Ours, theirs, or something else’s



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  1. Fred says:

    No solar sail so hopefully it’s not the Moties! Interesting video. I wonder how many other craft are out there?

  2. Zarate says:

    Boeing X-37?
    Being military not civilian no one minds if it’s lost in space

  3. HK Leo Strauss says:

    Ours or from the Russian module, from the ISS.
    If I had a nickel for every STS conspiracy video. I worked in the MCC and when those payload doors opened, it was like a junkyard flying out. Someone in payloads once said the Sanford and Sons theme would be appropriate.

  4. turcopolier says:

    MK Leo Strauss
    Why does it go up?

  5. ambrit says:

    If this ‘object’ was clearly visible for twenty-two minutes, was there any attempt to focus in on it with other sensors? It is so visible as to be considered to be declaring it’s presence. Given the reputed abilities of the sensing gear available to the ‘intelligence’ agencies, are there any ‘rumours’ going around the back channels about this? If not, why not? Either state of affairs would be informative.
    I feel that the human race is perfectly capable of accepting the idea of “alien” races sharing the cosmos with us. Any attempts to “protect” the human race from the “shock” of the proof of “alien” races ‘out there’ are both presumptuous and arrogant.
    As for any supposed “aliens” not asking to be “taken to (our) leader” the evidence from human examples of “superior” cultures meeting “inferior” cultures suggests that reticence on the part of “aliens” could be for our benefit.
    As Shakespeare has Hamlet say: “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

  6. Bucephalus says:

    Why does it go up?
    It’s in a slightly more elongate orbit than ISS. The ISS orbit is close to circular. This object’s orbit is more oval and was parallel to ISS at the beginning of the video, but twenty minutes later as it approaches apogee it moves upward with respect to ISS.

  7. different clue says:

    First, there is a saying about conspiracy theory. It goes like this: It’s not a theory if it happened.
    Second, I am woefully unqualified and unskilled to be able to tell a super-excellent deep fake video from a “the-real-thing” video. If every kind of analysis by all the people who can do this analysis reveals it to be a super-excellent deep fake video, then we will have to swallow our disappointment and move on.
    ( What kind of suspicious mind would I have to have to even suggest such a thing? Well, the world is full of pranksters.
    I know if I ever “saw” an “Ivory-billed woodpecker”, my first assumption would be that some prankster with time and money has dressed up a pileated woodpecker to look like an IB woodpecker.
    If I couldn’t rule that out, then I would fall back to suspicion number B . . . that someone has kidnapped a Great Black Woodpecker from Europe and brought it all the way here to dress it up as an IB woodpecker.)
    But if the people who are qualified to know a supergood deepfake when they see one say this is not a fake, then that is the same as saying it is real. Even if they merely refrain from saying it is fake, then that default suggests they consider it to be real. So if I don’t hear someone(s) in a position to know jump up and say its a hoax, then I will think it is real.
    In which case, what is it? And why is it? Even before it goes up, it paces exactly the movement of the space station. Whoever or whatever put it there absolutely wanted it to be seen by the space station. And whoever has first authority to suppress or release that video has decided to release it so that even members of the Great Uncleared like me can see it. Why is that? What are they getting us ready for?
    About the IOV ( Object In View) itself, its appearance to me looks streamlined enough ( bluntish front widening fast and then narrowing to a sharp pointed rear) that it could fly through atmosphere if it wanted. Especially if its surface is some amazingly non-friction material.

  8. d74 says:

    Your choice:
    1-ufo? No way! It’s a Russian thing. I can read USSR-Putin on it.
    Or else…
    2-The bigfoot is bored. He came by to say hello.

  9. Clueless Joe says:

    I haven’t checked their schedules (and am not sure they’re all readily available), but any chance that this is some SpaceX thingie? Or even a test from Virgin Galactic?

  10. PRC90 says:

    This camera would not have been the only one on the ISS. They would have some top shelf 100 megapixel (etc) gyro stabilised (etc) equipment with the best lenses in space, and you can bet this stuff was clicking away like a yard full of crickets, taking imagery over a wide range of wavelengths besides visible light.
    Will we get to see some of that declassified ? Maybe not.
    Whatever it was, the thing was deliberately flown past the ISS for a reason; the list of possible motives plus the high-res pics may narrow down the list of candidates.
    I doubt it was being flown by LT. Zargog from planet Xylaxzon.

  11. turcopolier says:

    your comments includes a wealth of assumptions about equipment, function, etc. Perhaps there actually is no ISS. It is an illusion concocted to promote MIC expenditures.

  12. different clue says:

    There is also the possibility that this object is in fact a realistic-looking projected image . . . . ” analogous” to a hologram but too advanced for us to understand at this point. It could be “projected” there by a civilization thousands or millions of years ahead of us which is just having a practical joke at our expense.

  13. turcopolier says:

    The point is that if you were trying to understand what is really happening in regard space, you should WANT to know.

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