Some Covid Vaccines Make the Virus More Dangerous

BOOM! Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Is UNDER-REPORTING and ...
Dr. Robert Malone, Creator of mRNA Vaccine

Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., M.S.,, a distinguished physician who discovered RNA transfection and invented mRNA vaccines, was on Steve Bannon’s War Room today with some alarming news–new data indicates that people who have taken the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are at greater risk of getting Covid than someone who is not vaccinated.

Before you watch the video, you need to understand the term–Antibody-Dependent Enhancement aka ADE:

Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), sometimes less precisely called immune enhancement or disease enhancement, is a phenomenon in which binding of a virus to suboptimal antibodies enhances its entry into host cells, followed by its replication.[1][2] ADE may cause enhanced respiratory disease and acute lung injury after respiratory virus infection (ERD) with symptoms of monocytic infiltration and an excess of eosinophils in respiratory tract.[3] ADE along with type 2 T helper cell-dependent mechanisms may contribute to a development of the vaccine associated disease enhancement (VADE), which is not limited to respiratory disease.

According NBC reporting (I can’t believe I’m citing that outfit as a reliable source):

New data suggests that fully vaccinated individuals are not just contracting COVID, but could be carrying higher levels of virus than previously understood, facilitating spread, my NBC News colleagues are reporting. New indoor masking guidance expected today.

Dr. Malone has warned of this risk for several months. What are we to do? Malone says that instead of relying on the flawed vaccines, Doctors should use drugs for treating Covid that have proved effective, such as Ivermectin (more about that following the video), is neutralizing Covid:

What should scare the hell out of you is the extraordinary efforts being taken to silence and discredit Dr. Malone. I encourage you to read Michael Haynes piece from July 5, which details Malone’s Kafkaesque ordeal. Here are some relevant paragraphs from his article:

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90 Responses to Some Covid Vaccines Make the Virus More Dangerous

  1. Jimmy_w says:

    The vaxxed are definitely a major part of the current Delta Surge. They are the ones going everywhere and crossing pods / clusters. Definitely all of the Delta asymptomatic are the vaxxed ones. And who knows how easy it’ll turn into chronic infection for the vaxxed.

    Israeli data showed the vaxxed Delta infection rate one month ago. Nobody wanted to listen.

  2. Eric Newhill says:

    This is spot on, Larry. Yes, the vaccinated are being infected and hospitalized. I can attest to that. I think it is becoming officially recognized across the globe at this point despite initial attempts to suppress that info. The vaccine is not the same as the vaccines you’re used to in mode of function or in long term protection. Comparing it to, say, the Polio vaccine, as people are wont to do, is a mistake.

    Ivermectin: I’ve been taking it for years, twice/yr. This is because up to a couple months ago I lived on a horse farm and I like to walk around barefoot or in sandals in the summer. Wanted to be sure I never got worms. My wife and I would take the same stuff we obtained for the horses, just scaled the dose down from horse body weight to ours; a dab on a table spoon. The green apple flavored Ivermectin is not at all unpleasant to taste. No ill effects ever from the medicine. Throughout the pandemic I’ve been going to any bar that’s open, any gym, anything normal – and not wearing a mask. Neither my wife nor I have contracted the virus (not that I’m scared of doing so). Totally anecdotal, I know.

    Not offering medical advice and I suggest anyone interested do their own research. The often quoted [by lefties] study that 99% of hospitalized are unvaxxed is BS. Not current and flawed. Seek the source, not the news reports.

    • English Outsider says:

      Eric – seems that if a doctor over here prescribed ivermectin he’d get into trouble. Can’t get it over the counter. I asked about it on an English blog recently and found that only cranks and bad people talked about it. The Guardian newspaper, probably the most useful means apart from the BBC of finding out how good people think in England, knocked it a while back –

      – while the WHO is against general use –

      Well, I can understand them knocking hydroxychloroquine. Trump mentioned it a few times so good people shouldn’t even think about it. But ivermectin has a better safety record than ibuprofen, which I can buy over the counter any time.

      The only arguments I’ve seen against it are that it can be dangerous in high doses – so’s whisky, they say – and a somewhat involved argument that, as far as I can make out, says that though ivermectin is safe enough for parasites it may interact with the Covid virus in a way that makes it dangerous. As far as I can make out.

      As for any mention of it from our health supremos – nothing as far as I know.
      Ivermectin has been unpersoned. They won’t say it’s useful. They won’t say it’s dangerous. They won’t mention it.

      Why the omerta? Group think? Bureacratic inertia? Or is it just too cheap for good people to be allowed to try it.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        In the US you need a prescription from a physician to get it. However, the equine paste tube is available at farm supply stores or online. No restrictions. It’s the same stuff as the human, just less expensive. What I use is the equine product.

        • English Outsider says:

          Haven’t ridden for years. No horse. But a man can dream. Might go dreaming along to my local farm shop.

          On Covid, the position has changed with the advent of the variants. The old thinking was based on the belief, that I saw expressed strongly at the time, that it was a stable virus.

          Plus the stats are no good. It was reported recently that many going in to hospital were vaccinated people who had caught Covid. This proving that vaccination didn’t protect against hospitalisation. But it was then reported that they’d gone into hospital for other reasons, and had only been discovered to have Covid when they got there. That therefore proving nothing about how good or bad vaccination was at preventing hospitalisation.

          The country by country comparisons are in any case useless. As you pointed out some time ago, so are comparisons within a country. Not unless full account is taken of factors such as income or fitness or living conditions etc.. And though the stats you’ll be seeing can do that, the stats I’m seeing don’t.

          Here in England the Prime Minister’s been criticised heavily for loosening up restrictions. But vaccine reluctance and resistance to lockdown is as much a factor for epidemiologists to consider as any other so I think he made the right decision. What sticks in the craw, and I think will, is the erosion of civil liberties the pandemic led to and the occasional rough handling of protestors who were obviously feeble and inoffensive. Not my England, that, but it seems to be approved by a scarily large number of people.

          Getting along OK with Biden over there, are you? I suspect that for you too, Eric, a lot of America is no longer your America either.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Right. A lot of America is not my America, but a lot of it still is.

            “But it was then reported that they’d gone into hospital for other reasons, and had only been discovered to have Covid when they got there.”

            That cuts both ways. Same is true for the unvaccinated – and has been true since the beginning of the alleged pandemic.

            I think the idea with the Ivermectin is that you would take at first signs of being sick. It makes sense that it would work that way and someone posted a link on this thread to a study that shows it does kill the covid virus in vitro. That is my plan should I feel like I’m developing a serious case. That said, I know several middle aged people who have contracted it or had a member of their household contract it. None had any symptoms that caused a hospitalization. Pretty sure my – or my wife’s – experience would be the same.

            The common cold is a corona virus, as we all know by now. There has never been a vaccine for the common cold. From the start of the vaccine development effort I wondered how this coronavirus is different such that a vaccine could be created that would wipe it out. That’s just simple old me asking stupid questions.

    • Roger Spenser says:

      Thank you for your post below where you mention horse wormer OTC. From checking with our local animal and feed supply it seems others are catching on – it doesn’t stay stocked for long. At I did get a prescription where they use it in a cocktail to treat Covid and recommend it for prophylactic defense.

