“Mother Jones” on Iraq

Motherjones This is a really good collection of interviews on withdrawal from Iraq among other things.  My only problem with the interview with me is that it would have been nice if the interviewer had done a better job of cleaning it up (connectives, etc.).  A few less expletives might have been a good idea.. pl


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4 Responses to “Mother Jones” on Iraq

  1. ked says:

    Col Lang, I just found this 2-part series in Asia Times, on Iraq “Surge” and US military & civilian leadership behavior. It may be of interst to you & your readers. I know nothing of the author.
    To all, don’t forget to celebrate the State of the Union address… one more year! one more year!

  2. Charles I says:

    Well, it IS a clusterf**k of a Snafu. . .

  3. Kevin says:

    Juan Cole, James Dunnigan, Col Hammes, you, Col McMaster, LTC Nagle, Gen Zinni, ect…that is quite an awsome collection!

  4. frank durkee says:

    Very helpful. I’ve sent it on to a number of people. thanks again Col.

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