My present view of the election scene – 11 September 2020


It should be clear to all that I am a paleo conservative and originalist in my opinions concerning the constitution of the US.

It seems obvious that Trump is gaining ground on Biden in the shifting picture.  His polling is up and the level of enthusiasm in his supporters is a crushing burden for the Biden/socialist camp to deal with every day.

Their ops centers have a  tough time getting any significant number of people to come to the few events at which they are willing to risk his patent mental decline as a public phenomenon.  The man can't answer reporters' questions unless the question and answers are scripted and put up on a teleprompter.  He also needs a list so that he knows which reporter to call on for which question.  The spectacle is sad.  As an old man I can say that I see that his ego is being manipulated to make him a figurehead president fronting for people like De Blasio.  To use him like this is elder abuse.

Nevertheless, I think it remains possible, perhaps even probable that the socialist, anarchists and Democrat Party forces will win in November.  How?  Simple.  The Democrats have a master plan to win by cheating their way to victory through unsolicited mail-in ballots.  These are quite different from absentee ballots for which there are well established procedures for verifying identities.  In the mail-in ballots now pushed by the Dems' operations centers vast numbers of unsolicited and fully active ballots are and will be sent to every possible addressee.  So far, a lot of dead people have been included in the mailings as well as dead pets.  These unguided missiles can be gathered up in ballot harvesting operations and voted to provide the desired result.  People are surprised that Trump said that maybe his supporters should vote early and often?

Since the states are constitutionally in control of federal elections, I don't see a way to stop the mail-in ballot chicanery.  PL

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  1. Fred says:

    It looks like the left would rather foment rebellion than face possible indictments for criminal conduct of Obama administration officials and loss of largess from the federal treasury for major constituancies such a educational establishiments, medical reseach, “green” industries of all types, H1B dependent sectors and the immigration and refugee resetlment industries. The only way to stop the fraudulent voting is to control the states agencies responsible for voting registrations and certifications, and in a number of swing states that is probably already too late. In California look to seeing a complete wipeout of all republicans currently still in the House as the downballot races will be what they will succeed in stealing even if they must persevere through 4 more years of Trump. Goodby house of Representatives, hello impeachment 2.

  2. NancyK says:

    So Democrats will cheat in order to win the election? That Trump has lied about almost everything has no bearing at all? Here in NC the group cheating with absentee ballots was the Republican party.

  3. turcopolier says:

    Nancy K
    The claim of lying is one of your side’s lies. You people “fact check” his opinions to construct a false narrative. You are a nurse. Tell me about Joe’s mental abilities. Tell me.

  4. scott s. says:

    My state legislated all mail-in prior to Corona (whatever Oregon or Washington do we slavishly follow). This is the first big election under the new system. Every registered voter will have a ballot mailed to registered address. The only accountability is at the county clerk offices. There is no concept such as “poll watcher” to verify the procedures. There is supposed to be software to match signatures on ballot envelopes with signatures on registrations. I have seen no evidence of how this software was vetted or validated. The last pick up of ballots from USPS is supposed to be 1800 on election day. I don’t see how they plan to account for ballots distributed vs ballots returned and the acceptance/rejection rate. Like almost all offices in Hawaii, the county clerks and state office of elections are appointed cronies of the Democrat machine here.

  5. Fred says:

    scott s,
    Even if every clerk and official were as pure as an angel this the fraudulent voting will get done. Just a few dishonest postal employees, and some folks at appartment complexes, will garner you thousands of blank ballots. In Hawaii’s case it won’t effect how that states electoral votes are likely to go, it sure will affect local races.

  6. Flavius says:

    Hard to see how this ends well if domestic peace, or even a facsimile of concord, is the desired end.
    The Clinton machine, with more help than it ever could have expected or hoped for from the infamous cabal made up of the top leadership of the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Director, the so called special counsel with a team of blatant partisans, in order to assuage the sting of defeat, gravely undermined the American public’s confidence in its ability to insure a fair election to put in office a legitimate President. Bad enough. Now the left, postulating that Trump is an illegitimate President, has adopted an end justifies the means approach to removing him, by pushing a cockamanie mail in ballot scheme, that nobody but a complete moron will believe can deliver a fair result. The perfectly foreseeable consequence will be that no matter who wins, the losing side will be profoundly and permanently aggrieved. Having destroyed the integrity of the electoral system, does the Left really think the losers will go gently into the good night, that the losers will not have learned from the abominable behavior of the Left? Either the left is stupid, or, more likely, it assumes that once it controls the power it will be in a position to crush the oppostion. We will see. The falcon is flying farther and farther from the call of the falconer.

  7. Diana Croissant says:

    I worked for two yeas counting mail-in ballots in a different county from the one in which I now live. I was able to observe all aspects of the counting–even how they check signatures for possible forgeries. I felt it was a safe and accurate process. In any case, it was a strongly Democrat county, but several Republicans won also. Then, that year, the newly elected Democrat District Attorney had to prosecute three newly elected Democrats for some shady use of county money to help their many friends and family.
    Now I reside in the county in which I was born and in which I lived until I was almost 27. I am now back. When I grew up here, the county was solidly Republican. Now it’s mixed. Too many people from more liberal counties have moved here for obvious reason: Republican know how to manage money better and costs aren’t so high.
    In any case, I had a nice telephone talk with the Clerk and Recorder of this county. We’ve had mail-in ballots in Colorado for some time now. It’s done for primaries also. I was never afraid of the process. I wanted to be assured that all the ways to cheat that have been mentioned in the news and on the Web have been considered.
    The Clerk and Recorder has set up lock boxes all around the county so that people can simply drop off their ballots in those rather than mailing them. They are situated at government buildings, post offices and some other common areas where they are watched. I know that people will most definitely use those, as few people I know buy many stamps. If they do, they get them at grocery store check out.
    I am, perhaps, being too trusting in regard to our citizens here. However, there are more churches per capita here than in metropolitan areas. The Ninth Commandment against bearing false witness should cause most to refrain from lying by filing a ballot illegally.
    I hope I’m right. But, of course, only time will tell.
    All I can do in regard to the enormous number of other counties in the country Is to pray that all will go smoothly and honestly.
    I would hate a return to the hanging chads, the Black Panther goons. (I think that was the group scaring white voters away during Obama’s time.) And the lost boxes of ballots finally showing up in a poll worker’s car trunk.
    As I’ve mentioned before: when I was helping those years, the most common fraud that was being caught came from parents voting for the college students who were away at school. They were caught through checking the signatures. Those people were called in and told their names were put on a list, the ballots had been thrown away and not counted, and if they ever tried that trick again, they would definitely be prosecuted.
    It was impressive to see the signature checking system. Think of how many legal documents you have signed in your life. At least in Colorado, those signatures are on file and can be checked on a state data base of signatures. Big Brother is Alive and Well.
    In any case, I will cast my bllot into an official lock box nearest me and will send it off with a prayer.