  3. akaPatience says:

    Can anyone explain why on earth governments and media are so aggressively pushing vaccination in light of, among other data, the now-admitted “breakthrough” phenomenon among those who’ve already gotten the shots (much less any warnings from the likes of Dr. Malone)? While some news sources claim most of those infected with the Delta variant who’ve been hospitalized are un-vaccinated, it’s hard to know who to trust or what to believe, especially considering massive MSM unreliability, the unreliability, vagaries, inconsistencies, etc. of testing, and so much more. For instance, I mentioned the “breakthrough” to my husband (whose exclusive news sources are the most-liberal among the MSM) a while back and he was dismissive and skeptical, never having heard of it. That’s changed, since the MSM is finally reporting about it (now he’s a believer). This has been the case countless times regarding MSM Covid reporting: that is, “alternative” websites like this blog and others, many scoffed at and some even mocked by leftists, have generally been way ahead of the curve in delivering what’s turned out to be factual reporting. Why? Why not the MSM? And now, why is Dr. Malone – with all of his obvious insight – being censored for warning about the potential for very serious possibilities, like FUTURE AUTO-IMMUNE ISSUES for crying out loud?

    Is it as simple as money, meaning pharmaceutical companies – who stand to profit Big Time – have effectively bought off political leaders? We already know the MSM dare not bite the hands that feed them by jeopardizing revenue they rake in from Rx commercials (many for AUTO-IMMUNE diseases btw!!!). It’s hard for me to believe, and I’m almost as cynical as they come, that money is the reason iffy vaccines are being forced on us while known, effective treatments aren’t. I’d welcome any opinions on the subject of WHY this is happening – it truly boggles the mind.

  4. TTG says:

    I’ll agree that the headline of “99% of hospitalized are unvaxxed” is overhyped, but it is damned close to the figures put out by hospitals around the country. According to the Virginia Department of Health this week, 98% of hospitalizations and deaths are people not fully vaccinated.

    I’ll anticipate your counter argument that this is from a state run by Democrats. The following is from various area hospitals and local news stories in Florida. I’m sure
    I could find similar figures for Texas. In fact data from the Texas Department of State Health Services shows 99.5% of COVID-related deaths in Texas were among unvaccinated people.

    “While that data is not available at a statewide level, Local 10 reached out to the large hospital groups in South Florida to get a sense of how many of their admitted COVID patients were inoculated. Broward Health said Wednesday morning that of their 122 COVID-19 patients, only two were vaccinated. That means 98% were unvaccinated. Memorial Healthcare said that since July 1, its volume of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 has increased by 125% to 234 patients. Of those, 98% are not vaccinated. And the Jackson Health System reported that, as of Wednesday morning, they had 146 inpatients who have tested positive for COVID-19, with 91% of them unvaccinated.”

    “Among UF Health Jacksonville’s COVID-19 patients, 90% are unvaccinated, and nearly 70% range in age from 40 to 69, Neilsen said. Prior to this surge, 75% of the COVID-19 patients were ages 60 and up. “We’re definitely seeing a shift into a younger demographic of people,” he said.”

    “About 5,300 Floridians are now hospitalized with COVID, a 65% jump since last week and nearly a tripling since June 14 when 1,845 were hospitalized, the Florida Hospital Association said. Officials have said more than 95% of those hospitalized were not vaccinated.”

    “The number of COVID-19 patients at Baptist Medical Center is rapidly rising, according to CNN [okay, they’re not local]. There are 349 patients with coronavirus at the moment, and 74 are in the ICU. Around 44 percent of the patients at the hospital are under the age of 40, and are staying at the hospital much longer because they are sicker, Kaye [he is local] said. An overwhelming majority (99.6 percent) have not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine.”

    • Fred says:

      “…COVID-related deaths in Texas”
      So if they died of cancer but had Covid it was still cancer that killed them but it’s “Covid related”.

      “Broward Health … COVID-19 patients”
      Did they say if those patients had anything else that might have caused hospitalization?
      “In Broward County, there were 0 newly reported COVID-19 cases and 0 newly reported COVID-19 deaths on Jul 27, 2021”
      How can that possibly be, did they all die on the 26th?
      Google is even better.

      “On July 23, 2020, 10,014 people were hospitalized with COVID-19.”

      That means hospitalizations for Covid in Florida are DOWN by more than 50%.
      Pump up the fear though, as we don’t want to talk about the gas up 33%, lumber up more than 100%, wages stagnant and borders flooded with immigrants who don’t need masks, jobs or jabs. We certainly don’t want to talk about the AZ election audit, the January 6th “Insurrection” in which the FBI played a pivotal role, or the Whitmer-FBI kidnapping plot.

    • Harlan Easley says:


      85% of residents over the age of 65 in the State of Virginia have received one dose of the vaccine. 80% both doses.

      I looked at each region for death demographic rates ending for the week of July 16th, 2021. 90% of the deaths are in the over 60 age group.

      For Texas,

      Since February 1st according to the CDC 11,853 deaths to C-19. 7,924 over the age of 65. As of today 82% of 65 and over is vaccinated. In February, when 5,798 passed away I imagine not many had access to the vaccine yet. 65 and over is 82% vaccinated as of today. So..?

      • TTG says:

        That data sleuthing of yours leads me to one conclusion. I do not want to be among that unvaccinated 20% in Virginia or 18% in Texas. They’re sucking bilge water.

        • Harlan Easley says:

          Maybe, but something doesn’t add up. I am worried about the efficacy of the vaccines for the elderly. Due to Immunosenescence. This is a well known biological mechanism known in immunology. The authorities know this but prefer not to talk about it. I can understand this Nobel lie. It’s too depressing and would withdraw hope for many. Including my elderly parents. So I stay mum.

          Natural immunity I’m coming to believe is what will eventually defeat this pandemic. A vaccine only targeting one antigenic portion of the vaccine will never be as efficient as million of years of evolutionary response to coronaviruses. This is not smallpox.

          I understand why the Public Health authorities play down natural immunity because they believe everybody would claim to have been infected in the past and vaccine acceptance would have been even lower.

          Frankly, this is an insane global experiment we have embarked on that I hope comes up ALL ACES.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            The real take away from covid should be that people need to be responsible for their own health. Those succumbing to covid are the sickly among us. Covid is the final straw. It could have been anything. A bad case of the flu could have pushed them over the edge (in many cases attributed to covid, I believe, it WAS influenza).

            There is a significant low income/low education cohort in the US and, indeed, across the world, that simply doesn’t eat right and doesn’t have their medical conditions addressed timely; meaning until they are at death’s door. It seems to be a cycle that is hard to break. I have been the “data guy” on doctor and hospital partnerships with insurance to try to develop programs to improve the health of these people. Success is marginal at best.

            As long as such people exist, some virus is going to take them out when it compounds their already tenuous health status. It only seems like covid represents a unique threat because it has been hyped in the media and the CDC reporting guidelines have made a diagnosis of covid ( positive test or presumed) to be recorded as the cause of death regardless of whatever else was happening medically to the deceased.

            Death rates/1,000 have been, accurately, predicted to increase over the next 20 to 30 years because of the aging boomers and because of the poor health of our low socioeconomic status citizens (and illegals). If the government really gave a damn about these people and wanted an excuse to go all dictatorial, then banning high fructose corn syrup and other junk food ingredients would save a hell of a lot more lives that idiotic masks and a long term useless vaccine.

          • TTG says:


            Nothing mystical about immunosenescence. We get old and our shit stops working. Eventually it gives up the ghost altogether, covid or no covid. Warren Zevon said it well.


