Has the Pentagon Lost Their Focus? by J


"The Pentagon Is Planning a Three-Front ‘Long War’ Against China and Russia"



Blink, blink, I had to rub my eyes when I first saw the article, to be sure I was seeing what I was seeing.  

It appears the Pentagon didn't get the memo — Memo to Pentagon, Russia HAS doomsday torpedoes salted with Cobalt 60 that they have targeted for both our Eastern seaboard and Western seaboard, commonly known as our nation's coasts. 

The second memo the Pentagon apparently didn't get was — Second Memo to Pentagon,  Russia IS upgrading their Deadhand system.  Which will launch ALL their nuclear arsenals Air/Land/Sea/Space.  Such a launch would turn our U.S. into a terrain likened unto the Moon with Craters.  

Not only that but those erstwhile Generals and Admirals in the Pentagon who are pushing for such, they and their loved ones would have live underground for in excess of 100 years before they could even begin to periscope up their peepers and gander at the above land topography.  I somehow don't think neither they nor their family members who they scurried into bomb shelters, are prepared for such a happening.  

In addition to the human forms in uniform at the Pentagon, they would have to have sequestered adequate facilities to house animal and plant, two items commonly know as 'food' for humans.  Which makes me wonder, does the Pentagon have stored enough MREs to last in excess of 100 years for all their personnel and their families?  (The rest of us the ordinary citizenry (Civilian and Retired)  are on our own, and won't last 6 months in such a scenario).   Remember the term "bend over and kiss your rear-ends goodbye"?  

Now to the third memo that the Pentagon apparently didn't get — Memo to Pentagon, Russia has stated in terms that if push comes to shove, they WILL use their nuclear toys even if it means destroying every granule of the U.S. to do it, in order to preserve Russia. 

While the U.S. Government has been asleep at the switch preparing for a survivable nuclear war, the Russians haven't been sleeping, instead they have been steadily working to make sure their citizens and their necessary food supplies (aka Animals and Plents) survive. 

Now after reading the said article, and taking into account some of my ramblings, would you now consider that DoD has in fact become DoL? AND they have lost their focus?   Sure looks that way to me. 

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