re-connect to a more real world, and one that in not ending in 11 more years – 37 million years is more like it. Nor will it end in approximately 40 more days. Refreshing to connect to a galactic time schedule, instead of a four year election cycle.

  4. Bill C says:

    Hey Col. From time to time you ponder ending the blog for various reasons. I just want to say that I check in every couple days but have never commented. May I please ask you to continue. You are a great resource, as well as a person I have never met but, may I say, someone I greatly admire and for whom I feel affection. Thanks for all you do. Do not quit!

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