Open Thread 16 July, 2021

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  1. Babeltuap says:

    In 1985, a young adult Xi Jinping lived in the US on an agricultural exchange program in Iowa. He was only here for a couple weeks, not much meat in the story but there was one bullet point I found interesting.

    Apparently the family housing him owned a sports car (corvette?) and he asked if he could drive it. He was denied the request (for good reason) but when asked about it years later, the owner stated they now regret not handing him the keys.

    A mildly comical exchange on the surface. Nobody in their right mind would give the keys to one of their most prized possessions to a foreign exchange student without insurance and a DL, only if the student had something of greater value as collateral which, he absolutely did later in life. Way more valuable. And look where we are; a line of citizens begging him to take their “corvette” for a spin. Actually just keep the damn thing.

  2. Fred says:

    Has any Republican called for General Milley to resign ?

    • TV says:

      In the swamp, you can climb the career ladder after failing over and over if you continue to kiss the right asses.
      Milley (and most of his fellow brass hats) have followed this model to fame and (retirement) fortune.
      Republicans (the stupid party) are too busy trying to get invited to Democrat-media cocktail parties.

  3. Barbara Ann says:

    This administration are all in on the war on “misinformation” – a.k.a. the First Amendment. The USSG Vivek Murthy has just issued an advisory stating that “Health misinformation is a serious threat to public health”, although there is not a shred of evidentiary support for the alleged detrimental effects on public health in the document. It is rather another exercise to justify the suppression of dissent and full spectrum censorship (just take a look at titles on the contents page). This is apparently necessary, we are told, in order to “build a healthier information environment”.

    I read this an a sign of insecurity. If the election was legitimate and the Dems felt secure I don’t think we’d be seeing this desperate effort by the government to achieve a monopoly on truth.

    • LeaNder says:

      The Dems are authoritarians, everybody knows that is exactly why no true American would ever vote them into power.

      Quite possibly, Covid was created to some extent to prevent Americans to vote the person into power that truly helped to Make America Great Again. Not post Bush and the GWOT but post Obama he was the only way out.

      Right? Wrong? Irony alert? More complex? “Shit happens”, a coinage we willingly accepted over here? Nothing quite as simple available in our own language, summing matters up? 😉

      • Fred says:


        The virus created for that purpose? Not likely. The propagandistic media campaign certaily was though.

    • akaPatience says:

      Thank you for the link Barbara Ann.

      Considering the plethora of the “health misinformation” that pops up on webpages we visit day and night – misinformation delivered thanks to Big Tech selling our data to apparent charlatans; considering the amount of illicit and lethal drugs the Biden Administration enables entry across our porous borders; considering the rampant crime committed due to leftist DAs, AGs, judges, etc., who allow KNOWN violent criminals to roam freely among us, this new program of spying and censorship is a form of “health misinformation” ITSELF!

      • Fred says:


        The number of deaths from drug od’s is higher than covid deaths nows.

        • Pat Lang says:


          Somebody do a running tally on COVID vaccine casualties so Psaki and that clown in a PHS admiral’s uniform can have FB ban me.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Maybe they should kick a bunch of countries out of the UN for discontinuing the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for, “allegedly”, reason of serious side-effects. Their governments are obviously dangerous, wrong-headed and possessed of bad science. They spread lies!

          • TTG says:

            Eric raises a puzzling point about the AstraZeneca vaccination. It appears that vaccinations serious side-effects are less serious and less widespread than those of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Still, why did so many countries discontinue the AstraZeneca and continue the Moderna and Pfizer? Is it purely politics, economics or psychology? The decision certainly doesn’t appear to be science.

            Here’s a snapshot of AstraZeneca’s track record. It appears to be less problematic than the others.

            “As of 4 April 2021, a total of 169 cases of CVST and 53 cases of splanchnic vein thrombosis were reported to EudraVigilance. Around 34 million people had been vaccinated in the EEA and UK by this date. The more recent data do not change the PRAC’s recommendations.”


        • akaPatience says:

          Fred, terrible, isn’t it? Drugs, human traffickers, and who knows WHAT other health hazards (un-vaccinated people?!?!) are crossing our borders with impunity. As many as a million illegals in just 6 months of the Biden Administration… SMH

          We deserve to see PROOF that people are dying from social media “health misinformation”. And it better be proof writ large, even though it STILL wouldn’t justify this action.