  8. longarch says:

    I appreciate the danger to the republic, and I do not want to give false hope. However, some Constitutional researchers have argued that POTUS can suppress Democrat cheating by legal means.
    The researcher quoted below claims that POTUS can declare an insurrection and use the NDAA.
    Trump’s “secret weapon” revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM
    End quote.

  9. Polish Janitor says:

    To all,
    Let’s be frank here, alright? Trump will win and the democrats will lose in November. I don’t know why some people are still clinging to Biden enjoying this much lead or that much percentage point advantage or other similar wishful thinking… There is not need for Alan Lichtman’s secret formula. It is very clear that Trump’s path to re-election is very clear, unless dems really, I mean really take matters into to the extreme.
    Based on these 3 factors Trump will definitely have a clearer chance to win:
    1. The Wall-street loves him and the markets need someone like him, unlike Biden who is still struggling to convince W-street CEOs that he won’t go full Warren on banks and setting regulations. Several big-time CEOs have already indicated to Trump’s win in Nov.
    2. As long as cities keep burning and looting continuing and people getting killed and the possessed anarchists/community organizers unleashed in the streets, Trump will win. But he needs more action than photo-ops. So far he has been all words and no action. Biden as been all Zzzzz as usual. Trump needs to cpitalize more on this and solidify himself as law & order candidate not let Woodwards of the world depict ‘Trump’ for him.
    3. Biden is no Bernie, who in all honesty had a decent chance against Trump had it not been for Dems’ digitally screwing around with his Iowa and NH primaries and rigging everything for Biden. He is destined to lose against Trump, don’t believe me? Wait and see it for yourself in Sep. 28th.
    What is really unfortunate is Trump really sucking up to the pro-Israeli lobby and the big-daddy zio donors. It is such a shame that they have so much power to make or break things in elections.
    I too identify as a paleo, albeit with more libertarian/free-market tendencies than economic nationalism. I totally understand why our Colonel here, and other paleocons such as Pat Buchanan, Tucker, Daniel McCarthy and Michael Anton have been pro-Trump. But for me, two things have been a major repellent regarding my view of Trump: 1. His bad character and arrogance, coupled with the lack of humility (I wish he had acted more like Reagan), and 2. His totally soft-spot on anything and everything Israel. And don’t let me start with Kushner, because there are a lot there too. But still, Trump’s smack-down of unhinged dems is a rare sight to see these days for sure…so there’s that too

  10. downtownhaiku says:

    scott s says
    “Like almost all offices in Hawaii, the county clerks and state office of elections are appointed cronies of the Democrat machine here.”
    Please allow me to correct your misinformation about Hawaii. Elections are the responsibility of the Lt.Governor, who happens to be a MD, and is running for Governor in 2022, and is considered a serious political opponent of the current governor. As for the county clerks, they are appointed by the mayors. In Maui County, all elections are non partisan. In the past 30 years a vast majority of Maui Mayors have been registered republicans, i.e., Lingle, Tavares, Arakawa, and Tavares (daughter of first Mayor Tavares).

  11. turcopolier says:

    polish janitor
    They can still cheat their way to victory.

  12. turcopolier says:

    Diana Croisssnt
    Mail in ballots or absentee ballots?

  13. turcopolier says:

    What is the “National Security Director?” Get your stuff together.

  14. J says:

    A media mouthpiece spills her beans and says it’s her job to control the American people.
    Twitter wants to control the topography and determine their (big tech) president
    Facebook’s Z-man on media consensus determining who is the president
    With big tech and media, what’s left for the American people to decide?

  15. turcopolier says:

    Well, we all should know that Mika is not too smart. Her dad’s rep got her into Williams where she was a C student in spite of his rep. I actually heard her say that on the air. she said to the world “Its our job to tell people what to think.”

  16. Flavius says:

    turcopolier: care to address the obvious point? Sorry if I distracted you from it with that stuff about getting Clapper’s titled position in the deep state wrong. The point is that government and political malfeasance have undermined American confidence in electing a President with electoral legitimacy that will have lasting consequences for both sides.

  17. turcopolier says:

    Yes, IMO that is true.

  18. Eric Newhill says:

    Nancy K,
    Assuming no photoshopping, as a nurse, what does the mark on Biden’s hand tell you? Looks to me like they were dripping something into him to prop him up (blood doping).
    All, Whether or not there is cheating via mail in ballots, the process is going to cause the legitimacy of the election to be called into question and further divide the country; probably to the point of breaking.
    Having worked with IT teams, as a business lead, to develop big data sources for analytical purposes, I am certain that even with the best of intentions, there is no way to stand up a massive mail-in ballot system between now and the election. The system needs to have relational databases (for example to determine if someone is registered to vote, is active, is a citizen allowed to vote, to preclude voting by mail and in-person). The IT infrastructure would have to be built and then tested under various scenarios. Private industry – again, with good intentions and bonuses on the line – could not get it right in time; the govt much less so. IMO, together it right is at least a two year project. And no, the usual absentee voter system isn’t scaleable to handle ubiquitous mail-in without considerable work. Anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they are talking about. There WILL be problems and those problems will not be small. Indeed, those problems/issues will be large enough to somewhat legitimately call results into question in swing states. Then there is cheating/bad intentions, issues with the postal service, etc. Each issue will be used by each side for political purposes. IMO, this has always been a purpose of the CV-19 panic.
    In a legit election, Trump would mop the floor with Biden/Harris. He may even do it despite cheating. Regardless, there is going to be chaos because lefties and the Deep State won’t accept four more years of Trump. They would rather destroy the country. They may even see some “creative destruction” as a feature as opposed to a bug. Everyone should be preparing for what is coming.