    • Eric Newhill says:

      I like how we have Dr.s Malone and Warren (Luigi), guys who are massively qualified on the topic to the point where they actually invented/discovered the method that the vaccines are built upon, and they are telling us that the vaccines are long term ineffective and potentially dangerous, but they get shouted down by people who just take it on faith that the vaccines are wonderful life savers and totally safe and anyone who says otherwise is a selfish Trump-head, because “muh gubernant sez so. And I slept in a Holliday Inn last night”.

      Are Dr.s Malone and Warren enemies of the state? Russian agents? What?

      • TTG says:

        Eric, I have no intention of ever bad mouthing Drs. Malone or Warren. They both certainly know more about this subject than I. These are new vaccines, certainly not perfect, have side effects and we won’t know their long term possible side effects for quite some time. I’m still impressed by the numbers of unvaccinated vs. vaccinated in the hospital. I’m as disappointed with the politicization of this as you are. Now there are stories of people in Missouri wearing disguises while getting vaccinated so their anti-vax friends and family don’t find out. Pretty sad state of affairs.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          You’re not exactly bad mouthing them. You are summarily dismissing them in favor of some bogus statistics and other info that you have gleaned from the main stream media via carefully directed google searches and other sources that passed the censors.

          You are also ignoring even the government’s own statistics on covid. This virus is only a problem for the elderly and very sickly includes a large swath of low socioeconomic status who tend to not have the intelligence to take care of themselves have bad health and don’t seek medical intervention when an illness is clearly becoming serious. The same people lose limbs and the get killed by diabetes, which they don’t control because they’re ignorant simpletons. They die from controllable cardiac conditions, renal conditions, COPD, infections and other conditions that educated people survive and live with. These are your “covid” victims. Neither you nor I have any more to worry about from covid than we do from the annual flu. This is not coming from a Trumpist website. This is coming from me – who has been in insurance data for 20 years. It is also general knowledge in the insurance and healthcare delivery industry. Anyone saying otherwise is working an angle or is too scared to go against the social tide. How old is the story of the emperor’s new clothes?

          It’s one thing to summarily dismiss me because I use a pseudonym and can’t show you the data I have. I understand. No problem. It’s another thing all together to summarily dismiss/downplay those doctors who use their real names, who’s credentials are therefore readily available and who can prove they are intimately familiar with the vaccine model.

          You and Walrus have been willingly duped – willingly because you’re both smart enough to assess the open source info better. You for political reasons and Walrus out of simple fear. That’s my final word on this.

    • Sam says:

      83% of UCSF employee/student “cases” in July are in vaccinated folks. This isn’t an argument against the vaccines, but it does cast some doubt on the recent “pandemic among the unvaxxed” messaging. Also, if masks are effective, how’d these mask-compliant people become infected?

      The bottom line is can we trust any data from the CDC? Like can we trust anything Hoover’s FBI and the CIA says?

      Here’s who the CDC are:

      After the Vietnam War, tens of thousands of Veterans and their children reported diseases and birth defects caused by Agent Orange.

      The CDC responded by twisting the science on Agent Orange to deny their benefits.

  5. Buckeyelad says:

    I have followed the FLCC group for quite some time, read their research, and on that basis, acquired Ivermectin via a telemedicine appointment and online pharmacy. I did use it prophylactically, with no problems. I have been leery of these mRNA vaccines for the reasons you outline. However, due to intense familial pressure from well-meaning SWMBO and my adult kids, who I hadn’t been able to see in a year and a half, I yielded, and decided on the J&J jab as being the the least objectionable, it not employing mRNA technology.
    Fast forward several months, and here I am, sitting in my basement for the past five days, under quarantine, with covid. The first morning of symptoms, I didn’t wait, and began the Ivermectin. I was able to get an antigen test later that afternoon, and got the positive results the next day. The second day, my temp did get high (104.4), but it crested there (briefly), and by the following evening all my temp readings were normal, and my oxygen saturation has been very good throughout. So, five days from onset, I’m feeling good, with barely any residual aches or congestion.
    Of course, the prevailing voices will say, it’s a mild case because I had the vax. Perhaps, but I think the Ivermectin has more than a little to do with it. Interestingly, just prior to reading your piece, I listened to a podcast with Dr. Peter McCullough (The McCullough Report), who corroborates everything in your piece. He supports the work of the FLCC also.

  6. walrus says:

    How are the left wing radicals going to take over the USA?

    Simple. They have convinced the right wing patriot resistance that vaccination is a commie plot.

    Those patriots who don’t get vaccinated will either die out from Covid19 or be easily identified and targeted and rounded up because they won’t have a vaccine passport.

    Malone runs his own consulting company. His shtick is all about getting Pfizer and/or Moderna to buy him off with a lucrative and irrelevant research contract.

    • jld says:

      “His shtick is all about getting Pfizer and/or Moderna to buy him off with a lucrative and irrelevant research contract.”

      How do you know that? 😀

    • BillWade says:

      Walrus, the MSM likes to portray the vaccine hesitant as Trump supporters, the reality is the vaccine hesitant are the age group 18-39.

      Anecdotal (rumor) evidence in SW Florida is that about 30-40% of those in hospitals from Sarasota down to Naples had been vaccinated. There is some pneumonia going around as well and also respiratory issues from red tide. There’s also talk of vaccinated people getting pretty upset that the vaccine seems to be worthless.

      Vitamin D3, 20,000 IUs daily should help.

  7. LondonBob says:

    The excellent Swiss Doctor covers Ivermectin on his website, shows promise but there has been a deliberate lack of research on it.

    He has a balanced analysis of the ‘vaccines’.

  8. walrus says:

    Best summary I’ve found on ivermectin – the jury is still out.

    Hydroxychloroquine – don’t waste your time.

    • Fred says:


      “For rheumatologists and our patients….. Additionally, no difference was seen in non-COVID-19 mortality associated with hydroxychloroquine use.” Absolutely, don’t use it alone. But that is what the study did, study it alone. On rheumatology patients.

      Thanks for the science! lesson. From November 2020 that was based on information from as early as July 2020, more than a year ago. That’s almost as useful as your political lesson in the prior comment.

      • Carey says:

        An ivermectin meta-analysis can be found here:

        “Meta analysis using the most serious outcome reported shows 74% and 85% improvement for early treatment and prophylaxis (RR 0.26 [0.16-0.43] and 0.15 [0.08-0.25]), with similar results after exclusion based sensitivity analysis, restriction to peer-reviewed studies, and restriction to Randomized Controlled Trials.
        •64% and 96% lower mortality is observed for early treatment and prophylaxis (RR 0.36 [0.15-0.85] and 0.04 [0.00-0.59]). Statistically significant improvements are seen for mortality, hospitalization, cases, and viral clearance. 26 studies show statistically significant improvements in isolation..”

  9. walrus says:

    Jld, I spent six years commercializing scientific research, most of it medical, as CEO of University owned company. I was a Director of a start up and employed Doctors, Scientists and patent attorneys.

    My experience: The big drug companies portray themselves as altruistic flowers of the market economy – spending billions of their shareholders money on research for the good of mankind – for which they should be rewarded by a grateful humanity. The left wing radicals and conspiracy nuts portray them as deliberately trying to poison all of us.

    The reality is that they are purely commercial beasts whose objective is to grab your last dollar as you take your last breath in this world and they feel cheated if your estate has anything left over to distribute to your children. They are not deliberately trying to kill you, they just want all your money like a vampire wants all your blood.