          Even though it’s denied as his cause of death (which has never been specified beyond “he died in his sleep”), the late great Hank Aaron’s unexpected and sudden passing, 17 days after getting his first Moderna shot – following his high-profile participation in nationally-televised commercials promoting vaccination – probably did a lot more to make some people reluctant than anything on social media. It shocked me, that’s for sure. I was at the game when he tied Babe Ruth’s home run record – one of the biggest thrills of my youth!

          • Barbara Ann says:


            This initiative suffers from exactly the same weakness as the DWOT; it is almost certain to produce exactly the opposite effect – in this case even lower trust in what the government says.

            The advisory itself admits that misinformation is pretty much impossible to define, for example on p17: “At the same time, it is important to be careful and avoid conflating controversial or unorthodox claims with misinformation”.
            How the heck are you going to do that, it must necessarily be an entirely subjective process.

            The Truth will become whatever the administration says it is it and guess which body gets to be the Fact Cheka:

            “Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages”


  4. j.+casey says:

    P. C. Anderson: “Americans in 1850 would have been loath to predict the savage confrontation that would come upon them a decade later. They would have been even less sanguine to consider the idea that they would choose it.”

    Seems relevant today, not in terms of armed secession, more in what appears to be the early stages of migratory “sort,” in which certain dems who to create a Red Guard Cali attract others to their cause and other people migrate to states opposing the Cali agenda.

    I hate to think he was right. Maybe he was right. I want to think he was wrong.
    “I John Brown am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with Blood. I had, as I now think vainly, that without very much bloodshed, it might be done.”

  5. Jim says:

    The US Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA, in his superciliousness from yesterday, which is not dated, released yesterday, wittingly or not, showed the [Vaccine] Cards of the Biden White House to a tee.

    People form a government for it to serve them: an institution, an organization, using a form of economies of scale: from which all should benefit from its existence, this is boilerplate.

    Besides citing zero examples of “misinformation” [thus leaving reader unable to examine veracity of any of what he claims], Murthy’s great sin is obvious: arguing that we are the servants, the slabs of meat if you will, of government, every last one of us, and especially those not following orders to get covid vaxxed.

    He used the language of the liar, the phony, the insane.

    And he called those of us un-vaxxed: Heretics — unless any of you here may have a more perfect summation of what he was calling us.

    He spoke as a shaman, a man possessed, a man mouthing concepts such as science, simultaneously demonstrating his complete ignorance of science, of the role and function of government, and the We in we the people.

    Our Introduction to, call it Surgeon General 101, reveals the antithesis of a leader, and the personification of a High Priest, and most ignorant of what he’s most assured.

    Were we in combat, in war: his pontifications of yesterday — at least an argument could be made of using such rhetoric, however foolish, condescending, insolent and child-like.

    Would you follow this idiot into battle?

    And suppose we, by simple logic — based on this being only appropriate form of which his rhetoric can make any sense — suppose we are in some sort of undeclared “hybrid” or “unconventional” war.

    The rational question then to ask is:
    Against whom? Who is fighting this war? and against whom is it being fought?

    Framed this way, the Shaman Surgeon General’s battle cries make at least a modicum of rational sense.

    As the “head” of this “CDC” said: There’s a lot of misinformation going around out there.


    • Barbara Ann says:

      “Center for Dominance and Control over People” – perfect.

      I hope this guy satirizes Murthy’s call to help stop the spread of misinformation. My suggestion would be a sketch in which the Surgeon General warns of the danger to public health arising from the spread of Americanism, which is dangerously misleading unsuspecting people into believing that Constitutional liberties are worth defending.

  6. Mark Logan says:

    Just tested positive for COVID 19, delta variant. Would not have been tested at all but for our family doc being a personal friend. I mentioned my mild sore throat and odd chest congestion in passing and he ran out to his car, came back with a kit, and would not be denied. That was Wednesday. I had been experiencing the symptoms which resemble a mild cold but lacked any sinus issues since the previous Friday. Those symptoms have abated to almost unnoticeable today. No way I would have scheduled an appointment for this. Did not l0se sense of taste or smell.

    Was vaxed with the J&J a couple months ago. Doc says there is data that indicates the J&J vaxed are somewhat more likely to experience some symptoms but are as well protected from serious symptoms as the others. He told me that immunologically speaking, the process of ramping up to fight this off was effectively a booster shot and to notify him immediately if they return anytime in the near future. The other thing he mentioned is that in the course of my infection for some period, from a bit before experiencing symptoms to near the end, I was probably spreading it “all over the place”. Seems logical.

