“Piers Morgan opens up on battle with long Covid”

“Former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has revealed battle with long Covid after Lewis Hamilton required medical attention at Hungarian Grand Prix after struggling with dizziness on Sunday.

Reminding his followers of the seriousness of long Covid, Piers issued a stark warning shortly after the sporting star announced he is suffering with symptoms of the illness, saying he has also not returned to full health.

‘Do not underestimate the effects of long-covid,’ Piers wrote. ‘I’ve never had fatigue like this, nearly 3 weeks after symptoms started. Lewis, one of the world’s fittest athletes, had covid 8 months ago and is still having issues he believes are linked to it.’

Lewis – seven-time world champion star – drove superbly to race from last to third and take the lead of the Formula One world championship following a frenetic race at the Hungaroring on Sunday.’ geo.tv

Comment: All of the above applies to me and SWMBO. Whether it is from the disease itself or the vaccine seems impossible to say. pl


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  1. Fred says:

    “Whether it is from the disease itself or the vaccine seems impossible to say.”

    There’s a big control group out there now: The unvaccinated. Which is why there is a big push, Russia Collusion style, across all the media, government, NGOs, and corporate entitities that have a hungry dog in the fight.

    • Babeltuap says:

      Risk 1: mild illness, .03% chance of death.
      Risk 2: unknown short term and long term complications.

      Get Risk 2 below .03% and I will entertain it. I am younger, healthy and I like the confirmed low risk option. I won’t question anyone else for their reasoning but the government can go to hell. I spent too much time in the military to know damn well to never volunteer for anything with them.

  2. VietnamVet says:


    Best Wishes. Take care. We need you well. Thomas Paine’s quote popped into my head; “These are the times that try men’s souls”.

  3. Deap says:

    Never overlook andropause and menopause danger years which can be very symptomatic too: ages 35-55 – the danger years.

    Few talk about this unsettling biological transition time – which is often described like puberty in reverse. So is it midlife malaise, covid or the covid vaccine when one gets reports from this age group.

    Plus the role of dietary supplements can be very problematic – too much Vit E can cause crashing fatigue and many are recommending “fish oils” which often carry high Vitamin E and A, along with as yet unproven benefits of supplemental Vit D.

    Major Norwegian cod liver oil study conducted on 70,000 Norwegians completed in April 2021 – results will be interesting as they were looking a cod liver oil impacts on corona too.

    Fatigue is one of the most common reports for multiple, and initially vague ailments so it is hard to track down real cause and effect. For every covid shot “benefit” I too am hearing just as many covid shot impacts. We should know a lot more than we do right now – covid heavy handed “censorship” is now harming us all.

  4. Deap says:

    Good point – getting rid of the remaining unvaccinated folks does eliminate a covid-vaccine free test control population. Could that be why there is such pressure, and it is intense pressure to get “everyone” vaccinated, to cover their trail?

    They (??) don’t want us lurking out there and not “dying from covid”, so they are going full court press to shame us, insult us, terrorize us, ostracize us, and punish us to join the 100% fully vaccinated.

    My governor just told me I was as bad as a reckless drunk on the highway since I remain unvaxxed. I remain unmoved. I wait to be told what pre-conditions will cause the more negative impact from the vaccine itself, before I agree. They should know this by now, but they don’t since they are suppressing all negative vaccine reports.

    DH continues with his post-vaccine joint pain, and that pains me. Do we need two impaired people in the same household? Of course, he was told there was no connection. Just happenstance.

    But wouldn’t it be nice to know up front who might risk negative vaccine impacts, and not just gain the alleged vaccine benefits.

    • Laura says:

      You do realize that the hundreds of millions of vaccinations ill give us those answers…just not tomorrow morning for your benefit. How have you gotten this far and still are able to think that “all of life’s answers should be known ahead of decision-making!” Take a chance—to quote Scripture: “Choose life.”

  5. English Outsider says:

    I do hope that the effects that you and your wife are experiencing fade away, Colonel. Bext wishes from all here.


  6. Barbara Ann says:

    Colonel, I wish you and SWMBO both a speedy return to better health.

    Vereshchagin’s The Apotheosis of War is a good choice of image for this subject. A few days ago this very same Mr Piers Morgan called for the unvaccinated to be denied medical treatment if hospitalized with the virus. He seems very solidly in the camp ‘othering’ anyone who refuses to submit to government diktat in the name of the Greater Good. Othering them and then effectively calling for their extermination via neglect.

    It is this apotheosis of authoritarianism that concerns me the most. We will be living with the symptoms of long totalitarianism indefinitely unless a sufficient number stand up to it soon. It can never be acceptable for the State to mandate medical treatments either directly, or indirectly via coercion through public and private sector actors. This principal was established at the very beginning of the Nuremberg Code.

    There is a strong transhumanist theme in the Great Reset agenda and it seems clear to me that our capitulation on bodily sovereignty is one of the key milestones. Howsoever it originated, Covid is proving to be the ideal excuse to advance this goal through ever evolving scary-sounding “variants” justifying periodic booster shots ad infinitum. To me, a Brave New World in which the State has sovereignty over my body is an infinitely more frightening prospect.