    So you see I am unbiased. Let me explain how drug development works. It is a brutal process. I apologise for the long winded explanation below:

    1. Let’s start with John Q. Scientist. He works as a lecturer and researcher in a University – so he is paid from the public purse one way or another. His lifelong interest, let’s say, is anti blood clotting drugs because a blood clot killed his mother, blood clots kill a lot of people. They are common, not rare at all. The drugs that try and stop this are either ineffectual, like Aspirin perhaps or are “dirty” – meaning lots of nasty side effects for example warfarin (rat poison). If you’ve seen old people with bruising you know what I mean.

    2. So John discovers something about Von Willibrands factor, a blood component, that leads him to develop a new understanding of blood clotting and thus he and a few colleagues in the lab invents a new chemical, which they call X25, that seems to stop clotting “in vitro” – in a test tube and also in haemophiliac mice. At this point his Federal grant money runs out. He makes a pitch to some venture capitalists.

    3. The venture capitalists decide this is a good bet and provide $20 million (say) for research in exchange for almost all the rights to John and his colleagues discoveries which have been patented by his University. By “almost all” I mean as much of the rights as they can screw out of the University (me) perhaps leaving John and his University with a five percent share in royalties and maybe shareholdings. This process is commercially brutal and can quickly develop into fraud, theft, backstabbing, character assassination, gaslighting, lying and a variety of other delightful University games, including blackmail and physical assault in one case I’m familiar with. Why? Because the personal reward may be tens of millions of dollars.

    So lesson#1: when scientist X says that vaccines don’t work or give you hives, flatulence, etc. You need to first check whether Doctor X, or his venture capital funded company, just so happens to have developed a competing product in his lab.

    4. So Johns discovery, X25, financed by plucky venture capitalists to the tune of $20 million, seems to work in people. The $20 million financed more research and successful phase I and phase II trials. The drug doesn’t kill anybody (phase I) and seems to be much more effective with no side effects (phase II). There is now a whole portfolio of patents that have been applied for. We need phase III trials for the FDA approval, we need manufacturing in quantity and then we will need distribution and marketing – hundreds of millions….…So now the start up pitches to say, Glaxo Smith Kline(GSK)………..

    The first thing GSK does is to try and steal your intellectual property. Can we steal the patents? Can we change one atom or functional group and get the same drug effect without having to pay a cent? Can we buy the start up company for peanuts from the venture capitalists? Can we destroy the company and pick up the pieces for nothing? How can we sow discord between the key players to weaken their negotiating position? Add to that all the other University games. It would not be unusual for private detectives to be hired by parties looking for an angle.

    If all of this fails, and only then, will GSK talk turkey and leaves the start up company with 5% royalty or shareholding and John, his colleagues and the University with 5% of 5% of the value. In the case of one discovery I am aware of the scientist ended up with about $60 million a year.

    5. So GSK now has a new blood clotting drug approved and ready to market…. The first thing it does is “encourage” ($$$) scientists to look at all the competing drugs on the market and guess what? The aforesaid scientists write papers after discovering “shocking” side effects in the old drugs. ………. Then GSK points (ahem) to their new product which just happens not to have those side effects.

    So I’m afraid I am a complete cynic when I read that Astra Zenica vaccine causes awful blood clots (very rare), or Mrna vaccines cause ADE, or all vaccines don’t work and to try meditation (buy the book) or zinc (buy the supplement), etc. You need to understand exactly WHO is saying something and why they may be saying it.

    The ADE claim doesn’t pass the smell test – coming from a husband and wife consulting company.

    • Fred says:

      “At this point his Federal grant money runs out.”

      How did this miracle of federal spending ending happen, other than author’s privilege?

      “Can we destroy the company and pick up the pieces for nothing?”

      You mean like using government to declare some businesses “non-essential” and order them to shut down because of a lab leak in China?

      “…coming from a husband and wife consulting company…”
      If only they were “doctors” like Jill Biden, then they would have real credibility.

    • longarch says:

      They are not deliberately trying to kill you, they just want all your money like a vampire wants all your blood.

      Anybody who suddenly goes from living in a civilized society with some amount of money to surviving in a civilized society with zero money is at immediate risk of death. So anyone who tries to take all your money while keeping you in a society that requires money is trying to kill you indirectly.

      However, the psychopathic criminality that caused the oxycontin crisis (and comparable crises) destroyed whatever goodwill I had left for the vampires who run these companies. Psychopaths cannot be tolerated by any society that hopes to survive. Regardless of whether or not they seem “evil” to you, they are a threat to the survival of the group.

      So you see I am unbiased.

      Twenty years ago, I would have chuckled and said, “Ah, what an understated use of sarcasm, I am glad that he has the self-awareness to knowingly hint at the fact that others will call him biased.” Nowadays, I grumpily think, “I had better cut out that sarcastic line before I quote this guy to others, or the conspiracy theorists will derail the explanation.”

    • Carey says:

      “..The ADE claim doesn’t pass the smell test – coming from a husband and wife consulting company.”

      Walrus, where can we safely place our trust, these days?

      What I do is look at the verifiable evidence over a good
      period of time, and that has not been forthcoming from
      BigGov / BigPharma / BigMedia since the Covid narrative was rolled out seventeen months ago.

      And you? Not a lot of money to be made selling zinc / Vit D3 / Ivermectin, by the way; lots to be made by the pushers of the “vaccines” (see their recent P/Ls).

      • Carey says:

        Adding: I don’t mean to imply that financial gain is the *primary* motive for the Covid-pushers; it’s a nice one, though.. it’s about something else.

        Note, all the same, that the world’s fifty richest persons have [somehow] doubled their monetary wealth since the “pandemic” began.


  10. Serge says:

    The quasi-religious societal fixation on these vaccines as the only path “back to a normal life” explains this hostile behavior. Some aspects of the media/societal attitudes towards those that would question this dogma remind me of the Satanic Panic of the 80s.

  11. Sam says:

    Somebody needs to ask Fauci what percentage of the jabbed ferrets in SARS vaccine trials died on being reinfected.

  12. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    For those interested, I copied these two comments from Unz Review, the first from poster, Clyde (cut off his nom du net when copying), who provides protocols for usage of Ivermectin along with links to more info and sources, and the second from an anonymous poster who had the Coof and treated himself with Ivermectin. I saved these comments for my own potential use, but here they are for anyone in similar case to me. Caveat emptor, of course.

    IVERMECTIN PROTOCOLS (works better than hydroxychloroquine)
    There are two. One as a preventive and another if you are sick with Covid 19. You take Ivermectin along with some easy to buy vitamins/supplements. — list of MDs in every state who will prescribe Ivermectin

    Ivermectin Protocol for Moderate / High Risk Patients:
    Ivermectin 0.2 mg/kg — one dose on day 1 and day 3, then take one dose weekly ( (Find a Doctor)
    Vitamin D3 5000 IU/day or 50000 IU once a week
    Vitamin C 1000mg once a day
    Quercetin 500mg/day
    Zinc 25-50mg/day

    You can get Ivermectin prescribed by your doctor. If he refuses then there are telemedicine MDs who will prescribe it.

    You can get the horse Ivermectin at Amazon.
    You take it at the same rate as a horse, pound for pound. Humans are similar enough to horses. Horse Ivermectin also at your local Tractor Supply and online veterinary supply stores. I have seen three people at a popular right wing site, say they use the horse Ivermectin as a preventative.