    It’s an obvious deduction that when the masks come off and everybody gathers we can expect both the non-vaxed and the vaxed to be spreading this crap “all over the place.”
    Expect to get it.

    • Fred says:

      So you just happen to have a doctor friend who carries a Covid 19 test kit in his car? Not ony that, but it is so accurate it can determine the varient type!

      Are you, and he, both ‘self isolating’ for the reccomended time period? Have you contacted the local health department so they can contact trace everyone? How about Dr. Housecall?

      “well protected from serious symptoms” Does he need a nice big fat grant to figure out why your first vaccination failed to keep you from getting infected, like a smallpox vaccine does?

      • Mark Logan says:

        Yes, Fred, our doc and his wife are personal friends of ours, and he does pack around COVID tests kits in his car. Took a couple days to get the results. AFAIC you have called me a liar.

        • Fred says:


          Not at all Mark, I called out your doctors for not telling you to ‘socially isolate’ and all the rest of that guidance. I hope the good doctors get everyone tracked down. Sounds just the symptoms getting reported all over the place. As you said: “Expect to get it.”
          Already did, with much worse symptoms and a lot less help from my doctor at the time.

        • LeaNder says:

          Mark, my youngest sister, was vaccinated with J+J. In spite of one dose only, I understand. Or do I mix names and firms up? It seems to work quite well.

    • Deap says:

      We spread colds and flu all over the place too. Always have. Though we all should have better personal hygiene habits by now so we are not be so reckless with our aerosols – cover your coughs and block your sneezes in your own sleeves, and keep your fingers out of nose, mouth and eyes.

      Agree, there is no portable “covid” test kit out there that has any level of accuracy and are not accepted when used for “covid” travel verifications. Actually, there is no accurate “covid” test at all. Which leaves all of us pretty much in the dark about this whole “pandemic” thing.

  7. Jose says:

    One of the saddest news clips I have seen in a long time. Georgetown University is one of the top feeder institute for foreign service. The military uses Georgetown for several ACS programs. These students are so woke they have no objectivity of what is really happening in the world.

    • Deap says:

      Sorry to say, this article has you beat as the saddest thing you to read today – the state of affairs today in South Africa, two decades after Mandela – rapidly becoming a failed state and a precursor to what CRT is doing to America.

      I do agree with your assessment about the Georgetown Univ student surveys – so they like Sweden and Denmark best of all – doubt if either country will let them in with their patently zero skill sets, but nice to check in with young minds are thinking about in today’s “racist”, white supremacist USA.

      So the students pick two countries with white Northern European WASP values as their own favorites – what is with that?. Got to hand it to those Lutherans – they know how to run a tight ship, even snotty white liberals love them..

  8. jim ticehurst says:

    Its Very Interesting to Think about the Timeline of Progressive Events that have developed and Been discussed over the Years Since The Colonel created this SST forum…Starting with the 9/11 Attack..Bush..Cheney..Responses..Fubars.,,All Still Active..with serious Implications for the Middle East..and All of Asia..The Final Staging in Opinion..was the Bizzare Introduction of the Barrack Hussein Obama Confederation formed and Manicured in Chicago Illinois..under the 20 year Mentoring of the Radical Jeremiah Wright..and His Platform of Black Liberation Theology..Who Was a Racist…based on his own Public Comments.. His Roosting Chickens..were Buzzards..
    Obamas . other Mentors were the Terrorist…Professor Bill Ayers..Weather Underground Leader…..and Killer.. ,,and many other Chicago area radicals..Racists..White Haters….This..Movement had already gained Ground in South Africa..and Is this Day…and ..has been Incorported into The Politics and Violent Groups Radical..Anarchists..Marxist…Groups..Now Active..with Support and Protection..
    in many Citys of America..The Ones..Looting…Killing..Burning.. and Infiltrations into All levels of society..Including the now attempts to corrupt our school systems ..and Military,,and Industry…with CRT. Among Other Erode Our Republic.. and Constitution Protections..
    Everything The Biden Administration..and its Bureau Burros..are doing…is Putting the Finishing Touches on Everything…Barrack Hussein Obama…and Those who Powered Him Up.And all other.Global and Domestic Events..or Disasters.. tell me..This may B*e the Final Main Event…I wouldnt even Bother to Learn How to Say..”I SURRENDER..” in Chinese..’ Thier BATS …Have “Come Home to Roost..”