  19. Eric Newhill says:

    I should have added that the tech to read the signatures on mail-in ballots (comparing the signature to a voter registration) is critical to mail-in working. That aspect of the process is highly problematic in several ways. I know about AI, machine learning and simple automated hand written text reading software (like doctors’ notes in my business). All of that software has bugs. It takes a highly skilled IT team a long time to implement it correctly and there is always an error rate that isn’t so small that it couldn’t make the difference in a tight election in a swing state. I repeat that the talking-heads have no idea what they’re quacking about and/or they are dishonest. Anyone repeating what the pro-mail-in talking-heads say is a partisan dupe of the first order. Folks, they are planning to wreck this country in one fell swoop and they’re telling us how they are going to do it and something like half us are just sitting there breathing through our mouths thinking it’s all fine and dandy.

  20. Offtrail says:

    Here in Washington State we have been safely voting by mail for decades. No complaints have been raised by Republican officials here about the accuracy of the vote. The key is that officials of both parties are represented in the elections process. In principle there is no reason why voting by mail can’t be done nation-wide, though the compressed timeline is a practical challenge.
    Here is a USA Today article from earlier in the year describing how it’s done here:
    Republican leader: My state shows why voting by mail is secure and trustworthy

  21. J says:

    What’s one to make of this by Col. Richard H. Black, (USA Ret.)?
    EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Retired Former Chief of the Army Criminal Law Division, Col. Richard Black, Warning of Military Generals Undermining President Trump

  22. turcopolier says:

    No. Voting by mail can be safe only if there is no intention to use it to cheat.

  23. Jack says:

    I’m a permanent absentee ballot voter. I believe the local county clerk verifies signature on ballot envelope with signature on file prior to counting. Is there a different process for general Mail-in ballots? How accurate are the voter rolls to mail everyone on the list a ballot?

  24. Eric Newhill says:

    Is the local clerk a non-politically aligned hand writing expert? Is the clerk used to a significantly higher volume of ballots?
    As I read the law (I’m not a lawyer), the votes have to be counted and the delegates ready on Dec 14th. Will the all of the counting be done by then? I also read the law to state that the polls are closed at the end of Nov 3rd. What about mail-in ballots that have not yet been counted and that have no post mark? I get lots of mail that isn’t post marked. What about slow mail delivery?

  25. Eric Newhill says:

    off trail,
    What about states that have not had that infrastructure established for decades? You want the trial run to be an extremely important and contentious national election? Does that sound smart to you? Sounds like a high wire act without a net to me. Why can’t people go to the in-person polls like they always do?
    Is your state’s infrastructure ready for much higher volumes of mail ballots?

  26. turcopolier says:

    Eric Newhill
    Offtrail is a Canadian from a little town in the BC woods.

  27. Chuck Light says:

    What amazes me is how those who are vehemently opposed to universal vote by mail seem to purposely ignore those examples (and there are in fact many) of states who purposely use vote by mail as the best possible system. It is as if because the president says it is bad, you are free to ignore the many examples of where it works. Slavish adherence to the president’s views is just purposeful ignorance, IMHO.
    The State of Colorado has had statutorily mandated vote by mail since 2013. Those who say Colorado is a small state, and it cannot be replicated in states with larger populations, can look to California, the state with the largest population in the United States. While California does not, as Colorado does, mandate vote by mail, it does mail ballots to all registered voters who ask for them, and if my memory serves, over 40% of registered voters in California voted by mail in the 2016 elections. This year California will mail ballots to all registered voters around October 3, and I will bet more than 60% of those ballots will either be returned by mail, deposited in a drop box, or cast at a local voting precinct.
    But back to Colorado. All registered voters are automatically mailed ballots a few weeks before the election. Those who wish to can return their ballots by mail. Those who don’t trust the mails (thanks, Postmaster General DeJoy) can simply deposit their completed ballots in any of 150 or more drop boxes distributed throughout the State. Those who wish to cast their ballots in person can do so at a polling center or voting precinct location. BTW, it does not matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. Colorado’s system is non-partisan.
    In the 2016 election, there were 3,042,589 active registered voters in Colorado as of 08/31/2016. As of 08/31/2020 there are 3,541,334 active registered voters in Colorado, an increase of approximately half a million new actively registered voters.
    According to the article linked below, 0.00027 percent of all votes cast in the 2018 midterm elections were referred for further review as questionable. According to the same article, Judicial Watch conducted an audit of all ballots cast since mail in voting in Colorado became state law in 2013. As a result of the audit, Judicial Watch found 7 (as in SEVEN) ballots that Judicial Watch considered fraudulent!
    The president votes by mail. Those who seek to say voting absentee is OK, but voting by mail will lead to fraud, ignore the fact that those who vote absentee and those who vote by mail both vote the same way — by mail.
    What is apparent to me is that the attacks on vote by mail are just another tactic intended to cast doubt on the validity of the elections. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would posit that the Russians put the president up to this. But he doesn’t need Russian help on this one. The Republican party is unified in its efforts to discourage voting, in the hopes that Democrats will become disillusioned and decide not to participate. Pretty cynical in my view, and somehow un-American.
    Read this article. I know it is “fake news,” but read it anyway. You might learn something.

  28. Jack says:

    Trump himself is an absentee ballot voter. Do banks hire handwriting experts to verify check signatures? That’s a silly argument, IMO. Signatures are verified all the time by many private sector businesses as well as government agencies. Is it foolproof? Of course not but it is better than voting at a polling station with electronic machines and stations where identity is not verified. At least you have to get the signature reasonably correct. I have voted at polling stations where no identification was required.
    I can see the argument that mailing out ballots to everyone on the voter roll if that is not vetted and verified could lead to opportunities for others to vote that ballot.
    Don’t candidates have their representatives at the counting stations to verify accuracy of the count including absentee ballot signatures?

