Spain’s conservatives miss out on all-out victory as left celebrates

The leader of Spain’s opposition conservative party Alberto Núñez Feijóo has claimed victory in a snap election, but without the result he needed. Even with the support of the far right, his Popular Party (PP) has fallen short of a majority in parliament. The cheers at the rival Socialist camp were just as loud as Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez declared: “The reactionary bloc has failed.” While both can claim success, Spain is left with an inconclusive result.

But Mr Sánchez has been vindicated in his controversial decision to call the vote in the searing heat of a Spanish summer, when election-day temperatures reached 40C in some parts of the country. Turnout topped 70%, as voters sensed the importance of the election, breaking off from their holidays to vote in swimwear and with beach gear in tow.

“No pasarán,” supporters chanted outside Socialist HQ – they shall not pass – referring both to far-right party Vox and the anti-fascist slogan of the Spanish civil war. Nonetheless, Mr Feijóo told cheering conservative supporters that it was now his duty to try to form a government. “Spaniards know we have gone from being the second force to the party with the most votes,” he said, adding: “I hope this doesn’t start a period of uncertainty in Spain.” But that is what Spain is facing. Because with Vox on 33 seats and Mr Feijóo’s PP on 136, they would be seven seats short of an absolute majority of 176 in parliament, so the most likely result of this election is another poll towards the end of the year.

That is why Mr Sánchez’s Socialists and his far-left allies Sumar appeared happiest. “The reactionary bloc of regression, which set out a complete reversal of all the advances that we’ve achieved over the past four years, has failed,” he told supporters.

Comment: This election was widely expected to result in a clear conservative win, but it looks like forming a conservative government will be difficult at best. The probable result is deadlock until a new election can be held sometime in December.

Still it’s a definite move towards conservatism and nationalism in Europe. Hungary and Poland are already there and Italy recently joined the move. Pretty good participation considering the European summer holidays and the sweltering heat. The BBC article below gives a good synopsis of the major parties and their leaders.


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  1. F&L says:

    “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. I think he’s got it. By George he’s got it.”
    Name that tune.
    On another front: De-dollarization.
    A comment points out that the chart at the link above only counts the quantities transacted through SWIFT.
    My Fair Lady – The Rain in Spain
    Maybe someone gets it. Holding breath not advised.

    • F&L says:

      The Next Global Superpower Isn’t Who You Think – Ian Bremmer at TED (2023)
      Who do I think has higher X where X measures the quantity of simultaneous Smarts + Creepiness + Appeal + AlphaDictatorCharismaCzarisma – Peter Zeihan or Ian Bremmer? Silly question but you absolutely need to watch the video above unless you already did. Should be the subject of a whole other post one day. Before getting to that – smarty pants that he is, Bremmer overlooks the toxicity of things he doesn’t mention, and especially the nurturing value of creative art which the tech companies seem to understand they need and feed off of. But the man has some astonishingly freaking very very good points to make. Where is the mention of Elon, Bill, Sergei Brin and all those guys taking magic shrooms, ketamine and micro-dosing on acid (for years)?

      Sergei Zavyalev – Tak Lubit Ne Kochu (Such a Love I Don’t Want)

      Sergei Zavyalev – Vot Ona Vot Ona (Here She Is Here She Is)

      группа Мишель – Зачем ты снишься мне & Сергей Кузнецов (гр. Фристайл) Алексей Горбашов (гр. Мираж) Gruppa Mishel – Why Do I Dream of You?

      Буьирка – Кольщик

      • Whitewall says:

        Very thought provoking.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Got to halfway where Bremmer announces the coming “Digital Order” and tuned out. Bremmer is JAFF – Just Another Futurist, whose job it is to brainwash us into believing TINA so we’ll climb aboard the box cars headed off to the digital concentration camp (a.k.a. the Digital Order) that our betters have planned for us.

        Btw TED is where Bill Gates accidentally said the quiet part out loud back in 2010 (just watch the first 2 mins). Spoiler: New vaccines will help reduce global population. Oh yeah, it ain’t a conspiracy theory when they tell you straight.


        • F&L says:

          You’re letting yourself be deprived of something valuable out of hatred. He ends with an explicit warning regarding how dangerous a digital order might turn out to be. Before that he describes how such an order may perhaps bifurcate into Two digital orders – perhaps US and China. Did Jack the Ripper once swim in the Atlantic ocean? If so, no one should ever do so again. We’re all descended from animals who practiced gang rape during periods of time. Therefore lets all commit suicide and curse the sun and stars. Ian Bremmer is a far more sophisticated and mature and well rounded individual than Bill Gates. He critiques the big picture. Does he benefit from his consulting? Yes. Is he a monopolizing bloodsucking vampire like many of the oligarchs? No.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          OK, so as I value your opinion I gave the Bremmer TED talk another go. A few points:-

          Firstly, it certainly appears that his idea of the “Digital Order” is one imposed on the framework of the current (neo)liberal order. He cites examples of what he considers the undesirable consequences of insufficient Digital Order today:
          – Trump, with the gracious consent of Big Tech, being able to speak to his supporters “in real time and without filter” (lordy, I can see the women swooning)
          – The ability of social media platforms to “promote disinformation and conspiracy theories”
          He then goes on to cite the above lacuna in the Digital Order as permitting J-6, the “Trucker riots in Ottawa” and the “January 8 insurrection in Brazil”.