  9. Jim says:

    Below, all data, directly from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, VAERS.

    This compares the total number of adverse events reported to VAERS:
    1] from 1990-2020 for all vaccines spanning 31 years,
    compared with
    2] 2021 and covid-vax

    Total deaths reported to VAERS after vax
    8,680: 1990-2020 all vax
    10,991: 2021 covid vax

    Total hospitalized after vax reported to VAERS
    15,952: 1990-2020 all vax
    59,347: 2021 covid vax

    Put another way, 8,680 deaths over 31 years = 280 per year average.
    In six months, or half a year, this = 140 deaths per half-year average.

    In six months of after covid vax = 10,991 deaths in half a year.

    10,991 is 79.5 times more deaths after covid vax compared to historical average.

    Or 7,950% more.

    15,952 after vax hospitalizations in 31 years = 514.6 average per year.

    This is six-month average = 257.3.

    Six months of after covid-vax hospitalizations = 59,347.

    This is 230.7 times more hospitalizations.

    Or 23,662% more hospitalizations after covid-vax.

    The total number of adverse events reported is six-month average of 49,294, 1990-2020.

    Total adverse events in 2021 from covid-vax in six months = 2,053,959.

    This is 41.7 times greater after covid vax, or 4,167% higher.

    Total permanent disability after vax reported to VAERS 1990-2020 is six-month average of 304.9.

    Total permanent disability after covid vax reported to VAERS in 2021 in six months is 30,781.

    This is 101 times greater than 31 year historical average.

    Or 10,095% greater.

    Total Emergency Room [ER] after vax reported to VAERS
    15,952: 1990-2020 [all vax combined]
    59,347: 2021 [covid vax]

    Put another way, 15,952 ER over 31 years = 514.6 per year average.
    In six months, or half a year, this = 257.3 ER per half-year average.

    In six months of after covid vax = 59,347 ER in half a year.

    59,347 is 230.7 times more ER visits, after covid vax compared to historical average.

    Or 23,065% more ER reported to VAERs, from after covid vax, compared to 31 year historical vax average for all vax combined.


    • Deap says:

      A prior review of death certificates weeding out those who “died with covid” from those who “died from covid” found no more than 10,000 might have actually “died from covid”.

      The rest had significant co-morbidities and advanced cage well beyond the “average” life spans already. They concluded they should be listed as “died with covid” — if any actual “covid” testing has any reliability in the first place.

      So the real ratio of these 10,000 incidents appears that one is just as likely to die from the covid shot, as dying from covid itself. Or as they conveniently now call it –“PIC” — combined deaths from Pneumonia-Influenza-Covid, all lumped together.

      “Covid” gets murkier and murkier as more data rolls in. Question authority.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Totally murky.

        What you just said is what is what I have been saying since April 2020. The number of clear cut “died from” (not “with”) is much smaller than what the government and media have been making it out to be – the now 500K; or whatever is it supposed to be as of today.

        It is really convenient for the government that the bulk of the deaths attributed to covid have been outside of commercial insurance. Only the state governments have access to the fatalities’ medical histories (think serious comorbidities) and the states probably don’t have the resources or the will to delve into that data and analyze it. The few cases that are under commercial insurance (includes Obamacare) are associated with serious comorbidities (the kind that kill you on their own before too long) and advanced age.

        Same with the vaccines; i.e.. had a clean medical history re; serious conditions, got vaccinated, within three weeks or so developed a serious condition and died – compared to similar cohorts in previous years when there wasn’t a vaccine.

  10. Jim says:

    This is not a comparison from after covid vax, to any single other vaccine type.

    This is comparison of ALL COMBINED, historical average of 31 years of all of the others.

    Any covid vax ADVERSE EVENT, to any particular type of vax are: astronomically more adverse events, i.e., death, hospitalization, permanent disability, ETC., were comparison to any particular vax-type.

    From 1990 through first six months of this year, VAERS reports of:
    1,849 spontaneous abortions AFTER VAX [fetal death at <20 weeks of gestation].

    810 of these reported after covid vax since January of this year.