  29. Chuck Light says:

    BTW, for those who believe that Florida permits absentee voting but not vote by mail, the following is from the Florida Elections website:
    “What’s the difference between a vote-by-mail ballot and an absentee ballot?
    Nothing. In Florida, the term “absentee ballot” was replaced by “vote-by-mail ballot” in state statutes in 2016 because it more accurately reflects the fact that Florida does not require voters to have an excuse (such as being absent) to vote by mail.”
    Florida made this change before the last presidential election.

  30. turcopolier says:

    Chuck Light
    So, how many hundreds of thousands of votes will be harvested that way?

  31. turcopolier says:

    Chuck Light
    “You might learn something.” This is clear and snotty ad hominem. If you do it again you will be banned.

  32. Eric Newhill says:

    No. You are yet another making a false equivalency between voting by mail and some other process in our society. No one is reading the signature on a bank check. That process works because if someone forges a check, the victim – the account holder from which the money was withdrawn – will notice that money was withdrawn against his account for a check he did not write. A police investigation can then be started and the forger can be arrested.
    With the election, the delegates must cast their vote on Dec 14th and the POTUS is sworn in in January. There is not time to investigate – and who would notice each and every forged vote in the first place?
    If the POTUS is sworn in, do you really think that after a year or more of investigating – and even prosecuting – that the POTUS would be removed and replaced with the true winner? As Biden would say, come on maaaaaaaaaaaan.
    I note that our resident lefties keep insisting that mail-in is the same as absentee voting. You did too. It isn’t. Once again, some states have little experience with this and none have experience with the expected volumes. Things like that matter in the IT world.
    I happen to know a lot about software that allegedly can read text, like signatures and I can tell you that it isn’t all that great. I already wrote that, but you chose to ignore it; or just assume that your uninformed opinion is of equal weight to my informed opinion. If you say it enough times, it doesn’t become real, you know.

  33. Eric Newhill says:

    Chuck Light,
    You are ignoring that fact that it takes a while to get these things right. Look at the screw-ups with something as simple and inconsequential as the initial ACA (Obamacare) enrollment. They had how long to get that right? Btw, I was there on the insurance side seeing the screw-ups. So don’t tell me that it’s all a rightwing fake news meme. But go ahead. Please tell me what the states are doing to make it work, in detail please.

  34. Eric Newhill says:

    Ah Florida…that bastion of integrity in voting. I seem to recall a lot of democrats crying foul back in 2000 over Florida voting practice standards. Yes. I’m sure they have it all worked out now.
    Btw…Florida not = the entire country. Tell me about PA and WI and MI and OH and other swing states.

  35. Antoinetta III says:

    It seems like a challenge to mail-in voting could be done on the basis that mail-in voting undermines the right to a SECRET ballot.
    In traditional poll-voting, one enters the poll, is given a ballot, and then proceeds to a private voting booth. After marking the ballot, the voter then deposits it in a sealed box, without the ballot being seen by anybody.
    With mail-in voting, the ballots are sent to people’s homes, and largely, voted on there. This leaves plenty of room for family members to pressure other family members or friends as to how to vote. Pressure from employers or co-workers also becomes possible.
    It would be nice if Trump or someone could get this to the Supreme Court in an expedited manner. It would be REALLY nice if the Supreme Court threw out mail-in voting over the privacy-secret ballot issue.
    Antoinetta III

  36. Chuck Light says:

    At the risk of being banned, I can only say that no ad hominem attack was intended. I did not direct that remark to anyone in particular, but mean the comment to be directed generally to those who voice what appears to be political opposition to a successful method of voting. I was trying to point out only that the article which I linked to had a great deal of information, primarily about the success of vote by mail in Colorado, but also about vote by mail in general.
    As for specifics, there are as far as I can tell five states, small states but states nonetheless, which have had vote by mail systems in place for some years, and have had no problems with them.
    In addition to those states, which include Alaska, Colorado, Hawai’i, Utah and Washington (as I recall Washington has used vote by mail for 20 years or so), Florida has had a vote by mail system in place since 2016, and apparently requires no excuse to vote by mail, as it used to require before the 2016 changes to the election statutes. As I understand it, Florida is a toss-up state, and I have not heard of any Republicans calling for an end to vote by mail. In fact, as I recall, Governor DeSantis specifically requested that the president stop voicing his opposition to vote by mail because the president’s opposition was creating problems within the party in Florida.
    Arizona is also going full vote by mail this year, as is Nevada. I live in California, where I have voted by mail in every election since I retired here in 2013. Prior to this year in California, a voter could request vote by mail when registering to vote or when obtaining a driver’s license. This year, principally because of COVID, California will adopt the Colorado system and mail ballots to every registered voter in the first week in October. As is permitted in Colorado, and as far as I know in most states which use vote by mail, voters can mail their ballots, or put them in drop boxes, or take them to a precinct voting site and vote in person.
    There is, unfortunately, a lot of disinformation about the vote by mail system, which has led many people to believe that it will result in extensive voter fraud. All I can say in that regard is that there is no evidence of significant voter fraud in states which use vote by mail. As I pointed out earlier, and as is pointed out in the article to which I linked, Judicial Watch, no bastion of socialism, could find only seven instances of voter fraud when it audited Colorado’s system going back six or seven years, and involving more than 50 million votes.
    A point of personal privilege if I may. I have noted how you have used Democrat/Socialist to describe Democrats, a group to which I belong. I humbly take umbrage to what I will call snark, because I am not a Socialist, and I do not believe most Democrats are socialists. If I were a Republican, I am pretty sure I would be an Eisenhower Republican. I would assume that you, Sir, would take umbrage if I referred to all Republicans as Fascists. I will try to avoid making comments which you might construe as personal attacks (my father taught me to respect my elders, and thus I must, even though we are almost contemporaries), and it is my hope that you will be able to avoid similar attacks on my political beliefs.
    Yours in hope of reasonable discussions.