          Yes he warns of the great power held by Big Tech and admits that the coming “Techno-Polar Order” would be a world without freedom, which of course it true. But in line with my initial, albeit hasty, assessment, the punchline in his summing up is indeed TINA. It’s happening and we won’t be able to stop a consolidation of total power among the Big Tech titans. You’re either on the bus or under it.

          Finally he concludes with some good valid questions we all need to be asking of our new tech overlords, the existence of which by now of course we have accepted ‘cos TINA. But again, he finishes by circling back to the need to prevent the tools which “destroy democracy”. In Bremmer’s view the solution to save democracy turns out to be censorship, big surprise. Greater control over those of us with wrongthink, which today is called ‘disinformation’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ and needless to say, shutting up the Great Orange Devil – he who dared to call for changes to s230. Bremmer comes across to me actually as a shill for total Big Tech domination.

          Great rhetorician, but as to the message no thanks, there is an alternative which is the curbing of Big Tech’s omnipotence by the people’s elected representatives. Heretical idea I know, but hey.

          • TTG says:

            Barbara Ann,

            I think you’re misremembering why the Great Orange Devil was calling for changes in s230. He was unhappy with the many media attacks against him and wanted to remove existing internet protections from litigation. His goal was to shut out all speech not supportive of him through intimidation by litigation. Compare that to the FBI and IC “advising” social media companies that certain information could be Russian disinformation. That advisement also smacks of intimidation. Both efforts are censorship in my view.

            Maybe it’s time for some old fashioned trust busting like what was done to Ma Bell. Unfortunately, I don’t see how that will be done with the internet.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            Sure, I’m not convinced Trump’s plans were ideal, but he at least challenged the laissez-faire consensus view that Big Tech power be left unchecked.

            The fundamental problem is 99% of interpersonal communication these days no longer takes place in the public domain (face to face, letter writing etc) but in privately owned electronic spaces, the vast majority of which are under the control of a tiny group. That problem might be surmountable somehow, but an even bigger problem is the public’s attitude to censorship. Disinformation spread by cynical parties that our freedoms can be guaranteed with greater censorship is the biggest conspiracy theory of them all and far too many folk have fallen for that one.

          • F&L says:

            Thanks Barbara Ann,

            TINA – These Idiots Need A-Good-A**-Kicking!

            Sorry, couldn’t resist. Out with the old method of control – see above – in with the new. The Who said it more memorably in ‘We Won’t Get Fooled Again.’ Or as Chairman Mao said ‘All power comes from the barrel of a gun,’ though I greatly prefer the Einstein/Freud correspondence at the outset of the dirty thirties “Why War?” As you know, I am the fourth generation of the illustrious Long family, no relation to Huey (or Dooey) and not Chinese as far as I know. I never deciphered whether or not your handle is a reference to that great Beach Boys hit or if you are subtly trolling a military-spook web site founded by the cuddly late (and great) grizzly bear Col Lang and administered by The Twisted Genius by endearingly modifying ‘Barbarian’ for US fighting men. Either way it shows appreciation for where we originated or Oldies But Goodies, and what we surely remain, minus Mercedes & iPhones.

            That is all to the good, mystery is alluring. English Outsider though is transparent though doubly instructive.

            Engli Shouts Eider … Nigel Shouts Eider.

            I didn’t fall for ‘Nigel: Shout Cider’ or anything with “In Gel” or “Leggins.”

            Because it’s so obvious with Eider. Look at the map of the Eider river in Germany and its relevance to Baltic topics. And the Eider duck is both a riflery and hunter’s target decoy while “ducky” is a common British cognomen of “peachy” which may reveal a Manchurian Candidate style hypnotic suggestion regarding impeachment, though he may drop the r in “preachy.”


            All joking aside Barbara Ann, I value your insights too. TINA is a nasty little bit*ch for sure, and the nastiest colossus of a snitch of increasingly inhuman history. Repellant and disturbing as the new methods are to us old-timers, it’s better to see what they think they’re up to than not in my opinion. Bremmer’s body language suggests a fist masquerading as candid honesty and concern, sure – but you have to understand that he isn’t ignorant of humanity’s malfeasances and that his early professors and mentors are likely still alive (and in touch) as are the investors in and managers of the huge funds from whence his consulting fees, not to mention the several governments he advises. Such folks are neither young nor juvenile by definition and wouldn’t be where they are without functioning and reliable memories. They endow orchestras, soloists, opera halls and cherish libraries and tradition.

