Phase Two Report – Lamentations for the Republic

Grief "As recently as an Aug. 21 news conference, Bush said people should "imagine a world in which you had Saddam Hussein" with the capacity to make weapons of mass destruction and "who had relations with Zarqawi."

Democrats contended that the administration continues to use faulty intelligence, including assertions of a link between Saddam’s government and the recently killed al-Zarqawi, to justify the war in Iraq.

They also said, in remarks attached to Friday’s Senate Intelligence Committee document, that former CIA Director George Tenet had modified his position on the terrorist link at the request of administration policymakers.

Republicans said the document, which compares prewar intelligence with post-invasion findings on Iraq’s weapons and on terrorist groups, broke little new ground. And they said Democrats were distorting it for political purposes."  Yahoo


I have been over this ground so many times, beginning with "Drinking the Koolaid" that I am not going to detail it again.

You will find the report attached.  It will quickly be buried by the media management machines and all the careerists manipulated daily by those machines.

Read it and weep.

Pat Lang

Download inc_info_to_us_intelligence_comm.pdf

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8 Responses to Phase Two Report – Lamentations for the Republic

  1. pbrownlee says:

    Contemptible flim-flam from the start for anyone with a functioning brain. So why do so many Americans (is it 42%?) STILL believe Saddam was behind the 9/11 attacks?

  2. tregen says:

    There is no longer a reason to read or think about what is going on. Either you are with us or against us. I, for one, are with you.

  3. Patrick Henry says:

    Yes Col. Lang..
    There are reasons to Weep..
    For all the Additional Needless Waste of Life..after the Tragedy of 9/11..
    For Our Military Members and Thier Familys..
    God Bless them All..
    For All the Disgusting HUBRIS of the Bush Administration..That has put our Nation and Our People this Position..
    We Must not Forget what Happened here..
    We Must Stop being a Nation Manipulated and divided by Partisan Politics and Bad Leadership..
    We Must Have Accountability..
    I..For One am Opptomistic that the Truth will be told..
    That the Tide is Turning..
    That the Ship of State will No Longer be Drifting ..Captured..
    or Fly the Pirates Flag..
    that was going to Replace..
    “Old Glory”..
    And She will Proudly Once Again Sail..
    On the New Tide and With New Winds that are Blowing..
    She needs a New Crew..and New Captain..A Steady Hand at the Helm..and She Will..
    She is..After All..”Old Ironsides..”‘
    The “USS Constitution..”
    As for Me…I Have Not Lost Heart..and my Indignation Grows..along with Yours and Many others..Rightfully So..
    Have Faith Sir..Have Faith..
    The Battle will be Won..and you have helped to Lead the Way..

  4. super390 says:

    The price of regaining our natural liberties will be the loss of our empire and our wealth.
    Let’s do it sooner, like the Swedes, rather than later, like the Russians.

  5. Will says:

    I gather most everybody here has a low opinion of Bush. I usually call him Dumbya so I”ll revert.
    Pollsters say his margin of victory in the last election was provided by a gender gap. Southern white women voted for him because they said he shared their values and faith.
    Recent polling shows this support is slipping b/c of the Irak war. (I spell it the way Dumbya pronounces it).
    One lady interviewed said she had misgivings about the war but would still vote for him b/c God spoke to him. Here we are talking about Christianity without Christ. the kind of Dispensational faith only concerned about rapturing into heaven and the second coming and the hell with the sermon on the mount and other teachings of Christ.
    Best Wishes

  6. W. Patrick Lang says:

    In reading over the report last night I was struck by the role that was played by former DCI Woolsey who repeatedly served as an enabler for the INC in “selling” sources of doubtful reliability to high officials of the IC, in particular to the Director of DIA. Woolsey’s role in by-passing the safeguards against institutional gullibility was key. pl

  7. Frank Durkee says:

    RE: Woolsey’s role. I remember him on 9/11 tying Iraq to Osama’s network and WMD. I turned to my wife and said “We’re going into Iraq.” He was ‘selling’ not analyzing.

  8. jang says:

    I imagine GW, now that you are reading 60 books, you should review the one where George Washington learned the value of honesty when he chopped down the family cherry tree.

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