A truck tries to penetrate into the Quantico Marine Corps Base

A photo of the truck sent anonymously to WMAL talk show host Vince Coglianese

By Robert Willmann

Back on Friday, 3 May 2024, a box truck pulled up to the gate of the Quantico Marine Corps Base on Fuller Road in Virginia. The two men in the cab of the truck claimed they were making a delivery for Amazon, the Internet department store. But their presentation did not jibe with available information, so they were directed to go to a side area. They instead tried to drive onto the base, but were stopped by roadblocks. This incident was kept hidden from the general public, until a lady working for a small Virginia news outlet serving northern Virginia named the Potomac Local News wrote a story about it on 10 May 2024–


Four days later, on 14 May, Todd Bensman picked up on it, and quoted the reporter for the Potomac Local News–


Bensman worked from 2009 to 2018 as an analyst at the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), which is the state law enforcement agency. The Texas Rangers are the investigatory section of the DPS. He then went to work for a foundation or non-profit organization, the Center for Immigration Studies.

Vince Coglianese, a talk show host at WMAL Radio in Washington DC, had Bensman on his program to say something about the incident at Quantico–


The Potomac Local News reporter, Kelly Sienkowski, wrote a followup article yesterday, on 16 May. The Immigration Service (ICE) has dummied-up and is stonewalling, saying only that–

“On May 3, 2024, Marine Corps Base Quantico’s Criminal Investigations Division arrested two Jordanian noncitizens for trespassing.  Marine Corps Base authorities notified the ICE Eastern Regional Office (ERO) in Washington, D.C., of the apprehensions.  Deportation officers from ERO Washington, D.C.’s Criminal Apprehension Program responded and arrested both individuals without incident.  Both individuals will remain in ERO custody pending removal proceedings.”

However, the reporter, Ms. Sienkowski, writes–

“Multiple sources have stated at least one individual had recently crossed the border and entered the U.S.. At least one is reportedly on the FBI’s Terrorism Watch List. Both Quantico and ICE have not acknowledged requests to confirm this information.”


Who are these illegal immigrants from Jordan? Was anything or anyone else in the truck? Or was it just hauling air around.

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10 Responses to A truck tries to penetrate into the Quantico Marine Corps Base

  1. mcohen says:

    Are there airborne units stationed there?

    • TTG says:


      No. No major USMC units are stationed there other than HMX-1, the Presidential helicopter squadron. It’s largely an officer training base. The sounds of artillery and mortar firing, demolitions training and range firing in the distance are near daily experiences as are numerous weekly Osprey overflights.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        IMO, these are deliberate probes. There are going to be big attacks in the US by the usual suspects. No way that those Muslims snuck across the border and just coincidentally ended up trying to drive a box truck onto Quantico. Same with the Chicom finding his way onto 29 Palms.

        You hand waved away the idea of terrorists crossing the southern border. I am one of those, you know, terrible racist deplorables that have been saying it is an organized invasion with a military component. We are going to find out which of us is correct within the next 12 months.

        I imagine that killing a bunch of USMC officer candidates and/or new 2Lts going through the Basic School would be a big feather in the terrorists cap. A real morale booster for them and a demoralizer for us – most of us anyhow. I guess we have plenty of “citizens” + Eurotrash who would cheer such an event.

  2. TTG says:

    This isn’t the only recent event. On 29 April a driver died trying to rush the gate at Little Creek, Virginia. The vehicle hit the pop-up barricade, the vehicle caught fire and the driver died. Those barriers give me the willies every time I drive over them at Quantico.


    Another incident at 29 Palms MCB resulted in the arrest of a Chinese national. I have no idea if all these incidents are related other than they involve attempted entries into Marine bases.


  3. F&L says:

    Pretty brave, downright ballsy in fact, to attack a US Marine Corps base. Not my idea of fun. I think a diagnosis of mental impairment with a degree of suicidal desire is not out of the question. Braver than those mental midgets who attacked and murdered pop music fans at the Crocus City Concert theater in Moscow awhile ago. I can’t see any sense in either activity.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Same murderous maniacs that suicided to blow up Marine barracks in Lebanon and to crash airplanes full of innocent people into buildings full of innocent people. Same murderous maniacs that suicide bombed US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Same ones that blow up their own people. Blow up Jews. Blow up anyone that isn’t with them.

      It has to do with a certain religion, but you don’t want to understand that. So you go tuning through the DSM 5.

      “Braver than those mental midgets who attacked and murdered pop music fans at the Crocus City Concert theater in Moscow awhile ago.”

      Really? How so? Braver than Oct 7th? What’s the difference?

      Nice that you admire these people as being “brave”.

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    IMO “Jordanians” = Palestinians.

    The woke media and woke Biden administration are too chicken shit to say it.

  5. TV says:

    The Pentagon and DHS have a vested interest in covering this up.
    DHS is admitting 11 million aliens, all of whom are upstanding Democrat voters to-be.
    The Pentagon, being totally woke, would never admit to any terrorist penetration of a US base
    The Pentagon is as anti-American as the rest of the swamp.

    • TTG says:


      In each of those cases, the terrorists (or whoever they are) failed to penetrate the bases. One of the stories relayed the claim that over 100 Chinese nationals have attempted to enter military bases in recent years. The operative term here is attempted, but how they got to the base gates in the first place is a story worth pursuing.

  6. Eric Newhill says:

    Another incident involving illegal Chechens and Ft Bragg specops command soldier. Looks like the illegals were part of a larger organization and were surveilling the soldier and his family. One dead Chechen as a result and one arrested.

    Of course, I in no way imply that illegal aliens are bad, especially not the Muslim ones. Rather they are the strength, the backbone, of this country. Hopefully one glorious day they will be the majority in this country and show us how to do things right; a more moral and just country we shall be for it. In the meanwhile, there could be an unpleasant incident or two. Red neck racists like the soldier in this story are always going to bitterly cling to an ugly bygone age.


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