NY Strip




I put up a link for the foreign trolls.  pl

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  1. Avatar turcopolier says:

    Medium rare inside the charred crust. 3 minutes on either side at direct high heat and then 4 minutes in each side on indirect medium heat. Inch and a half thick.

  2. Avatar GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN says:

    That and a Argentinian high country Malbec would make the evening perfect.

  3. Avatar Fred says:

    Butter too? Looks good.

  4. Avatar tpcelt says:

    My favorite cut of steak. Did you use the Montreal seasoning? Personally, I think that the pat of butter, once melted, really enhances the flavor.

  5. Avatar TV says:

    Don’t forget to COVER both sides with salt.

  6. Avatar turcopolier says:

    I rub Montreal into it.

  7. Avatar JamesT says:

    The best steak I’ve ever had was Argentinian. The beef in Alberta is noticeably better than what we get here in Ontario – but Argentian steak blows it out of the water.

  8. Avatar turcopolier says:

    Range bred, grass fed at least five years old. Actually, the best beef you’ll ever have is an old dairy cow.

  9. Avatar Eric Newhill says:

    What part of the troll is that steak cut from?
    Are NY troll steaks gamey?

  10. Avatar turcopolier says:

    An asshole, now banned, wrote to exhort me not to be a faggot by posting on food when all the world and everything I fought for is dying It has always been my policy to make jokes under fire and in combat. The best men do that. They taught me. This asshole’s visible IP is in western Montana so, he is really facing up to things. Jeb Stuart had a jongleur in his HQ group who was called the “brigade banjo major.” As they rode down the road, Sweeney would play and lead them in song. Stuart was asked why he ran things like that. He said “We are losing the war, nothing can help that, and I must keep my people in the fight.” the asshole also said that an “old man” should close SST. Probably a troll.

  11. Avatar turcopolier says:

    Eric Newhill
    Would like to find out. Would we have to kill it before cutting it out of the critter? Ever see the Norwegian film “Troll Hunter?”

  12. Avatar Eric Newhill says:

    By no means.
    Perhaps it’s a bit of an accent de terroir, but I think that a live cut improves the overall effect of the meal, if the troll able to be made to watch the dining

  13. Avatar different clue says:

    Is there a certain best kind or kinds of salt to use for this? I can’t believe that ” salt is salt is just salt” for a nice piece of beef.

  14. Avatar JerseyJeffersonian says:

    OT, by your leave Colonel.
    Meanwhile back at the smoking hole that was the Great Republic…
    Includes further observations on the collaboration between the Democrat party, the media, and the intelligence agencies with a chilling observation at the end.
    This is the immediate result of the indefinite prolongation of the Beer Flu panic; enabling massive vote fraud through gaming the mail-in ballots supposedly needed to, you know, do that thing that they always claimed they were trying to do to “The Curve”. As they say in the Midwest, “Okee fine”.
    But where they were really going with the Beer Flu panic was this, as briefly sketched by Ron Paul:
    And how nicely this ties in with Glenn Geeenwald’s concluding words from the above cited link.
    There is a bit of lyrics from an old song by The Who, “If you let them do it to you, you’ve got yourself to blame” which seems apposite.
    Fight on President Trump.
    Amd just wondering if the results from Durham’s investigations might be appropriate to at least reveal, if not to serve as the basis for indictments right about now? Still waiting for Barr to fire up those bagpipes.

  15. Avatar Rhondda says:

    mmmm mmm mmm. That looks so good! Your wife must be a happy woman with all your lovely grillings.
    Black & Blue is the way I like it. Crusty, charred exterior and pert-near bloody inside. With buttah. And a generous pour of a big Cabernet to go with.
    Also, Troll Hunter was a really fun movie. I really liked it. Very surprised to hear of anyone else having seen it here in the US!

  16. Avatar Decameron says:

    Brilliant! As garlic is to the undead, humor is to trolls.
    Steak is best with both garlic and a grain of salt.

  17. Avatar turcopolier says:

    She says she is quite happy with it. she buys these things and has them delivered and then sends me outside to our outdoors kitchen to go to work. This year I am going to wrap upthe kitichen for the winter in such a way that I can still have access to the gas grill itself so that I can take advantage of warm days.

  18. Avatar harry says:

    Nice char

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