Comrade Bernie’s Triumph in Nevada


1.  Looks like he da man.  He and Mikey.  "Let Mikey do it!" or something like that is da Mikey slogan.  Two old Jewish men from NY City are potentially facing another old man from NY City, this one a gentile.

2.  My WAG is that the two of them and all the rest of the remaining significant dwarves will go all the way to the convention in Milwaukee.

3.  If Comrade Bernie has a majority of delegates by then, stability will be maintained in the Democratic Party.  On the other hand if he does not have a majority there will be a second ballot at which Super Delegates (party leaders) will be unleashed into the process each bearing several votes as opposed to the ordinary non-super delegates. 

4.  In that post first ballot universe anything can happen.  Perhaps it is the cynicism born of my long experience of politics in the ME that leads me to ask what the behind the scenes monetary value of a delegate's vote might be in that circumstance.  

5.  Might Mikey emerge as the nominee of the party of the people?  Perhaps.

6.  Is the Democratic Party bound for glory or will the party fracture in defeat in November leaving behind in the rubble the corpse of the old Party of Jefferson and Jackson and the growing core of a neo-Bolshevik entity?  pl

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19 Responses to Comrade Bernie’s Triumph in Nevada

  1. Eric Newhill says:

    My tea leaves say total defeat for the Democrats in Nov.. If they screw Bernie at the convention, then Bernie Bros will not support the nominee. If they give the nomination to Bernie, then moderates will not support Bernie.
    In congressional races, the more radical Ds are going to be challenged by some well conceived and well funded opponents. Since the D POTUS candidate is guaranteed to fail to inspire a significant swath of the party and many Ds will stay home – or will annoy and cause a backlash – then the congressional challengers have a pretty good chance of winning.
    The Ds unsolvable dilemma has been incubating for decades, but with a significant acceleration during the Obama years as the Democrats have been poisoning the culture with socialist ideology. It’s in the education system that Ds control, it’s in the media, Hollywood, it’s in government agencies. And now that all of the ideological seeding of American culture has come to fruition in the form of the success of Sander’s candidacy, the democrat leadership are horrified at what they have wrought. “Hey! woah! We didn’t think you’d take it that seriously!”.
    Serves them right when moderates stay home or go for Trump on Nov 2. I hope that the coming disaster will cause Ds to re-think their love affair with socialism and to purge their ranks of the hard core ideologues. I doubt it though. Seems that self-reflection is not one of their super powers.

  2. Terence Gore says:

    My second post I withdrew the first because I thought it wasn’t objective enough.
    Watching local ABC KGO morning news and it took a half hour before they mentioned the Nevada results. Felt like they downplayed Sanders’ win and up played the losers.
    Saw this in my internet travels

  3. Bobo says:

    As a young 70 year old I look and say these near 80 year olds are out of their minds and pure EGO is driving them thus God Help the USA.
    Having said all that Go Bernie as your the man that will turn the Media Elite into voting for Donald, the near 80 year old, in the end as he will have the last laugh.
    Little Mike to my surprise has blown it along with a couple billion. That debate was horrendous for him and Pocahontas will stay in the race to drive him into the ground. He met his match.

  4. D says:

    Sunday LATimes – three page ad – front section:
    “mike FOR PRESIDENT 2020
    —Only Democrat who can beat Trump
    — Trump knows it
    This is what hundreds of millions of dollar of messaging s buys: Orangeman Bad – TDS, with a side of gas-lighting.

  5. D says:

    Sunday morning- still only 60% of Nevada precincts reporting: Warren definitely under 15%; Biden-Buttigeig battle it out for 2nd and 3rd place – Sanders clear winner with twice the nearest competitors – Lake Tahoe area counties vote for Buttigeig – San Francisco influence. Las Vegas big for Sanders.

  6. D says:

    Democrats survived Chicago 68 and the McGovern debacle and came back strong. They will be back. So will the GOP – the pendulum swings, which is part of our checks and balances.

  7. Upstate NY'er says:

    First AOC now Sanders and Warren, etc. are loudly saying what a lot of Democrats (and the media, BTW) have actually thought for a long time.
    At least these crazies are forthright in their dislike of America and its history, culture and people (except for the minorities).
    The Democrats who think that this bunch is too far left have only themselves to blame – subscribing to the identity politics, political correctness, anti-2nd Amendment, all government all the time – and now the genie is out of the bottle.
    There is no such person as a “moderate Democrat” – if there ever was.