  37. turcopolier says:

    chuck light
    It is a favorite technique of the propagandist to misquote someone and then comment on the false quote. I have not called all Democrats “socialists.” They are allied with the socialists and anarchists and that is bad enough.

  38. Seneschal says:

    Whether the forthcoming U.S. election is free and fair or not, it seems very unlikely that it will be perceived as such by those who voted for the candidate who does not take office. If it were the goal of someone to sow disorder in the United States, would that not be a desirable outcome in and of itself, irrespective of whether or not they had a dog in the race?
    Call me old fashioned, but my suggestion is that those of you who know how to pray do so, and those of you who don’t know how to but are concerned for the welfare of your brothers and sisters learn.

  39. J says:

    Ray Stevens on Voter Fraud
    Ray Stevens – Grandpa Voted Democrat
    And speaking of lockdowns
    Ray Stevens – “The Quarantine Song” (Live on Larry’s Country Diner, 2020)
    And Ray’s warning to all
    Ray Stevens – Red Hot Chili Cookoff

  40. Bobo says:

    Interesting picture of Old Joes left hand. Is that a recent blood draw, IV portal site or just a sore. Looking at the rest of the hand I see no age spots, or whatever you call them, which is rare at his age though you see them all over his face. Pure speculation on my part but would be interested in hearing the intended view.
    Now in person voting, mail in, internet voting or other future mannerisms in voting still is not raising the percentage of voters versus legible voters. To me seeing blue thumbs in Iraq voting is the way to go. No cheating and someone without a blue thumb is not doing their civic duty. I lived in a country that when voting your Cedula Card (Social Security Card) got punched and should you have a need for a government service you had better show the punched card or you go to the back of the line a hundred times. 95% plus voting in that country.
    There is violence, murder and mayhem going on in the streets of this country and I only hear one candidate yelling at the top of his lungs for it to stop. What in God’s name is wrong with the other guy as if he does not start yelling for it to stop then we know he is fostering it and on the wrong side.

  41. turcopolier says:

    You think that is not his hand?

  42. Eric Newhill says:

    The hand does look kind of photoshopped

  43. Jack says:

    My first post was that I am a permanent absentee voter and that county clerks supposedly verify signature prior to counting the ballot. You then argue that county clerks are not handwriting experts. I reply that one doesn’t need to be a handwriting expert to verify a ballot, that Trump himself is an absentee ballot voter and there is as much possibility of fraud at a polling station that requires no identification.
    In response you claim your opinion is more informed because you know more about text reading software. Lol!

  44. Artemesia says:

    I commented earlier about a conversation with a contractor about very strange quasi-medical goings-on involving taking the blood of young, excited children and injecting elders whose goal is to live forever. The contractor showed me a website with photos of people participating in this ghoulery.
    He went so far as to say that some who frequented this conspiracy theory site claimed that the Biden we see is actually a clone; you can tell by a difference in the ear lobes of genuine vs clone.
    Weird stuff.
    He told me stuff that’s even further far out: that the emergency production of ventilators that were NOT needed and NOT used for COVID were, rather, urgently needed to resuscitate dozens of children discovered in tunnels under places like Epstein’s house in NY.
    That would not make the news, of course, but main stream news has been reporting on recovery of many, many children and their return to their parents. So something very strange has happened/is happening.
    U.S. Marshals rescue 25 missing children in Ohio Sept 1 2020
    On the other hand, I find it not implausible to believe R B Ginsberg is kept alive through some esoteric techniques: one does not have the numerous health crises she’s had and bounce back in a very short time. Similarly, Soros & Kissinger. Peter Thiel has openly stated he’s on a quest to live forever.
    Crimes like the attack on the two LAPD may be deliberate distractions from some other, larger criminality that is taking place.

  45. JohninMK says:

    I would say its definitely an IV hole in his hand, its in exactly the right place. Also the definition of the photo is not good enough to discern whether there are liver spots, as we call them in the UK, present.
    I think the Democrats, with their shenanigans in 2016 by not accepting gracefully their defeat, permanently changed US politics and not in their favour. They set the scene where if they win this time the losing Republicans will not accept the result either.
    But this time, whilst the Republicans in Congress may accept it (as part of the UniParty) the rank and file will not. Although the Democrats seem to be well ‘tooled up’ with BLM, Antifa etc already rolling ready for if they lose, the Republicans are not. They have no national leadership or plans that I can see.
    Most people seem to have no idea what is coming their way for Christmas.

  46. NancyK says:

    Col Lang, you asked for my opinion as a nurse, most of my 37 years yers of nursing was as a psychiatric nurse, so here it is. Joe Biden is 77 years old, of course he has slowed down. I’m 73 and I definitely have. However I see no overt signs of dementia, he has always seemed a bit of a foot in the mouth type person. He is fairly articulate when speaking much more so than Trump.
    You stated that Trump’s lies are a lie of the left, I just do not understand that. He opens his mouth and lies come out. Granted I think he believes his lies a type of if I say it it is true delusion.
    Biden seems like a caring person and that is definitely a quality that Trump lacks. We need a little more kindness and consideration in our lives we have truly become a divided country.

  47. Eric Newhill says:

    What I am saying is that county clerks might do a fair job of handling a small volume of absentee or mail in ballots; or maybe not, but the volume in most states is not sufficient to make a difference most of the time. However, now, with a much larger volume of mailed in ballots, the clerk a) probably cannot handle the volume of verifications b) the volume is going to be sufficient to make a difference in election results c) regardless of a and b, the loser is going to have an excuse to call the results into question and there will be voters that perceive themselves as disenfranchised by a broken process d) we don’t need c when the country is already at each others’ throats.
    Clinton is already that Biden should not concede regardless of election night results. You give that statement no weight?
    I also agree with Col Lang about the opportunity for cheating via ballot harvesting and other techniques. Those problems have happened before in local elections. That is a matter of fact. There have been convictions. Yes, some perpetrators were caught and convicted, but I ask again, what would happen if fraud was detected and prosecuted some time after POTUS is sworn in and the fraud caused that POTUS to be seen as actually not winning the election? If you think that there won’t be an enhanced effort to cheat in this election, I don’t know what to say other than it must be nice to enjoy such an innocent view of the world and its inhabitants.
    The argument that mostly there hasn’t been cheating in the past is spurious. The riots, excuse me, protests, are mostly peaceful, right? We don’t know the extent of cheating in the past. If democrats have won and control the local govt, then they are not going to investigate. Of course, the foxes swear that no chickens have ever been stolen from the coup.
    The only way to remove some of the above issues is to have some kind of signature verification. As someone noted, that removes voter confidentiality. I say it can’t be done anyhow. Ballot harvesting and postal service issues remain.