    Myself I take zinc, quercetin, vitamin D 5000 units, Vitamin C a few grams daily. No Ivermectin. I am very healthy and get outdoors a lot, get Vitamin D this way too. If I got Covid I would immediately buy it at Amazon and get it in one day.

    • Thanks: Travis

    • Replies: @Anon


    Anon[142] • Disclaimer says:

    July 27, 2021 at 12:10 pm GMT • 13.9 hours ago • 100 Words   ↑


    Took Ivermectin on two consecutive days in December, plus C, D, Zinc. Fifty, reasonably fit. Didn’t have lung problems or oxygenation problems, but it is a nasty bug. I am very willing to try HCQ + Azithromycin next time. Ivermectin might keep you out of the hospital but it doesn’t “cure” you, so to speak. Or at least supplement with Azyt, acting on Montaigner’s hunch that it is covid in synergy with some gut bacteria that gives a worse outcome.

    Back again… I already take some of these supplements, specifically zinc, and vitamin D3.

    My supplementation of D3 is lighter than the poster’s suggestion, as D3, unlike some other vitamins, does not immediately wash out, but rather accumulates, potentially beyond the body’s immediate needs. I used to take a much higher level; I am asthmatic, and D3 can help with systemic inflammation. I also suffer from reflux disorder, and I am taking Nexium (esomeprazole) to counter this, but esomeprazole can interfere with the deposition of calcium in the bones, so the high level of D3 that assists with deposition seemed to make that option one that kills two birds with one stone.

    But, speaking of stones, several years back, I had a very bad episode with a kidney stone of, you guessed it, the calcitic variety. Too much D3 floating around looking for something to do can conduce to their formation, and once I learned that, I dialed back the D3 to a lower level, but still higher than the MDA, yet a higher blood serum level than otherwise. So be forewarned that supplements can themselves cause problems.

    Another supplement that enhances the uptake of zinc into the cells along with D3 is Quercetin, something I may also add as prophylaxis, but I need to do my research first.

    Thanks for the post, Mr. Johnson.

    • akaPatience says:

      JJ – thanks for this info. I’m bookmarking it for future reference, just in case. I already take vitamins C and D, as well as zinc and quercetin. I got the Pfizer shots a few months ago and had lingering malaise (mainly nausea) for several weeks afterwards, which was a bit worrisome. Now, news about ADE and possible future auto-immune problems is a concern.

      I have a friend who’s battling an especially pernicious cancer (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), the cause of which has been determined to be “therapy-related”, the culprit being the “biologic” Rx he took for an auto-immune disease. There’s a good reason for the lengthy disclaimers recited in all of the many TV commercials for “biologics”.

      If you have issues with kidney stones (high doses of Vit. C can also contribute to them), you may want to consider taking magnesium citrate. Ask your doctor first.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:


        Thanks for your information about high levels of Vitamin C being linked to kidney stones. I do not supplement C beyond a multi-vitamin I take daily.

        I neglected to mention that I had, for some years, been an intensive black tea drinker (50+ types), only to find after popping that stone that this also increases one’s likelihood of developing kidney stones. Sadly, I have had to sharply reduce my consumption, limiting myself to a scant few cups per week.

        I substituted coffee as my caffeine buzz, and fortunately there is a local source whose offerings via ecommerce I serendipitously backed into. They are a firm, Greek-American in origin, who supplies the many diners in this region (quite a few of which were Greek-owned) with tea and coffee, but only when I looked them up via the search engine did I discover their diverse line of artisan coffees. I got a French press, an initial selection of their coffees, and didn’t look back. I like options, and now have 23 varieties. I think that this artisan ecommerce got more important to them after their restaurant supply business took a pounding with the Coof shutting them down. The firm is Lacas ( if you are curious).

        The case of your friend is tragic. One hopes that the “vaccines” are not setting us up for a disaster of unimagined proportions.

        Your handle seems familiar. Have you posted at Naked Capitalism, per chance? I used to, but as they moved relentlessly further to the left (with what’s his face from Maine having assumed more & more command, thumping the tub for the “Democratic” Socialists), and making any other shades of political/social commenters feel more unwelcome (banning will do that…), I just stopped.

        I am an alte kacher now, 68, and always on the lookout for intelligent commentary on the right. You’re getting pretty “based” yourself, sister. LOL.

        • akaPatience says:

          Never heard of Naked Capitalism. Found the colonel’s blog via Larry Johnson’s former excellent blog, No Quarter.

          I cut back on black tea too, but because of vanity – it darkens teeth!!!

        • Carey says:

          The Naked Cap site went all-in on the MSM COVID narrative in early 2020- as did *so many other sites*
          at precisely the same time.. Mmm. Yeah, the afternoon
          guy there is absolutely immune to any evidence contradicting the doom-porn Required Story.

          I used to post there, too; posted quite a few verifiable facts that didn’t fit that story, and was 86’d soon after.
          FWIW, I have yet to know- or know of, or have heard of- anyone who has become seriously ill due to OMG COVID!, let alone anyone who’s died from it.

    • JK/AR says:


      March of 2020 I upped my D3 intake from 1000 IU daily to 5000 IU which, after some period … Well speaking of stones …

      I have no conflicts eg, stock investments, patents, kickbacks etc but this stuff works for me:

  13. BillWade says:

    Walrus says, “The reality is that they are purely commercial beasts whose objective is to grab your last dollar as you take your last breath in this world and they feel cheated if your estate has anything left over to distribute to your children. They are not deliberately trying to kill you, they just want all your money like a vampire wants all your blood.”

    So we’ve got some experimental vaccines that are not yet FDA approved and the US government accepts the manufacturer’s terms (You pay for them, whether or not they work). The drug companies got the sweetest deal in history. I’m trying to think of why I should take this.

    • Carey says:

      > So we’ve got some experimental vaccines that are not yet FDA approved and the US government accepts the manufacturer’s terms (You pay for them, whether or not they work). The drug companies got the sweetest deal in history. <

      Risk-free profits for BigPharma, who are indemnified against lawsuits for "side effects" (I put those words in scare quotes for a reason).

      Yes, sweet deal indeed; just not for you or me.

  14. longarch says:

    By the way, I assume everyone here is interested in Pfizerleak. Some of you may know about it already.


    Because the cost of developing contracts is very high and time consuming (legal review cycles), Pfizer, like all corporations, develop a standardized agreement template and use these agreements with relatively minor adjustments in different countries.

    These agreements are confidential, but luckily one country did not protect the contract document well enough, so I managed to get a hold of a copy.

    As you are about to see, there is a good reason why Pfizer was fighting to hide the details of these contracts.

    First, let’s talk about the product:
    The agreement not only covers manufacturing of vaccines for COVID19 and its mutations, but also for “any device, technology, or product used in the administration of or to enhance the use or effect of, such vaccine”.

    If you were wondering why #Ivermectin was suppressed, well, it is because the agreement that countries had with Pfizer does not allow them to escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID19 the contract cannot be voided.

    I do not like psychopaths when they get into positions of power, and I believe societies are not only entitled, but required by natural law, to defend themselves against psychopaths. Self-defense is not just a right, it is also a duty.

  15. Deep says:

    Mandatory vaccines for all government employees creates an excellent closed system laboratory experiment, esp since their data can be tracked on their employee health insurance plans.

    What are the real numbers on vaccine side effects and death.What pre-conditions should we know about before accepting or rejecting a vaccination. What co-morbities work against us or help us. How long does the vaccine protection last.