            Though it may look bleak, the only thing we really can expect out of life is the capacity to enjoy life’s fleeting moments of joy and to understand that’s it – happiness is utopian.

            It’s nice to see and hear the beautiful girl of Russian ethnicity, Svetlana – from Tula, singing here along with the awesome Tartar woman Alida of Kazan.

            Ещё Один День (без Тебя) – One More Day (without You): Filatov & Karas

            Or as a great man once wrote who Colonel Lang admired – The Sun Also Rises.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        A further thought on Bremmer’s TED talk which is crucial to understanding its monumental significance and the implied catastrophic implications for the future of human development:

        The focus on TINA is the heart of the matter. What Bremmer is actually admitting to us is that technological development is now beyond human control. Think about that for a second. In saying that we’d better get used to a trans(post)humanist future dominated and driven by omnipotent AI in which freedom becomes a relic of the past, he is effectively saying “I, for one, welcome our new AI overlords“. Jacques Ellul warned that technological progress is a process beyond our control and trying to pretend otherwise is an exercise in self delusion, but he also stressed that we have a choice over whether we accept this or not. Bremmer and his ilk want us to meekly submit without putting up a fight.

        What Bremmer is effectively announcing is the dawn of a new age. The Age of Enlightenment – where reason, science and technology were directed by us towards the betterment of humanity – is over. The new age will be characterized by technological advances dictating to us the direction human development must take. To make this inconvenient truth more palatable we are offered science itself as the new object of worship. The cult of “trust the science” is intended to fill the spiritual void, whilst concealing from us the diabolical truth that human welfare is no longer in the driving seat of ‘progress’.

        The new age will perhaps become known as the Promethean Age, although any label will likely be moot, given that the obvious implications are an eventual Techno-Scientific Apocalypse in which humanity and history itself dissolves. Bremmer, Harari and the rest are prophets sent to market this, the last age of humanity, as something unavoidable and therefore something we should embrace, in the hope that somehow it will work out for the best.

        Christians have a word for the one who will lie and conceal from us his plan for the destruction of mankind and try as I might, I cannot find a better analogy for the whole Promethean project and the minions sent forth to sell it to us.

  2. F&L says:

    Speaking of elections, the brief video here spoofing the Republican candidates in the 2024 Presidential race is clever. Are they already at work on a corresponding one for the Democrats? Which type of bottle is Joe or RFK Jr? Is that the entire list? For Joe – maybe a rectangular bottle which doesn’t roll. RFK Jr’s is constructed of tin foil and when you look inside – it’s empty!

  3. Barbara Ann says:

    The move towards conservatism and nationalism in Europe has some way to go, but the signs are encouraging. To see what a real rolling back of liberalism and progressivism would look like I’d argue Israel will be the place to watch. Just today Netanyahu’s (ultra) conservative/Haredi/settler block in the Knesset has forced through a law that removes the ability of the judiciary to block ‘unreasonable’ legislation and decisions made by public officials. The changes were prompted by the Supreme Court earlier this year blocking Bibi from appointing a Finance Minister with a conviction for tax fraud. C’mon man.

    The left are calling it a constitutional coup. With huge demonstrations and the military seemingly split on the issue, which has come to symbolize the deep liberal/conservative divide in the country, some folk are even saying Israel is on the brink of civil war.

    • Whitewall says:

      Everything is a ‘constitutional coup’ when the left loses power. Or a ‘threat to their democracy’ if the conservatives win. This judicial reform has been long over due. The Israeli left is little different from most of the western left. Righteous certainty is always on their side.

    • F&L says:

      Return to the 1930s is your thing? Because some weirdos went too far with the recent Woke Jokery you want to Sieg Heil again? Do you sport a cute little moustache and Dr Strangelove closing scene salute too?

      The Woke stuff was in my opinion a poison pill larvae laid covertly within the Obama administration. (The Supreme Court is always ultra conservative and pro business). With the easy to foresee intention of creating a new divisive wedge issue as always. It was laid in the midst of the highly conservative Asian continental authoritarian states of Ru & China too, via the rainbow flags and crazy outrageous “Pride” marches on the boulevards of the surrounding nations and broadcast past their firewalls. Ru quit communism and atheism, so something had to be invented to replace the earlier self-righteous justifications which were BS cover for corporate imperialism.

      And you probably believe that Roe v Wade was overturned because of some holy/roller altruistic cause other than that they need more Cannon fodder and because if the ethnic demographic curves continue then we are headed for huge insurmountable trouble? Yes. The good Lord Jesus did it all. From heaven.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        I’m glad you brought up the 1930’s. Of course it is the go-to era for anyone seeking to counter an argument that unrestrained progressive liberalism might not be a great idea. Yet which of the toxic ideologies of that period was most to blame for the horrors that followed? Of course it was eugenics.