  48. Chuck Light says:

    Artemisia: Apparently whatever they are giving to RGB didn’t stop her from officiating a close friend’s wedding on August 31, 2020. Of course, the photo could be photo shopped, I guess. Also, she was not wearing a mask. Maybe so people could really think it was her and not a double.

  49. turcopolier says:

    Trump exaggerates. He is a New York City hustler. You have no idea what that means because you don’t know any. As I said, you people “fact check” his exaggerations and speculations. That is inherently unkind and unfair but you don’t care because you want Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” at all costs. Look it up. As for Biden, I DO know him. His “Mr. Rogers” act is just that, an act. He is a cheap Irish machine politician from a state the size of a middle sized city who never worked a day in a non-government job. In my interactions with him he was always as mean as a snake, especially to anyone from the ME who was not an Israeli. You have been completely suckered.

  50. turcopolier says:

    “Jungle drums, jungle drums. It’s Kwanza time in the cities…”
    Hey, I celebrate all of them, all. Yes. I have had enough IVs in the back of my hand to know one when I see one.

  51. rjj says:

    By way of Biden’s Mister Rogers act:
    Funny PL, I have been going on and on (seriously joking) about Mister Rogers as an agent of Moriarty [Moriartnik] and his having been one of the most baleful and insidiously subversive influences in American culture in the 20th C. People think I am just being outrageous….again.
    I think it was the Portland mayor wally who triggered that particular epiphany.

  52. Jack says:

    I get your point and agree that delegitimization of the election result would be chaotic.
    Yes, we’ve seen the movie before with hanging chads. And yes, Hillary has advised Biden to not concede and Trump too is fanning the flames with his tweets and statements on mail-in ballot fraud.
    It seems inevitable that the losing side is not gonna accept the results and we’ll see a lot of litigation. Of course in 2016 the response was to continue the Manchurian Candidate framing and the use of law enforcement. This time the Democrats will likely intensify their street violence by mobs campaign. Curious what the Trumpistas will do if he loses?

  53. Chuck Light says:

    Colonel: You asked this question above:
    “So, how many hundreds of thousands of votes will be harvested that way?”
    Since I am not sure what you mean by “that way,” I hesitate to offer an answer to your question. If you can explain what you mean by “that way,” I will do my best.
    But with regard to ballot harvesting, which is what I assume you mean by “harvested,” I can offer an estimate. There will be the possibility that ballots will be harvested in the same numbers as there are people who allow their ballots to be taken by someone else for the purpose of voting them. Whether a voter votes by mail, or by dropping the ballot in an Election Dropbox, or by taking their ballot to a voting precinct and casting the ballot in person, if a voter handles the entire process him/herself, then there will be no harvesting.
    Am I correct that you are assuming that ballot harvesting is a way that Democrats cheat? If so, then I guess I will have to look more into it, and especially into the states which permit the process. I can assure you, however, that my ballot has never been harvested.

  54. Chuck Light says:

    For those who have an interest in the extent of voter fraud in the United States, at least over the past 30 years or so, the Heritage Foundation has done extensive research on the question, and has compiled a database of various types of voter fraud and the number of cases of each type which it found in each state.
    The Heritage Foundation correctly points out that its database is not complete. It cannot include, for instance, cases of voter fraud which are not reported, investigated, or prosecuted to a result. Neither does it include as a separate category of voter fraud the practice of ballot harvesting fraud. But the Heritage Foundation does publish this database, and it is fair to assume that it is as authoritative as the Foundation can make it.
    It includes cases of Ballot Petition fraud, False Representations fraud, Fraudulent Use of Absentee Ballot fraud, Ineligible Voting fraud, Duplicate Voting Fraud, Buying Votes fraud, and a couple of other categories.
    The current database reflects a total of 1,296 cases of vote fraud that the Foundation has discovered since +/- 1980. It lists 47 cases in California since 1993; 21 cases in New York since 1983; 86 cases in Texas since 1985; 37 cases in Florida since 1992; 45 cases in Illinois since 1982; and 23 cases in Pennsylvania since 1988.
    All of the cases listed resulted in some kind of official conclusion, including criminal conviction, civil penalties, diversion program, judicial finding, and official finding.
    The database has a map where you can click on a state and search the database for type of cases, type of result, and other categories (which is where I obtained the state information I listed above).
    As I said above, the Heritage Foundation does not claim this database is exhaustive. But it is apparent that they have spent substantial time searching for voter fraud cases to include in this database, and it would be fair, I think, to say that excluding unreported and univestigated cases, it has a pretty complete picture of voter fraud throughout the US at least since the early 1980s.
    Following is a link to the database:, a left leaning website, has done an article on the database, and the recent assertions (primarily by those opposed to vote by mail) of significant voter fraud in the US.

  55. turcopolier says:

    Chuck Light
    Juvenile “cuteness” is not appreciated here. you know exactly what I meant.

  56. NancyK says:

    Eric if it wasn’t Photoshop it looks like a venous blood draw using a butterfly needle. You can read into it all that you want however it is a very common procedure when a large amount of blood is not needed.

  57. Chuck Light says:

    With all due respect, Colonel, I did not know exactly what you meant. With no humor intended, I am not a juvenile (I am six years younger than you) and I am most definitely not cute. If I had known what you meant, I would have responded to your question. I will respond with as much ability as I can muster if your clarification is forthcoming.