    Thank a government employee who has chosen to offer us this critical information. Trust the science finally has in-house date control factors.

  16. Sam says:

    You wanna know how much the vaccine-industrial complex is willing to lie, read this series of tweets. Then tell me why they are lying. Is it just the money or something more sinister.

    Wait until the next wave. We’ll see hysteria amped up on the unvaxxed, while inconvenient data will be buried. This is no longer about the virus and public health. This something else.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Yes. That is exactly what I was saying to TTG about the bogus 99% hospitalized are unvaxxed statistic.

      “Something else”. Yes, no doubt. Why the need to obscure the truth and tell outright lies? What is the real objective here?

    • akaPatience says:

      Yeah, like I said, WHY are pols, Big Tech and Big Media so aggressively, even forcefully – WITH THREATS of preventing the unvaccinated the ability to go about normal living and even earning a livelihood – pushing vaccination when vaccines are proving to present obvious problems – more problems for those at low-risk than the 99+%-survival-rate-virus itself?!?!

      Some seem to think Democrats’ fear of ELECTORAL OBLITERATION in the 2022 mid-terms is the reason. By once again imposing draconian policies, the fear mongering, lockdowns, etc., are a way to carry out the same kind of election fraud that seems to have occurred in 2020. Could be…

    • Carey says:

      “..If a large population of millions of people remain unvaccinated after the next couple of years, then they will represent a sizable and undeniable control group. A control group is a group of subjects that act as a pure sample untouched by a drug or vaccine experiment. If the vaccinated group becomes ill or dies from specific conditions and the control group does not have those same conditions, then that is a pretty good sign that your vaccine or drug is poison.

      The 50% of Americans and smaller percentages in other nations are a control group for the experimental vaccines. If something goes wrong with the vaccines, then we will be the proof. I suspect this is what the elites are really afraid of.

      They have to force us to be vaccinated as well – ALL of us, so that there is no control group and thus no proof of what they have done. They could simply blame mass health disorders on covid itself, or some other false culprit..”

  17. JK/AR says:

    And Larry, as for your using NBC to source don’t feel too awful bad.

    Just think of that outfit as a stopped clock.

  18. Jim says:

    As of today, 20,791 deaths after vax reported to CDC/VAERS, 1990-2021, in past 31.5 years. Below, after-vax deaths by vaccine type.

    Death total, 1990-2021 = 20,791
    COVID19 VACCINE 12,512 60.18%
    HAEMOPHILUS B 1,762 8.47%
    HEPATITIS B 1,345 6.47%
    POLIOVIRUS LIVE 1,034 4.97%

    Permanent disability total = 32,128
    COVID19 VACCINE 13,427
    HEPATITIS B 2,852
    ZOSTER (VARZOS) 2,168

    Hospitalized after vax total = 118,555
    COVID19 VACCINE 43,420
    HAEMOPHILUS B 10,448
    HEPATITIS B 8,656

    Total adverse events reported to CDC/Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System: 1,329,704 total events, 1990-2021 [data current to July 23, 2021]
    COVID19 VACCINE 533,261
    ZOSTER (VARZOS) 87,776
    MEASLES/MUMPSetc 84,254
    HEPATITIS B 69,327

    Spontaneous abortion total = 2,000 [fetal death up to 20 weeks from conception]
    COVID19 VACCINE 1,030
    INFLUENZA (H1N1) 99

    Subdural Hematoma total = 193

    Total Myocarditis = 2,176
    COVID19 1,770
    SMALLPOX 217
    ANTHRAX 63

    Pericarditis total 1990-2021 = 1,611
    COVID19 VACCINE 1,190

    • Pat Lang says:

      “122” Hmm

      • Eric Newhill says:

        The CDC itself reports that VAERS is not consistently used by physicians or hospitals; maybe around 50% utilized based on a survey they recently performed. The totals are probably at least 100% greater than reported.

      • Jim says:

        Yes sir. One subset clearly says 122.

        Another subset says 117.

        This subset includes four with “Unknown” vax.

        However, in reviewing the actual CDC/VAERS narratives in all four, this quartet: all got the covid shot. Thus we can be sure of at least 121 — with subdural hematoma after covid vax.

        Snippets of these VAERS narratives are below, for reading. The last one, #4, [following #1, #2, & #3] is a bit long, but that one shows the 71 year old male had been vaxed in Feb, developed subdural hematoma, and contracted what the medic claims is sars cov 2 and/or some time of severe acute respiratory something — in May! and the narrative hints at potential lawsuit/legal action.

        80 year old . . .On 19-Feb-2021, the patient received first dose of mRNA-1273 (COVID 19 Vaccine Moderna) (Intramuscular) 1 dosage form. On 22-Mar-2021, the patient experienced SUBDURAL HAEMATOMA (Hematoma subdural) (seriousness criterion medically significant). At the time of the report [4/24/2021], SUBDURAL HAEMATOMA (Hematoma subdural) had resolved with sequelae. For mRNA-1273 (COVID 19 Vaccine Moderna) (Intramuscular), the reporter did not provide any causality assessments.
        VAERS ID 1261882-1

        A 71-year-old male patient . . . Appearance of right headaches, without head trauma was reported. . . . Conclusion: Chronic sub-dural haematoma under PLAVIX, without a post-traumatic context but which occurred a few days after a vaccination against COVID (Pfizer vaccine).
        VAERS ID: 1274995-1

        80 year old woman . . . On 19-Feb-2021, the patient started Covid-19 Vaccine (Intramuscular) 1 dosage form, total. On 22-Mar-2021, the patient experienced SUBDURAL HAEMATOMA (seriousness criteria disability and medically significant).
        VAERS ID: 1275104-1

        [This 71 year old male vaxed on 2/1/2021] [developed some sort of pnuemonia in May, medics deemed in covid apparently]
        [from the VAERS narrative, see]:
        Drug ineffective; pneumonia suggestive of COVID-19 on imaging but polymerase chain reaction negative scannographically consistent with Severe acute respiratory syndrome-CoV2 infection; blood culture was positive for S.epidermidis- probable contamination; Bilateral Subdural Hematoma; Uncontrollable tremors. . . .

        The possible accountability, established according to the usual French method is evidently without prejudice to further investigations that could be carried out as part of legal or amicable compensation procedures.

        On Mar2021, the patient had stroke treated with prednisolone (SOLUPRED) and Eliquis. On 10May2021, the patient experienced drug ineffective, fever and uncontrollable tremors. On 12May2021, dyspnoea was noted leading to the initiation of antibiotic therapy with AUGMENTIN. Patient also had polypnoea at 50 cycles/min on oxygen therapy at 12 cycles/min. On 11May2021, sars-cov-2 pcr test was negative. On 12May2021, chest X-ray revealed decreased transparency of the left lower lobe without visible organized condensation. No pericardial effusion. No abnormalities in the right lung field or cardio-mediastinal silhouette. On 13May2021, patient underwent lab tests and procedures which included soluble Ag test: negative for L.pneumophila and pneumococcus, blood culture was positive for S.epidermidis, probable contamination, body temperature was 38.5 Centigrade [[101.3F–Jim]], brain and chest scan showed good regression of bilateral subdural haematomas, persisting in the right fronto-parietal region at 6 mm maximum thickness, of semi-recurrent density. Ground-glass lung lesions, consistent with severe acute respiratory syndrome-CoV2 pneumonia, affecting 50-75% of the parenchyma (extensive involvement), multiplex pcr test was negative for for B.pertussis, B.parapertussis, M.pneumoniae, C.pneumoniae, adenoviruses, coronaviruses (SARS-CoV2, 229E, HKU1, NL63, OC43 and Middle East respiratory syndrome-CoV), metapneumoviruses, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, picornaviruses (rhinoviruses and enteroviruses), influenza A & B viruses and parainfluenza viruses, COVID rapid test was negative. On 14May2021, sars-cov-2 pcr test was negative. On 17May2021, M.pneumoniae serology was positive for immunoglobulin G and negative for immunoglobulin M. Conclusion of pneumonia suggestive of COVID-19 on imaging but polymerase chain reaction negative scannographically consistent with severe acute respiratory syndrome-CoV2 infection with extensive involvement was made. The patient was hospitalized for events drug ineffective and pneumonia suggestive of COVID-19
        VAERS ID: 1411219-1