    From 1990-2020
    1,034 miscarriages after vax [zero covid vax in this total]

    1,034 over 31 years
    = 33.4 per year, average or
    = 16.7 per half-year average.

    This is 48.6 times more miscarriages < 20 weeks reported to VAERS with after covid vax, compared to all other vax' combined.

    Or 4,857% more.

    The government continues to hide the V-SAFE data, allegedly set up by the CDC to closely monitor adverse effects during pregnancy.

    PS [data reported to VAERS]

  11. smoke says:

    A meeeting of Foreign Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held this week in Dushanbe, the Tajik capital, followed by a meeting, officially on “connectivity,” in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. A central concern of both meetings was the future of Afghanistan, as SCO is composed essentially of countries of central and south Asia (Afghanistan’s neighbors) plus China and Russia.

    Those attending the SCO meeting included Wang Li of China, Lavrov of Russia, Jaishankar from India, Prime Minister Imram Khan of Pakistan. Representatives from Iran and the Kabul government (Ghani & Atmar) were present as official observers.
    Pepe Escobar surveys the interests and ambitions of Afghanistan’s various neighbors: “The New Great Game Gets Back to Basics”. He, also notes the continued presence in Afghanistan of 18,000 Pentagon contractors plus unknown special forces and CIA.

    … The Iranian equation

    Then, to the West, there’s the Iranian equation. The recently solidified Iran-China strategic partnership may eventually lead to closer integration, with CPEC expanded to Afghanistan. The Taliban are keenly aware of it. As part of their current diplomatic offensive, they have been to Tehran and made all the right noises towards a political solution.
    Their joint statement with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif privileges negotiations with Kabul. The Taliban commit to refrain from attacking civilians, schools, mosques, hospitals and NGOs.

    Tehran – an observer at the SCO and on the way to becoming a full member – is actively talking to all Afghan actors. No fewer than four delegations were visiting last week. The head of Kabul’s team was former Afghan Vice President Yunus Qanooni (a former warlord, as well), while the Taliban were led by Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, who commands their political office in Doha. This all implies serious business.

    There are already 780,000 registered Afghan refugees in Iran, living in refugee villages along the border and not allowed to settle in major cities. But there are also at least 2.5 million illegals. No wonder Tehran needs to pay attention.

    As one commenter observes wryly (or perhaps in some despair), “It only took a trillion US dollars to bring everyone to the table.”

    Some D.C. officials, including Dpty NatSec Advisor Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall and Special Rep for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, traveled to Tashkent to be present on the sidelines for the follow-on meeting on connectivity. India’s Jaishankar reported in a tweet his meeting with the U.S. reps, saying they “exchanged views on the evolving situation in Afghanistan.”

  12. Keith Harbaugh says:

    No doubt some of you (hello, Fred 🙂
    are curious as to how the USS Ford, CVN-78 is faring.
    This gives about as good a picture as I have seen of that:

    • Leith says:

      The Chinese Navy’s is reported to be installing electromagnetic launch catapults on the Type 003 carrier currently under construction at Jiangnan shipyard in Shanghai. You have to assume they have learned from US press coverage about EMALS problems and will make sure each catapult can be shut down independently of the others. I haven’t seen anything about her elevators.

      IMHO we should use the Ford as a trainer/testbed and then do a redesign of the remaining ships of her class. Turn them into primarily drone/UCAV carriers for long range strike missions – with only a few squadrons of piloted fixed wing for AEW, fighter CAP, plus EW- and an MH60 squadron for ASW, SAR, etc

    • JK of Arkansas says:

      Coincidentally to your Keith, putting in the USS Ford to your presentation I’ve been “contracted” to do a research paper/presentation ‘representative of my generation’s experiences of how everything since my birth-year has proceeded.

      (A Work In Progress)

      Just in my own lifetime merely – President Eisenhower sailing the blue waters of the Gulf of Tonkin aboard the USS *Midway [*since re-christened the USS Gerald Ford] assured us US citizens in his Farewell Address that:

      ‘Y’all got nothing to fear from the Military/Industrial Complex. Just watch how the complex handles matters down on The Bay of Pigs. And they got big plans for, just since that little kerfuffle around Suez, remaking the entire Middle East all the way over to China, and even maybe some itty bitty sandbits way out in the ocean our maps list as the Spratleys but also sometimes called the Senkakus. And speaking to the domestic spending issue they’re even dreaming up ways of saving our nation pallets full of cash by selling bonds in Persia to finance a single airplane that’ll serve every branch of our mostly, by then, unnecessary military services.‘

      ‘And in saving all that dosh from just our foreign side of things … … … (*to be continued … …) [eg medical stuff]

      ‘Farewell’ he ended; effectively wishing us “Happy Trails.” (I still get a tear in my eye each time MSNBC spools the footage of that speech every Fourth of July.)

