Said the Spider to the Fly — J

  Black vulture

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying 'here are your enemies' days before 'corruption crackdown' which led to torture and death

Said the spider to the fly, come closer my lovely let me play with you.  

Now who on earth would be the spider, appears it's  Mohammed-Bin Salman, the new Saudi king apparent, and the fly is Jared Kushner. 

I call your attention to the following article:  

Look at the second photo of Kushner and MBS at the Murabba Palace in Riyadh last May, BEFORE their October meeting where Kushner according to MBS, Kushner gave MBS Classified CIA Intelligence concerning MBS's purported enemies before his crackdown.  Now doesn't that photo speak volumes of a spider eyeing a potential fly?  MBS's body language speaks volumes. 

What does current DCI Pompeo have to say about Kursher's disclosures of CIA Intelligence to MBS? 

Since Saudi is not an official 'Ally', under the Treason Statute it's called Treason what Kushner did, not Espionage.   Espionage pentalty is only for 'Allies', Treason is for all others (according to the Treason Statute). 

What slice of the Treason execution pie does Jared pick, gallows or other? 

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