  58. Jack says:

    In presidential elections, once is a fluke; twice is a pattern. I struggle to imagine how, beyond utter shock, millions of Democrats will process a Trump victory. A loss for Biden, after having been the clear favorite all summer, would provoke mass disillusion with electoral politics as a means of change—at a time when disillusion is already dangerously high. If Democrats can’t beat a candidate as unpopular as Trump during a devastating pandemic and a massive economic contraction, then are they even capable of winning presidential elections anymore? Democracy, after all, is supposed to self-correct after mistakes, particularly mistakes as egregious as electing Donald Trump—whose unfitness for the nation’s highest office makes itself apparent with almost every passing day.
    This article goes to show how people in a bubble don’t get the reality of the American electorate.

  59. Jack says:

    So @realDonaldTrump agreed to a four hour long debate with @JoeBiden with @joerogan moderating. Will Joe accept or is he too afraid of sitting down for 4 hours and having to compare his record with Trump’s record? I think he’s too scared to do it.
    There you go! The Democrats and the media are afraid that the American voter see direct contrasts relative to their scripted game plan.

  60. turcopolier says:

    Chuck Light
    Mine was a rhetorical question. I will rephrase the point for you. IMO the Democrat army of young enthusiasts will go forth to gather up all those lovely phony but real ballots and will cast them for Biden. I don’t care in the least what past studies on voting fraud say. IMO the Democrats are desperate and will do anything, anything to win. Anything.

  61. Chuck Light says:

    Colonel: Thank you for the clarification. In that regard, I can agree with you wholeheartedly, with the proviso that my view is of the Republican party’s desperation to hold onto power through voter suppression, and your view appears to be of a band of young Democrats willing to commit crimes for the desperate purpose of regaining power.
    We do disagree on the historical (and current) data on voting fraud, and I must say, given your incredibly varied life, that you can reject data, whichever political or ideological view the data supports.
    Thank you again for clarifying what you meant, even though I disagree with your view of the subject.

  62. blue peacock says:

    “IMO the Democrats are desperate and will do anything, anything to win. Anything.”
    Col. Lang,
    What has changed that the Democrats will do anything? They lived through 8 years of Reagan and George Bush. But….for some reason they have gone batshit crazy with Trump. I just don’t get it.
    He’s done nothing to cause the K Street clientele’s gravy train to end or end the DC groupthink on many matters. He’s hired nearly all his top picks from the DC pool and even his Supreme Court picks are all from the same endorsed groups. He’s got the federal debt running on steroids and even the Fed is printing at a rate that would have been unbelievable just a few years ago. The media is also thriving with their constant clickbait apoplexy.

  63. turcopolier says:

    Chuck Light
    There IS NO “vote suppression” unless you mean requiring people to properly identify themselves before voting or exercise a modicum of effort in going to the proper polling district. “Blacks don’t have access to envelopes?” How condescending can you be? As for the data in any report, anyone can fabricate anything that suits their views. I learned that in my long and scattered life. A great instance of it was watching (but not participating in) the construction of national estimates that justified immense expenditure for arms against the USSR. that was really fun for the feeble minded. Done by more enthusiasts, they caused the USSR to destroy itself economically. If only that had been the intention.

  64. Chuck Light says:

    I guess you and I can agree to disagree. As far as the quote in your last post, I don’t know where you found it, and insofar as you attribute it to me as evidence of my “condescension,” I humbly object. There are many people, some say a majority of Americans, who actually do believe that voter suppression exists, and is a tool used with great skill and effectiveness by the Republican party.
    I could provide examples, but I think that they would be dismissed, so I will simply restate that we can, and probably should, just agree to disagree.

  65. turcopolier says:

    chuck light
    “who actually do believe that voter suppression exists.” They are wrong as are you. you are just making an excuse for what I hope will be your defeat in November. You can provide all the “examples” that you like. It is easy to fabricate them. What you should be worried about is the reaction of people like me if you steal the election.

  66. turcopolier says:

    blue peacock
    IMO the US movement for world globalist revolution has matured since the times you mention. It matured in the schools and is now firmly ensconced. Obama/Holder were thinly camouflaged revolutionaries of this tendency. Their handling of the Ferguson matter was revealing and a turning point. Even after the DoJ and FBI cleared the cop, Obama/Holder insisted on forcing the city government to its knees through threat of unending litigation by the Civil Rights Division of DoJ. This resulted in a “consent” decree that gave Holder control of the city. This pattern was repeated all over the country and used to attempt to crush the local culture. The revolutionary left hates trump because he is leading a counter-revolution of us Deplorables. Remember BLM started in Ferguson.

  67. Deap says:

    My observations is elections always run 50/50 until they finally break on election day. I think voters are saying to the candidates – no early front runners, you still have to earn my vote.
    I also have watched prior reces shift from front-runner to underdog and back again, because America does love the underdog and the come back kid story. What is going on right now is political theater. Election day is the only time the rubber finally hits the road.
    Candidates even benefit being the underdog on election day. Look what front runner arrogance did to Clinton – why did she cancel her victory fireworks two days before Election Day – what did her internal polling tell her – the poling her own office did?
    However, the potential for Cloward Pivens and real electoral mischief cannot also be ignored. Switching suddenly to universal vote by mail, in jurisdictions that do not have a smooth system for this is fraught with every concern presented. Calif if a total disaster for vote fraud and partisan machinations but it will go Democrat anyway regardless, so it gains nothing ,except more control of the House.
    The path to the WhiteHouse no longer goes through California, but the path to continued malfeasance and dysfunction internally in this state, due to voter fraud, is also a given. How can they do worse than their current super-majority of all elected offices in Sacramento?
    I have seen elections where enough people thought they were just “throwing away their vote because XYZ can’t win, and enough of them added up so XYZ did win. They thought they were casting just a protest vote- and then had to live with the unintended consequences afterall.

  68. blue peacock says:

    Col. Lang
    Thank you!
    In your opinion is the purpose of the “world globalist revolution” ideological or is it about plain naked control to benefit the few at the expense of the many?

  69. turcopolier says:

    blue peacock
    Both as in all socialist police states.

  70. Deap says:

    RedState explores what has happened to the US military since Obama with a stroke of his pen replaced 200 top officers with his cadre of “politically correct” ranks.
    Also explores why just maybe the rumors of a “military coup” are not as crazy as they first sound: Since defiance of the C-i-C is now business as usual in today’s upper ranks of the military:’s-eo-13583-and-fogo-purge-are-now-obvious/
    More Beltway mystery that appear confusing to those of us outside the DC bubble.