  8. Diana Croissant says:

    Bernie’s appeal to those who could be his grand kids comes from the fact that socialism and extreme feminism have taken over the halls of the universities.
    There needs to be some sort of regulation there in the name of fairness: for every avowed socialist professor, the university must have an old guard professor who actually knows the History of our founding and can teach the principles found in our founding documents.
    For every avowed ultra-liberal feminist, they should offer professors who can offer well-thought-out arguments against some of the radical feminist ideas.
    On the other hand, some parents are becoming wise and send their children to schools of choice or schools without courses that attract socialist or feminist faculty.
    Schools of choice—we need lots of them.

  9. blue peacock says:

    The Democrats are in a bind. The only candidate that generates any enthusiasm among their candidates is Bernie. Yet a Bernie win would lead to the possibility that the Clinton-Obama machine that has dominated the DNC power structures may be on the out. They’ll resist with everything they’ve got. They can’t afford the loss of money and power.
    Lloyd Blankfein has stated that he would vote for Trump than Bernie. He must echo Wall St sentiment. They too can’t afford giving up the gravy train of the past 40 years that financialization of the economy has given them.
    As Eric Newhill points out the Democrats are damned if they go Bernie and damned if they don’t.
    If the Nevada results are indication of the Latino vote in the Southwest, then it will be interesting how they vote in Texas and Arizona. They voted overwhelmingly (70+%) for Bernie in Nevada. Super Tuesday will probably provide clues if Bernie will lead the delegate count by a significant margin. The question is will the DNC bigwigs force everyone out to coalesce around Bloomberg or will their plan be to use the second ballot at the convention to deny Bernie. The latter will likely fracture the party as the Bernie Bros will not take this second time of super delegates putting their thumbs on the scale well and that could mean the loss of the House. A perfect scenario for Trump.
    I’m curious why Trump is trolling on behalf of Bernie over Mike. Does he believe Mike would be a more formidable opponent?
    What is interesting is that there has been no reflection by the establishment of both parties and the big corporate media why the voters are more enthusiastic for Trump and Bernie. Clearly the status quo over the past 40 years have only created deep frustration among significant sections of the electorate.
    IMO, an underestimated threat is the coronavirus. If it turns out to be a real pandemic and large parts of China and S. Korea remain shut for an extended period it would have significant implications as the extent of dependence on the Chinese supply chain will become apparent. That is one consequence of the policies of both parties over the past several decades. Another is if the coronavirus spreads in the US. I’m skeptical that we are prepared to handle it. We may experience another Katrina moment. That would play to Bernie’s message.
    At this point in time, Trump must be feeling very good about his re-election prospects.

  10. JamesT says:

    The democratic establishment had every intention of rigging the primary by means of “super delegates” at a brokered convention, but it looks like Bernie is going to win an outright majority. People want change. Bernie is the only guy who can bring the US troops home from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan – so I hope he wins.

  11. JohninMK says:

    Colonel, you ponder the monetary value of a delegate’s vote. I wonder what the monetary value of Bernie having a ‘heart attack’ and being unable to continue for health reasons is increasing to?
    Probably vastly more than last times lakeside house.

  12. Fred says:

    No need for the inuendo. Bernie’s on the campaign trail shaking hands daily. Corona-Chan, or just the old fashioned flu and hospitalization is more likely, not to mention a stress induced heart attack when Trump debates him.

