Movie Review – “The 40 Year Old Virgin”

"Well, then, natch, we run Andy through  a series of mis-matches with implausible young women.  Predictable bits turning on contraceptive devices, toilet sex, personal hygiene, clumsiness, humiliation, despair… you know, all the real laughs in a fella’s life.  Happily, though, despite the maladroit efforts his buds subject him to—well-intended, we’re asked to believe, as mortification bursts upon mortification into the poor little schmuck’s circumscribed world of silence and solitude—in course, Andy finds a girl of his own, right across the street in some kind of e-sales business now that she’s dee-vorced:  sweet, gorgeous, brainy high cheekbones, pouty lips, tight jeans entrepreneuse… easy to see why some guy wanted shut of her  With this and that and after an appalling contretemps ( a lot like “waste of time,” but—you know—classy!), we break—so to speak—the spell—so to speak—and it’s done:  virtue is served as virtue is swerved.  “Uxoriousness,” sniffed Matthew Arnold or Cardinal Newman or one of them, leads to the Fall of Man.  Rocky, though, knew the real secret:  “Women weaken legs.”"

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Alan Farrell

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  1. Eric says:

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    To paraphrase Doc Holliday in Tombstone, this site is becoming a most cosmopolitan place. As a fellow sophisticate, I like that!

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