“Deputy Dubya’s Droopy Diaper Rap”

You fell asleep on watch and let some bad guys blow us up, And when you woke you swore to pay them back.

You then attacked a country that had never done us harm Which seems to indicate it’s brains you lack.

You needed made-up reasons that you thought the rubes would buy.

You swore Saddam Hussein had done the crime.

You had Ms. Rice warn darkly of some sprouting mushroom clouds In little less than forty minutes’ time.


Download deputy_dubya.pdf

Michael Murry — Copyright 2005

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One Response to “Deputy Dubya’s Droopy Diaper Rap”

  1. RJJ says:

    This is just the place!
    The quote about the children “singing songs about us” is attributed to both Perle and Ledeen.
    Whoever said it, I think they should be rewarded with songs NOW! That is one debt we need not pass on to future generations.
    Wish someone would sponsor a contest. These people deserve the very best.

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