      The Story of When a Meta-Analysis [Might Have] Mattered: The Vioxx “Fiasco”

      “Merck’s scientists interpreted the finding as a protective effect of ________, telling the FDA that the difference in heart attacks “is primarily due to” this protective effect. … The Martin Report excused senior management by stating they believed they were victims of Pfizer’s alleged manipulation of test results to promote their product as a safer alternative.”

      “Months after the preliminary version of VIGOR was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in November 2000, the journal editors learned that certain data reported to the FDA were not included in the NEJM article. Several years later, when they were shown a Merck memo during the depositions for the first federal Vioxx trial, they realized that these data had been available to the authors months before publication. .… NEJM editor Gregory Curfman explained that the quick release was due to the imminent presentation of his deposition testimony, which he feared would be misinterpreted in the media.”

      “[Then] On March 11, 2009, Scott S. Reuben, former chief of acute pain at Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Mass., revealed that data for 21 studies he had authored … had been fabricated, overstating the analgesic effects of the drugs. There is no evidence that Reuben colluded with Merck in falsifying his data. Reuben was also a former paid spokesperson for the drug company Pfizer. The retracted studies were not submitted to either the FDA or the European Union’s regulatory agencies prior to the drug’s approval. Drug manufacturer Merck had no comment on the disclosure.”

      “During this time, Big Pharma—companies like Merck, Pfizer, Roche, and Eli Lilly—functioned a little bit like Big Tech does today, Gline says. In this “small molecule model,” he says, “it was pretty hard to break in because you were competing with these giant labs.”

      “But that competitive dynamic started to shift in the 1980s. High prices inspired an explosion of generics and the passage of legislation such as the 1984 Hatch-Waxman Act in the US, which encouraged companies to produce cheaper drugs.”

      “While generics were good for consumers, they were terrible for pharmaceutical companies’ profit margins.”

      “With lower prices and higher costs, more companies started exploring mergers.”

      (See the qz dot com link below but I’ve posted on The Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 previously, which is also pertinent in the context of Hatch-Waxman.)

      “Their [Meta-Analysis] study is significant because they take all the VIGOR data from the FDA Web site, recrunch them, and cast serious doubt on the hypothesis that [Vioxx] protects the heart.”

      That meta-analysis itself:

    • JK of Arkansas says:

      Yes yes yes Keith, they’ve “fixed [some of] the elevators” and [some of] the EMALs problems and [some of] the arresting gear’s problems but, what about the toilets?!! I didn’t see any mention on Strategy Page’s pages about the heads.

      And if there’s one thing I know (thanks Nappy!) an army that’s run on its stomach necessarily means it’s dependent on its whole alimentary system.

      (And having served aboard CVs 41 and 63 as well as having been aboard CVN 68 [1979] I know full well heads are elementary!)

      So. The cats are working *tolerably well – the elevators are presumably able to get the Lightnings up from the hanger deck to the air deck *tolerably well and the weapons elevators can get the Stingers *tolerably well from the bowels of the ship up.

      However the real question on “functionality” is whether the Ford can get stuff from the bowels down!!! (And hopefully it ain’t gonna require a micrometer or even calipers to measure that downrate.)

      Christ where’s John McCain when we could really use his, ahem, talents?!!

    • Keith Harbaugh says:

      More on the Ford‘s problems, from the CNO:

      From the news article:

      One of the primary drivers for those headaches, by the service’s own admission, was
      the lack of land-based testing sites prior to bringing the technology onboard the carrier.

      This brings up, to my mind, the likelihood that the problems of the Ford were in part caused by an unwillingness to spend enough money to test out the new technologies before they were built into the Ford.
      If you are pushed to save money, you may say
      “Let’s not worry about testing. Too expensive. Let’s just assume it will work.”
      Likewise money can be saved, in the short run, by minimizing quality assurance processes.

  13. Deap says:

    Law and order on the mean streets of Detroit – going in for corn rows makes you a lot easier to drag out. This too is America, in all its diversity.