  71. Mike46 says:

    A recent MIT study observed that of the 250 million ballots mailed nationally in the past 20 years, there were only 143 cases of criminal fraud. The conservative Heritage Foundation came to the same conclusion; the fraud rate was roughly 0.00006 percent..
    Perhaps Trump is really more worried about participation rates than fraud. His campaign may fear that a large portion of the mailed ballots will come from groups that didn’t vote before and are more sympathetic to the Democrats (students, minorities, people living in low-income neighborhoods). The implied larger turnout would tip the table in the Democrats’ favor. A recent Stanford University study showed that such a fear would be unfounded.

    (The Washington Post)
    Which begs the question: Why do you all seem so concerned?

  72. A.I.S. says:

    I am far left and I just dont get the current left in the USA.
    1: Rioting will likely result in a Trump landslide.
    2: As a leftist, I would be highly sceptical of the idea that, from a strictly machiavellian perspective, civil war is an “easier” way to power then simply winning elections. Dont go to war with people who have more guns then you but who accept defeats at the ballot box. It is both against Just War theory, and it is stupid, and it will probably get you killed. The entire point of democracy is that elections are bloodless simulations of political struggles, so that you dont actually have civil wars all the time to clarify who is on top. If you no longer accept the results of these simulations, civil war will be result. It is by no means perfect, but it beats the randomness of dynastic succession (hmm, our new Emperor is indistinguishable from his chair) and the general shittiness of civil wars. Bloodless transfers of power are good mkay?
    3: With their unylieding hatred of Trump, the US left completely threw away any opportunity of turning Trump into a traitor to his Oligarch class, while throwing its lot with pretty toxic forces whoese economic interests are diametrically opposed.
    Actually cooperating with him on Infrastructure/tarrifs/reapproachment with Russia (traditionally speaking, Trump is having fairly leftwing opinions here).
    4: Critical race theory looks like a doctrine tailor made to blow up heterogenous empires. As such, it could be a fairly potent propaganda/soft power tool if utilized against US rivals. Applying it to the US is simply idiotic.
    Look at China, they invested a couple of centuries spreading highly pacifistic variants of Buddhism (which, as an ideology and also an artisitc inspiration, has far more to recommend for itself then Critical race theory does) to at that time highly warlike Tibet. They never seriously considered adopting pacificm on their own. Far too pragmatic for it.

  73. turcopolier says:

    First – You are not an American. Second – Would the leftists give up power if they lost the election? their immediate reaction to losing in 2016 was “the resistance,” not acceptance. Third – The great majority of gun owners in the US are potentially violent but held in check by their faith in the electoral process. IMO they will lose that inhibition if they think the Democrats have used the “mail in ballots” trick to “win” the election.

  74. Eric Newhill says:

    “A recent MIT study observed that of the 250 million ballots mailed nationally in the past 20 years, there were only 143 cases of criminal fraud.”
    That is a useless and, frankly, silly factoid to use. How many cases of fraud does it take to rig an election? Maybe just a handful of key districts in swing states.
    Also, just because something didn’t happen in a big way in the past, doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.
    Weak propaganda memes. No one buys that unless they are already to the far left. You will have to do better.
    As a tangent, how many people under 65 have died of covid, yet the lefties keep stoking panic about wearing masks because maybe…….

  75. PRC90 says:

    Deap, ‘wokeness’ within the military ? This would be a good example, and it’s so esoteric that you need to use your imagination to reconstruct the level of fear that the O-5 must have felt.
    ‘Nagasaki’ and ‘Japan 1945’ are racist usernames.
    ‘Gamer word’ would seem to have a generic meaning except to those of better than average perception.
    The point is that all of this was implemented by an O-5 recruiter, hence new enlistees will have this poured down their throats as part of their formative experience of military life.
    Japan 1945. Conjecture: ‘Enola Gay’ as a hypothetical username would be problematic in that it could be racist by the above logic, or cultural misappropriation of LGBQTI(?) property. Best if it’s both to avoid being accused of leaving one out.

  76. PRC90 says:

    A.I.S, you just don’t get the current left in the USA ? Are you saying that the DNC does not correspond to anything that you would regard as a disciplined well led organisation with coherent policies based on rigorous intellectual authorship ?
    If so then look at it’s leading lights. Would you expect the aging Clintons, Pelosi, the wild eyed AOC and a horde of suits who balance ideology and self-interest and are trained to be minions not leaders to over time devolve into anything else ? Not even the left wing academics are creating any material that could provide a basis for successful action within the democratic system of government. The DNC’s backers and sponsors have long since lost control of their vehicle.
    They still expect people to vote for them on the basis that they are not Trump; to them that is sufficient.
    The physical realities of where this delusion could lead is another matter, a serious one.
    I just realised that I forgot to mention Joe. As if he really mattered.

  77. PRC90 says:

    Colonel, “mail-in ballot chicanery” ?
    I’m sure they’ll try it, and I wonder what their operational plan will look like. Clues would be in the outcome of every other bit of chicanery attempted in the last four years, ie., evidence of poorly thought out positions, industrious idiots, amateurish acting, transparent lying and eventual failure. I suggest any fraud plan would have the same characteristics.
    While this previous chicanery was handled, boxed and shelved by the relevant legal processes, a post November situation could arise where despite a deluge of document and witness evidence of DNC ballot fraud, they reject all of it and claim a tight win and eventual victory. Certainly it will end up in the USSC, but that will take time in which much damage may occur.
    Whatever they try, they will mess it up. They are most certainly stupid enough, in the event of a tight result, to drag your entire country into this chaos alongside them.

  78. Eric Newhill says:

    A PA court has ruled that mail ballots can be counted up to three days after the election and they can be counted even if they are not post marked. I think that is exactly one of the cheating scenarios and it should put a lid on the “Nah, cheating never happens and it can’t” brigade’s argument.
    I hope the Trump admin appeals that decision.

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