  13. jerseycityjoan says:

    I was really surprised to see Sanders do so well. It will say a lot about the state of our country if we end up with two candidates who won as the result of protest votes in November.
    The Clinton’s old friend James Carville is sounding the alarm against going too far left. He makes some good points:
    “We have candidates on the debate stage talking about open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration. They’re talking about doing away with nuclear energy and fracking. You’ve got Bernie Sanders talking about letting criminals and terrorists vote from jail cells. It doesn’t matter what you think about any of that, or if there are good arguments — talking about that is not how you win a national election. It’s not how you become a majoritarian party.
    For f***’s sake, we’ve got Trump at Davos talking about cutting Medicare and no one in the party has the sense to plaster a picture of him up there sucking up to the global elites, talking about cutting taxes for them while he’s talking about cutting Medicare back home. Jesus, this is so obvious and so easy and I don’t see any of the candidates taking advantage of it.”
    I myself have gone back and forth about who I’ll vote for in the primary. I don’t agree with or feel uncertain about much of what Sanders says but then how much of what he advocates has a chance of being voted for by Congress anyway? Part of me wants to be a protestor too, like I was in 2016 when I voted for Sanders and then Trump.
    I am very worried about the future of our nation and the world, too. Both parties are very wrong about some things.

  14. Rd says:

    oh. ’em pesky reds!! they are at it again.. they just can’t keep their hands off America.. they have been at it ever since Columbus beat them to it!! and what is Russia going to do, if their man loses the house? would the red movement take over Mockba again!!! what a convoluted soup.. and where is FDR to save them capitalist from themselves!!! again! This sounds like of one of Carol B’s skids, “As the stomach turns”.
    On the less funnier side, what if Bernie picks Tulsi as VP? That would add an interesting dimension. The real economy is not any where like what is advertised, or even perceived by the top 10-15% income earners. As much money as the FED has been pumping to REPO market since Sep, all is needed a 2008 surprise, before the election.
    Trump promised to clear the swamp and stop the never ending wars.. he didn’t carry except some brouhaha!! the swamp got him swamped. Can Bernie clear the swamp? His political savvy MAY be better than Trumps street/business fighting. Ultimately, it is the swamp/deep state and their corp media, that needs some serious re-arrangements. Ofcourse, any successful democracy, also needs an informed public.
    Some to the point observations by Amb. Freeman.

  15. D says:

    Democrat establishment should not be surprised – they are reaping what they have sown over the past few decades. It is their own teacher union-driven K-12 harvest that preached hate America and created everyone is a victim grievance industry. Those are the Bernie Babies.
    Many, many, many of them are also anchor babies, coming into full voting maturity after having left the back door open for over 21 years too. ( Since 1999 and voila, you have a Bernie voter)
    This your spawn, Democrats. Your hands rocked this cradle and now they want to rule the world. Plus now you demand universal child care and mandatory Pre-K? Stop acting so surprised.
    Don’t forget, in 1982 SCOTUS mandated free K-12 for all illegals. We have been turning out Berniecrats like sausages ever since.
    A cold fusion energy cycle – open borders feed K-12 teachers unions – K-12 teachers unions feed Democrat candidates – Democrat candidates feed more open borders – the full cycle is now in perpetual motion.

  16. Jack says:

    blue peacock,
    This weekend is the S. Carolina primary. The polls have Biden in the lead but Bernie coming on strong. With a significant black vote in the Democratic primary it will be pivotal moment for the non-Bernie candidates. Super Tuesday 3 days later is gonna be huge with states with nearly 40% of the population voting. Over 1,300 delegates at stake. Huge states like California and Texas as well as Tennessee, Virginia, Colorado, N.Carolina and Massachusetts. Enough of a cross-section of states to dent Bernie. If he runs away with a big delegate lead, the Democrats party establishment will be faced with a big decision.
    A first for corporate media. In the aftermath of the Nevada caucus results.

    This is a wake-up moment for the American power establishment.
    Many in this elite are behaving like aristocrats in a dying regime — including in media.
    It’s time for many to step up, rethink, and understand the dawn of what may be a new era in America.

  17. JamesT says:

    Remember 2016 when Tyler kept saying that the polls were baloney – and was proven right? The polls back then said Trump had no chance, and they are equally rigged against Bernie this time.

  18. Fred says:

    Carville is living to see the destruction of the Clinton lock on the Democratic Party. Almost as enjoyable as hearing people like him complain that Trump is “sucking up” to the global elite is their complaining about low population states having 2 Senators – but they never mention VT or NH or Delaware.

  19. Artemesia says:

    I revel in my mastery of 5th grade maths when I calculate that what Bloomberg has spent, relative to his wealth, is approx. the same as a wage earner making $150k per annum donating
    $1000 to the party of his choice.
    Bloomberg’s assets have not yet felt ‘the bern’.

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