  7. Deap says:

    From Townhill:

    ……”It’s happening everywhere. The vaccine isn’t working, yet the powers that be keep pushing the vaccine. Soon there will be vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. The more vaccinated Americans get sick, the more Biden blames and shames the unvaccinated. Something funny is going on.

    I’ve uncovered the fraud. On May 1, the CDC stopped counting cases of COVID-19 among vaccinated Americans. That’s what allowed them to say this new wave was 100% due to the unvaccinated. They just stopped counting anyone sick who damaged their sales pitch……….

  8. BillWade says:

    With more of the vaccinated realizing the shot was worthless and/or made them sick what will happen if another lock down is implemented? Are we going to see a mass migration to Florida, damn – I hope not but would understand people wanting to be free and live a normal life, especially those with children. Every year I spot on average one or two California license plates here in SW Florida. I’ve seen several more than that recently. Sadly, there’s not a lot of properties here for sale or rent.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Bill Wade

      How about a mass migration to Baja California? I have suggested that mas antes?

    • Deap says:

      Who will enforce the mass lockdown?

      I suspect the response in the US will be similar to the EU – fiddledeedee. Or, up yours Biden. Postcard from DC itself, the belly of the mark of the best – virtually all maskless as reported on RedState.

  9. LondonBob says:

    Studies here in Britain, I don’t have any links immediately at hand, show that the level of post viral effects is the same with covid as it is any other infection.

  10. Sam says:

    PIERS MORGAN: When the White House is haranguing America over the Delta wave, selfish Obama’s hypocritical unmasked birthday ball for 500 liberal friends is a terrible example to set – he must cancel it


    Do they have vaccine passport security detail at the Martha’s Vineyard party?

  11. BillWade says:

    A fully vaccinated Sen Lindsey Graham now has covid.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Yes. The evidence is building to certainty level, as the data comes in, that the vaccine does not prevent contracting the virus, especially over time. Also, not only do the vaccinated still contract the virus, they shed it and pass it to others. This is what I have been saying for months. The vaccine is not like the routine vaccinations we all grew up with; totally different thing. Anyhow, so much for the idea that I need to be a good citizen and get vaccinated to protect others.

      Now I see the goal posts are being shifted, as lefties with an agenda are won’t to do, to “well, you might still get the bug, but it will be less severe. So you’ll still be a good citizen by not clogging up the hospitals”, though even that low bar of “good ant in the colony” conceptualization appears to possibly be crumbling too.

      Morgan is another news media personality hamming it up for the cameras. Who knows what his health status really is?

      Ivermectin appears to be some what effective in alleviating alleged “long hauler” symptoms. At least studies are begging to support that application of the drug. It can’t hurt to give it a try.

      Proving that long haul symptoms are truly attributable to covid remains elusive. Some of the symptoms could be a psychological reaction to the lockdowns and general long term turmoil and fear in the country. We could all benefit from a few years at the beach in our new Baja bungalows.

  12. rho says:

    A very boring alternative explanation: Maybe Hamilton felt dizzy because he did a very much physically exhausting activity in the August summer heat?

    Things like that used to happen even before Covid was a thing – not every instance of dizziness needs to be connected to it.

  13. Serge says:

    I have posted on this before since 2020, I will do so again: IMO there are distinct similarities between the long-term effects seen in a great body of the sufferers of Lyme Disease and the long term symptoms reported among a great body of the sufferers of SARS 2. This similarity, by the grace of the miracle of the Internet in allowing a free citizen to peruse tens of thousands of first hand anecdotal accounts, is also reflected in the side effects reported by those that partook in the Pfizer/Moderna MRNA vaxes. I do think that the symptoms are too similar to be ignored. Huge sums, especially in the last 5 years, are now dedicated to studying the long-syndrome of Lyme in many specialized health centres throughout the US dedicated to the specific array of symptoms. This array is all shared with the symptoms seen in both vax sufferers and those infected with SARS 2. I grew up in a region with, by that era, endemic Lyme Disease. Fortunately never caught it(never got bitten by a tick either to my knowledge despite my frequent childhood/teenage forays into the wilderness, I always credited it to my prodigious body hair, even in late childhood). Haven’t caught SARS 2 either though despite my going to the gym maskless most times of the week since summer 2020.

  14. Razumov says:

    I had COVID over the winter (it was so mild I would have just thought I was getting old except for the pandemic).

    Probably because I turned off the internet and media for most of the lock-down year and went outside to exercise instead, this summer I am in the best psychical health I have seen in a decade.

    “Brain fog” can also be a symptom of the fact that you spent the last year cooped up in the same room gaslighting yourself with internet hysteria 8 hours a day.

  15. Sam says:

    Science is not about credulously respecting the authority of “experts”. Science is about skeptically questioning that authority, and relying on reason and evidence rather than dogma.


    Follow the groupthink is the new science.

  16. fakebot says:

    I read a theory that there might be persistent low-level inflammation at root to the lasting tiredness.

    I’m no doctor, but maybe it’s worth looking at things that might lower general inflammation.

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