    Brava, young lady. Your head is screwed on straight.

  14. Sam says:


    And from Israel:

    Israeli Prime Minister Bennett..

    On Friday, Bennett said the Pfizer vaccine is less effective against the Delta variant, which currently represents the vast majority of cases in Israel.
    “We do not know exactly to what degree the vaccine helps, but it is significantly less,” he noted.
    Israel is conducting research to understand what is causing the drop in efficacy, Ash said, and whether the time elapsed since receiving the two shots is the central elements or other factors – like age or background diseases – have a significant role.

    And Macron wants vaccine passport and the CDC says vaccinate kids who have a minuscule probability of getting hospitalized. What’s up?

    • blue peacock says:


      Patrick Vallance corrected himself to say that 40% of hospitalizations are from vaccinated cohort.

      That’s still a big number calling into question the actual efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine. Will be interesting to see how all this data get’s spun in the months ahead.

      I’m convinced that Big Pharma is gonna sell the politicians on a subscription model. Moderna is an interesting case. They went from $60 million in revenues in a year to $800 million the following year on the back of the vaccine. They got $400 million from the federal government after one meeting with Trump. Nice!

      • Fred says:


        “Subscription model” sounds right. We are sheep to be fleeced by companies using the power of government to mandate these ‘for our own good’. There will be a varient of the month with a lockdown do destroy the non-compliant and section 230 shielded media firms to enhance the messaging. Plus immunity from legal consequences for all involved.

        • Sam says:


          We’re living fascism! Government mandating citizens purchase from a private company a faulty product.

          We are seeing that the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection and transmission. Note how the vaccinated Texas Dems stunt caused transmission to others. And they’re blaming the unvaccinated to force these passports.

          What happens when they force everyone and infection and transmission is of mutants that breakthrough the single spike protein induced immunity. There’s no liability on anyone’s part. Neither the government or Big Pharma.

          • Fred says:


            Our government hasn’t mandated it – yet. There is immunity for the manufacturers; however OSHA in it’s Fauci-ist wisdom has stopped tracking negative side effects amonsts those taking the vaccine as a requirement of employment, becuase even though the government and the pharmacuetical companies, for now, are shielded, employers making vaccination a condition of employment are not.

          • Sam says:


            Yup, our government hasn’t mandated it. But…they’ve got Big Business doing it for them.


            Banner Health in Arizona is requiring all their employees to get vaccinated or else be fired.

          • Fred says:


            Banner Health doesn’t have immunity from lawsuits when someone inevitable sues them over adverse reactions due to the condition of employment. This is obedience control and nothing else. Expect yet another varient in the mid terms plus lockdowns and worse.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        And yet the liberal media in the US (quoted here recently by TTG as reason to be vaccinated) is saying that 99% of covid hospitalizations and deaths are now among the un-vaccinated.

        IMO Vallance is a lot closer to the truth. IMO, the mix of vaccinated to unvaccinated is about 50/50. But 40% v 50%, the vaccine is not effective – and it isn’t because it doesn’t do what our vaccines normally do.

        Notice how the vaccine goal posts were steadily moved until it became, “Well you might still contract covid and get sick, but the illness will be milder”. Well, in most people the illness was always a mild case. If the vaccine is said to be 95% effective (whatever that means), then it is less effective than no vaccine because less than 5% became seriously ill pre-vaccine.

        Then came the Delta variant; another excuse for the vaccine proponents.

        At the same time we have states significantly revising the covid death toll down by reevaluating what constitutes a covid death.

        The whole thing has been a shell game in a room full of smoke and mirrors.

        • Sam says:


          Yup. They’re moving the goal posts. First, take the jab to prevent infection. Now it’s you’ll be less sick. Next, you’ll need delta, lambda, theta boosters stamped on your passport.

          The fact is those vaccinated are getting infected and are transmitting to both other vaccinated and non-vaccinated. The vaxxed are a much more dangerous cohort as the mutants they’ll generate will evade the single spike protein immunity provided. This is exactly what Luigi Warren has been warning about that the vaccine have a design flaw that makes them leaky. Of course our resident virology expert walrus dismisses him even though Luigi is the inventor of the mRNA technology that is the basis for Moderna.

          On the other hand those who got infected by the virus and recovered due to natural immune response are not getting reinfected that much. Israeli data show that they represent only 1% of the current crop of those with positive PCR tests.