        [note: #4 above seem to say the covid tests either were not detecting sars cov 2 and/or knows what? — this sort of lack of clarity is apparent in many VAERS narratives. And saying “vaccine ineffectiveness” is a nice way of saying what exactly?]

        One possible? answer may be located in Gibraltar?

        “”By June 1st, over 99% of Gibraltar’s population was fully vaccinated. Since that time, new COVID cases per day have increased more than 2500%””

        Supposedly this data includes efforts of Johns Hopkins, according to fine print at bottom of graph.


  19. JK/AR says:

    There is a bunch of denigrating ballyhoo about ivermectin “safety” here in CONUS meanwhile

    “Merck has worked with our partners for nearly three decades to make Mectizan (ivermectin) available, free of charge, to all those afflicted by river blindness,” said Kenneth C. Frazier, chairman and chief executive officer, Merck. “It is an honor to present this donation to the END Fund today alongside Dr. William Campbell, the retired Merck parasitologist who shared the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries that led to the development of Mectizan.”

    (My final on this post so to leave on a cheery note.)

  20. Deep says:

    Remind me what test they are still using to confirm alleged “covid” infections?

    Critically missing information since there are no reliable tests, and now some totally discredited as patently inaccurate and misleading.

  21. Sam says:

    CDC says 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated

    When even the propagandists at NBC can’t hide the evidence, you know Act II of the Covid Theater is in the works. More pandemic hysteria, more attacks on the non-compliant, even more ludicrous but draconian rules to infringe on essential liberty with more lockdowns and digital passports for access to common services.

    This is the time for our generation but what is obvious is that the majority want to believe the overlords and take the resistors to the gulag. The banality of evil is there for all to see.

  22. Sam says:

    FLASHBACK: Last year, Nancy Pelosi said the federal government “cannot require someone to be vaccinated,” saying “it’s a matter of privacy.”

    Watch the goalposts get moved and the majority of Americans going with the kabuki performance.

    Of course Mama Pelosi and hubby are taking advantage of all the propaganda that would put the Soviets to shame by trading stock options to tens of millions in gains beating even the venerable Wall St traders.

  23. Sam says:

    Vaccination alone won’t stop the rise of variants and in fact could push the evolution of strains that evade their protection, researchers warned.

    They said people need to wear masks and take other preventative steps until almost everyone is vaccinated.

    Notice the cognitive dissonance from the nation’s premier propaganda outlet.

  24. Sam says:

    Masks are not effective and not needed in public” – CDC

    “Wear a mask & save lives” – CDC

    “Double mask is the most effective way to stop the spread” – CDC

    “You no longer need to wear a mask if you are vaccinated” – CDC

    “You must wear a mask even if vaccinated” – CDC

    Think about the fact that the majority of Americans not only believe these malevolent clowns but are clamoring for the gulag for those in the minority who are questioning the overlords.

    • Carey says:

      > Think about the fact that the majority of Americans not only believe these malevolent clowns <

      I'm not at all sure that's true, though that's the media presentation for sure.

      My guess is that less than a third- mainly PMC types who don't do anything of value, except to the Controlling Class- buy the OMG! COVID! narrative.
      (Hence "ultra-contagious and severe Delta" [Gamma, Lambda, Zeta] variants, this week and on, and on, and on, and on..)

      Notice how little firsthand reporting there has been of it, since the COVID was first rolled out seventeen months ago?

      show me

  25. Barbara Ann says:

    The Free Province of Alberta is taking an interesting approach. It is planning to downgrade the fear of the Uniquely Dangerous Plague to a regular respiratory disease:

    “In the coming weeks, Alberta’s health system will take steps to make sure that it is ready to support all patients, including those with COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses, like influenza, which health officials expect to increase this year.

    As a part of this, Alberta will bring COVID-19 quarantine, isolation, and other measures in line with those used for influenza and other viruses”

    • Fred says:

      When was the last time Alberta used quarantine for influenza?

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Exactly Fred. Did you read the release? From August 16th “Isolation following a positive COVID-19 test result will no longer be required, but strongly recommended”.

    • TTG says:

      This Channel News Asia story about about Covid-19 treatment protocols in Singapore seems to mirror the Alberta example. Current full vaccination rate in Singapore is 55%. An interesting point in the story is that Singapore is now experiencing 200 or so Covid-19 infections a day but at peak influenza season they can expect a thousand infections a day. If symptoms largely amount to no more than fevers and coughs, a society can just suck it up.

      ““We cannot carry on with the current healthcare protocols for COVID-19. They need to shift closer to how we treat influenza today, without extensive contact tracing and quarantine in dedicated facilities, and hospitalising only those who are very ill. However, this can only happen if the likelihood of developing a very serious or life-threatening disease has been “significantly reduced” by COVID-19 vaccinations, said Mr Ong, especially among the vulnerable groups.”

      The experience of the Provincetown cluster supports this approach. Of the full 833 people known to be infected, only seven were hospitalized and none died. And this doesn’t count the people who were not tested both mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic. One of the lessons is that the mRNA vaccines work, despite their potential risks. Both SWMBO and I had it and are counted as Virginia infections. SWMBO’s infection lingered for weeks. I continued to strip and re-stain our deck with a week of only annoying symptoms. Unfortunately, SWMBO still suffers from the effects.

      The other lesson is that the mRNA vaccines seem to do little or nothing to prevent infections. They just keep the infections asymptomatic or just mildly symptomatic in almost all cases. That’s why there are so many testing positive, but very few needing hospitalization. The CDC’s original hype that the vaccines are an impervious shield was flat wrong.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        TTG, I wish your SWMBO a speedy recovery.

        • TTG says:

          Barbara Ann, thanks. I meant to say we are not counted as Virginia infections since neither of us saw a doctor. We figured it was a flu. This was way back at the beginning when there were only two local Covid infections and they both recently returned from Egypt.

      • Pat Lang says:

        “Unfortunately, SWMBO still suffers from the effects.” So do both of us here. My best wishes.

        • TTG says:

          Thanks, Pat. The same to you and Marguerite. Growing old is certainly not for the faint of heart. To add insult to injury, I spent yesterday morning trying to prove to DFAS that I was not dead. Somehow they thought I died in April. They obviously my father’s passing for mine. SWMBO just got a nice letter from DFAS expressing their sympathies for my death. Unfortunately, the sympathies were accompanied by a withdrawal of three months retired pay from my bank account. My sons got a kick out of the whole thing.

