New Year’s Eve


Caviar, Sour cream, other goodies.  See you in 2018.  pl

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15 Responses to New Year’s Eve

  1. David says:

    Happy New Year Everyone and wishing all a fine 2018

  2. blowback says:

    Bah, humbugs!

  3. ambrit says:

    Enjoy! You’ve earned it.
    Me, I have to spend tomorrow doing the yearly inventory for the retail establishment I work for. No rest for the wicked.

  4. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Happy New Year to all! And Happy Birthday to SWMBO! She has said that she was nearly ten years old when she finally realized the whole world wasn’t celebrating her birthday.
    For your New Years leisurely reading “pleasure,” I offer this: “EXCLUSIVE: One Man’s Quest to Expose ‘Absolutely Historic’ BBC Panorama ‘Fakery’,” with the following introductory description:

    For over four years, Robert Stuart has been forensically investigating the innumerable inconsistencies, contradictions, anomalies and apparent falsehoods in the BBC Panorama documentary Saving Syria’s Children. Speaking exclusively to Sputnik, the former journalist shares his most troubling discoveries.

    Of course since it’s on Sputnik it must be Russian propaganda.

  5. r whitman says:

    Black eyed peas—Texas caviar. Happy New Year from Texas

  6. turcopolier says:

    r whitman et al
    Have shared a lot of black eyed peas with folks on New Years Day. When it was under its original management and ownership I frequented the Ashby Inn in the village of Paris, Virginia. The owner knew when he saw me that I would want an omelet filled with caviar, sour cream and chopped red onion. Ahhh … pl

  7. Croesus says:

    Sour cream with caviar resting on sliced cucumber and smoked salmon across the top.
    And of course, ProSecco.
    Happy New Year Col. Lang and SST.

  8. GeneO says:

    Our neighbor lady cooked her New Year’s Eve dinner with collard greens and smoked sausage cut coin size to go along with the black-eyed peas. She considered it a triple whammy for a prosperous New Year: the peas for good luck, the collards for greenbacks, and the sausage slices for gold and silver pieces.
    The collards were the best part. Even my oldest child who was usually disgusted with anything green on his plate partook and he loved them. I had thought the secret was the bacon sidemeat she cooked them with. But she confessed to my SWMBO that she also added a hint of brown sugar to the collards when cooking.
    New Year’s Day she always served fish. But I have no clue as to the significance of that.

  9. Le Renard Subtil says:

    I was going to ring in the New Year with a nice plate of homemade chicken biryani. Something less traditional, yet fun. A bout with the flu has side railed by plans. But, a happy and healthy New Year to all.

  10. One large pepperoni and ham pizza and a double helping of Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca” and “The Maltese Falcon”.
    Spend New Year’s Eve at Rick’s Place!

  11. Nate Wilcox says:

    What do you make of the situation in Iran?

  12. optimax says:

    Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. And Irish New Years Day.
    Happy New Years.

  13. The Porkchop Express says:

    Happy New Years Colonel and all who participate on SST!

  14. Degringolade says:

    Happy New Year One and All:
    Great combo for me last night. Good friends, Prosecco, well aged moonshine, figs with Gorgonzola wrapped with prosciutto and homemade Italian sausages.
    Everyone enjoy the current pleasantness, it’s going to be a hell of a year.

  15. DickT says:

    New Years Day my dear wife made Hoppingjohn with the ham from Christmas dinner

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