          Taiwan is an excellent case study. They contained the early wave of the pandemic by shutting down entry from China along with close monitoring and testing of anyone reporting symptoms with only double digit deaths in a 25 million population. Now there is data that shows close correlation between rising vaccinations with rising cases. Of course correlation is not causation but the data from UK, Israel, US are showing that the vaccinated are getting infected and transmitting.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            I agree with Luigi Warren. It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature.

            The covid vaccines are not like normal vaccines. My previous comment on that point got muddled because this computer has some malfunctioning AI that is always trying to second guess me. Sometimes I don’t catch all of the alterations it has made to my text.

            The politicians got themselves into a bind with all of their crazy power grabbing scheming and machinations – that includes Trump. The left wanted to use covid to destroy Trump. Trump wanted to use the vaccine to be victorious over the left. Trump failed. Then the left assimilated the vaccine into its political theater. It could represent an off-ramp from the economy destroying covid panic. It could serve as a revenue source for big Pharma (+ kick backs for pols). Then again breaking the panic means losing a lot of new found societal control. What’s a greedy craven swampy to do? IMO, they haven’t yet figured out which way they want to go. Too many competing interests in the swamp for all the ships to sail in the same direction.

  15. Serge says:

    Afghan government officials barely flinching(all but a couple at least) as the local IS branch lobs rockets at the presidential palace in the midst of Eid prayers. say whatever you want about these men but I was impressed by this

  16. longarch says:

    French Police Lay Down Shields Join 100,000 Protesters Marching Against Vaccine Passport

    “The health pass will never be a right of access that discriminates among the French. It cannot be made compulsory for access to everyday places,” French President Emmanuel Macron pledged in April during an interview with the regional press. However, less than three months later and Macron has done an about-face.

    Last week, in full totalitarian form, Macron mandated the “health pass” or (pass sanitaire) that will be mandatory in order to gain access to leisure and cultural venues with more than 50 people, including cinemas and museums. From the beginning of August, it will be necessary to show your health pass to have coffee or eat lunch at a restaurant – even on an outdoor terrace – or to shop at a mall.

    In order to have a coffee in France, beginning next month, citizens will have to prove they’ve had the vaccine. According to the government’s draft bill, restaurants and businesses who refuse to comply will be fined up to €45,000 and proprietors face up to a year in prison.

    This new push is the most restrictive COVID tyranny in all of Europe and certainly in the West. Naturally, it has inspired much-deserved outrage.

    Beginning with Macron’s announcement last week, thousands began protesting in Paris. They have marched on government buildings and even taken to vandalizing vaccine centers. More than 100,000 protesters took to the streets across the country over the weekend with some donning the famous “gilets jaunes” or “yellow vests.”

    • Barbara Ann says:

      The Great Reject has to start somewhere and at the moment my money is on France. Mass civil disobedience and people simply ignoring the law come August 1st would be my bet. If they lock them all up expect a re run of 1789 or even a coup d’état.

      • Sam says:

        Barbara Ann,

        While it is commendable the some French citizens are in the streets protesting, I doubt they will have much of an effect. Most will comply and take the jab. And when infections and transmission don’t stop they’ll once again blame the few resisters and further curtail their freedoms with no immediate consequence. That’s what we all get for voting Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum.

        Look how the Yellow Jacket protests against Macron were crushed by pandemic lockdown. See how nuts Australia has become. Lockdown after lockdown. And the recent one after one 80 year old died.

      • Sam says:

        I don’t know what was added to the water Down Under. Remember when everyone wanted to immigrate to New Zealand? What’s happened to the Kiwis?

        “Dismiss anything else, we will continue to be your single source of truth.” Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of N.Z.

      • Artemesia says:

        Morgan Stanley has decreed that all of its employees must return to work in office, and must prove vaccination to do so.

        My money (for the start of the Great Reject) is on the wrongful death lawsuit when the first of those highly remunerated young MBAs gets a debilitating illness or dies from mandated vaccine.

        As Fred noted, Pharma has a Get our of jail free card.

        Far as I know, employers who mandate employees’ medical treatments do not.

        (In fact, is the very existence of a mandate for a medical treatment actionable under Americans with Disabilities legislation?)

        • Barbara Ann says:


          I’d be equally happy with that outcome. So long as the Great Reject starts somewhere.

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