      • Serge says:


        The Provincetown cluster was young male homosexuals congregating in nightclubs for the week of LGBTQIA2+ bacchanalia that was going on there that week, the COVID hospitalization rate for those aged under 35 was 1% before the vaccines, lo and behold, the hospitalization rate in this case is nearly exactly 1%. The vaccines are certainly very effective in preventing death/hospitalization for elderly cohorts, as long as the elderly are dosed every 6 months.

      • Mark Logan says:

        No vaccine prevents infection, they only prime the immune system to attack it quickly. I imagine the CDC, being filled with people who already knew this, failed to explain that as well as could’ve been done. A typical failing of eggheads. The press is dominated with bastards who love outrage, so any failing gets magnified.

        Hope SHMBO gets better soon. I too experienced mild symptoms but for some reason nobody else in the house did, and it’s all but sure they were infected too. I had the J&J vax but everyone else had Moderna. Our state set up free vax locations and it was strictly pot-luck what one got. Probably whatever they had the most of on that particular day.

  26. Sam says:

    UK data looks detailed and non-political. Table 5 (pg 18,19). I think it shows the vaccine is causing covid deaths. Follow to next tweet……

    Australia Is the Canary in the Coal Mine of Eroding Liberty
    Without a Bill of Rights, the land down under quickly goes where America may eventually follow.

    “Are you going to be going suburb to suburb, street to street, door to door, knocking on these and actively looking for people who are in the wrong house and fining them on the spot?”

    Sydney police: “Absolutely.”

    Not a hint of irony…

    Western governments are definitely going the way of the Chinese communist party in terms of social control and have become Mussolini’s definition of fascism. We’ve even seen the prime minister of New Zealand say her government is the only repository of “truth”. Clearly there’s a lot of koolaid drinking Down Under.

  27. Sam says:

    Tucker Carlson on how vaccinated people are getting the virus

  28. Deep says:

    Canada comes to its senses: will treat “covid” like the common flu – as a low grade nuisance for the most part, with any particular concern reserved for the known vulnerable.

    US deep state Democrats continue with Fear-Uncertainty-Death (FUD) alarmism to retain political control, they cannot win by any other means. For once “socialized medicine” looks a lot more enlightened, than the for profit model making bank on “covid” in the US.

    Risk-benefit ratios are essential parts of the socialized medicine delivery model – can’t have it both ways, as the US is still pretending – unlimited demands and limited resources.

    Canada says …… enough already.

  29. Carey says:

    I think this is an important post from Jonathan Turley:

    “.. Obviously, none of these posters should be suspended and Twitter should not be enforcing one of the largest censorship programs in history. However, the silence of free speech supports, academics, and journalists to this hypocrisy is deafening.
    Obviously, none of these posters should be suspended and Twitter should not be enforcing one of the largest censorship programs in history. However, the silence of free speech supports, academics, and journalists to this hypocrisy is deafening.

    The rise of corporate censors has combined with a heavily pro-Biden media to create the fear of a de facto state media that controls information due to a shared ideology rather than state coercion. That concern has been magnified by demands from Democratic leaders for increased censorship, including censoring political speech, and now word that the Biden Administration has routinely been flagging material to be censored by Facebook.
    The rise of corporate censors has combined with a heavily pro-Biden media to create the fear of a de facto state media that controls information due to a shared ideology rather than state coercion. That concern has been magnified by demands from Democratic leaders for increased censorship, including censoring political speech, and now word that the Biden Administration has routinely been flagging material to be censored by Facebook..”

    Inconvenient facts are not allowed.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      “During the blinded, controlled period, 15 BNT162b2 and 14 placebo recipients died”

      That is a very inconvenient truth indeed. The placebo seems to do a good job of suppressing heart attacks for some reason..

  30. Sam says:

    Pfizer and Moderna raise prices for COVID-19 vaccines in EU- FT

    Haha! As Fauci and the other western authoritarians mandate vaccine passports and rollout subscription model. How much stock does Pelosi and McConnell have in Big Pharma? What’s Fauci’s payoff or is he Gen. Jack Ripper or Dr. Strangelove?

  31. Sam says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Not 24 hours into the indoor mask mandate she imposed on DC, Muriel Bowser officiated an indoor wedding in Adams Morgan and stayed to fete with *hundreds* of fellow maskless guests.

    This is how much contempt the authoritarians have for us with their covid theater. Yet the majority of Americans obsequiously comply to their diktats while clamoring for the dissenters to be sent to the gulag.

  32. Sam says:

    The founder of Shake Shack says his company will require proof of vaccination for both employees AND customers.

    I encourage everyone to boycott this business. No corporation or government has a right to demand to see your private health documents.

    This is how the fascists will attempt to control people. Use corporations to deny services and employment unless identity as serf is verified.

  33. Sam says:

    Covid theater has allowed the authoritarians to take off their mask. Now, Philippines president Duterte essentially saying house arrest for the unvaxxed.

  34. Sam says:

    Nothing tells people how badly needed these new restrictions are like postponing them until after a music festival that has nearly 100,000 people crammed into a single space together.

    Keep at it, though.

    Covid theater authoritarian Chicago mayor.

  35. Sam says:

    The vaccinated need to be quarantined until we can figure this out. My family shouldn’t be put in danger because they wanted to be virtue signaling guinea pigs.

    The other side of the coin. Maybe the virtue signalers should quarantine since they’re so deathly afraid.

  36. JK/AR says:

    Just became aware of this. Dr. Robert Malone and Peter Navarro participating:

  37. Ron Unz has a helpful survey (published 2021-07-12) of the major media articles to date speculating about the origins of the Covid virus:
    Whether you agree or not with his assessments of the credibility of the various articles, it is useful to see them listed and summarized.

    As to Unz’s arguments, he pooh-poohs the idea that it was bioengineered as a weapon at Wuhan with this comment about the Wuhan situation:

    Furthermore, the creation of a dangerous virus such as Covid
    would have required many layers of official authorization by lab administrators,
    and she [Dr. Danielle Anderson] doubted that a decision of such importance could have been taken without word getting around.

    OTOH, Unz speculates about it having been released by the USG, without raising the same objection.
    E.g., in the following:

    [It] seems entirely unreasonable
    to completely disregard the possibility that
    such extremely reckless plans may have been privately discussed and eventually implemented,
    though probably without presidential authorization.

    Personally, I have no inside knowledge, but wonder why in the world would the USG ever engage in such a foolish scheme.
    The risk-to-reward ratio is astronomical,
    due in part to the likelihood of blowback.
    Bioweapons simply aren’t very precise, the very opposite of a Precision Guided Munition.
    I just don’t consider the hypothesis that the U.S. deliberately released Covid plausible.
    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

    But Unz does bring up one interesting and suggestive point:

    [The] initial Iranian outbreak was also strangely centered on the Holy City of Qom,
    the home of that country’s elite political and religious leadership rather than in the far larger metropolis of Tehran.
    Whether Covid appeared in Wuhan as a natural virus or was released due to an accidental lab-leak,
    Wuhan is some 5,500 kilometers from Qom,
    so the latter city would hardly seem the most likely location for the next major appearance of the virus.

    Finally, note that Unz quotes quite respectfully the opinions of
    “a retired forty-year veteran of American biodefense” who uses the penname of OldMicrobiologist!
    A person using that penname used to comment extensively at SST
    and if I recall correctly Colonel Lang ended up questioning his credibility.
    You can read OMB’s old comments by visiting
    the old SST website
    and searching on “Old Microbiologist” (with a space).

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