        And the eugenicists of today – they are the alt-right and conservative thinkers, yes? Nope, they are the likes of that real mensch; Mr we-just-don’t-need-the-vast-majority-of-the-population Yuval Harari. This was his message at the last WEF shindig:

        “The most important question in 21st-century economics may well be, ‘What should we do with all the superfluous people, once we have highly intelligent non-conscious algorithms that can do almost everything better than humans?'”

        Well I think we all know what eventually happens to people in a community that considers them “superfluous” don’t we. Not to worry, I’m sure the society these folk want to create which makes most of us redundant will be for the Greater Good. For those who aren’t culled, what awaits them (it won’t be me) is a transhumanist paradise – another major plank of the GR. Do not be fooled, this is merely 1930’s eugenics updated with 21st century technology and dressed in slick business language.

        So to Wokism, which is very much being pushed by the Great Reset crowd through their impeccably liberal army of Young Global Leaders and via their tentacles of influence among NGO’s and almost all Western governments and major institutions. Of course it is, the more we are told we can identify as anything we like the further broken down are the ties which unite us by nation, race or even gender and the closer we become to accepting that our future is to “own nothing” and surrender bodily autonomy to the state. The woke cult itself is all about conformity disguised in liberal language. Out and proud if you are among the alphabet people, but get thee to the closet if you decline to adhere to this cult’s real dogma – the acceptance of no meaningful identity at all, for anyone.

        As for ‘nationalist’, which of course invites just the association you made with fascism, it is today used to describe a Brit who simply happened to think his own parliament ought to have sovereignty rather than the EU. In the US, folk are referred to and even now talk of themselves as “openly conservative”. Heck, I used to consider myself more a classic liberal and not particularly ‘conservative’ – until I learnt that believing that there are only 2 genders made me some sort of antediluvian deviant. Public discourse has moved so far and so fast that our language cannot keep up. So yes, right now I’m both a nationalist and a conservative – increasingly so by the day.

        • F&L says:

          Good example. I’m impressed, seriously. Harrari is almost but not quite everything you say he is except he’s about as “left” as an Attila the Hun impersonator addressing an Ariel Sharon birthday party held in General Pinochet’s torture chambers as an honored guest of Henry the Eighth’s headsman’s axe sharpening convention in a CIA secret rendition site. You so nearly nailed it.

          Harrari is a fascist, racist, ultra religious supremacist stalking horse for the worst aspects of the state he comes from and especially the Klaus Schwab WEF – neo Nazi and eugenicist as the day is long. He’s married to his “husband” (vomit), super duper skinny and oh so “intellectual” with the magic smart genie bald head look like so many other twerps – his books are rewrites, and not even that of real anthropological research done long ago, but since he’s an “Israeli” he must have done it all by himself because they are all Albert Einsteins (an actual real genius who despised the state of Israel long long ago). He’s an Israeli interesting operative and influencer just like Elie Weisel was, who Christopher Hitchens (an MI6 operative himself) exposed as a fraud.

          Please, Barbara Ann – who opposed eugenics in the 1930s? Not the right wing. The left. The real left not this completely fake post Bill Clinton anti-left. The labor & worker rights & civil rights left. Not the homosexual marriage and transsexual surgery “left.” You’re 200% correct that Harrari is a bastard and phony – a fiend masquerading as a human as are many autistic or Aspergers high IQ types fronting for the digital & social credit score dictatorships. People with hearts and souls who love, live and reproduce and raise messy imperfect things like infants who become children who become troubled teens etc – they are to be told by a hyper skinny “gay” intel agent and fancy shmancy plagiarist front man for nazi Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and co that the smart people at Harvard and Wall Street & the City of London have decided that there’s no room for you old fashioned bread bakers and builders of swingsets in the park or back yard. No. Those days are over. That’s not leftist, Barbara Ann, that’s right wing eugenic business motivated fascism period. Harrari is a wearer of ‘The Mask of Sanity’ at best. (A book on psychopathy by Hervey M Cleckley MD, I’m sure you know of it). His name is almost Horrori – very close. Just as Klaus evokes Claws. And how doubt him if mysteriously he tours the world all of a sudden, being interviewed by all the right people in distinguished settings? As soon as you see anything like that an alarm bell should go off. He’s promoted by the powerful and wealthy. Skinny bald homosexual men married to their husbands on the bestseller lists everywhere are the new Adolf Hitlers and “Humankind” is the new “Mein Kampf.”
          Interviewed by Fareed Zakaria, Jake Tapper, Whatsername Amanpour etc. Sweating, breeding, hard working people with children are .. the new unter Menschen. Count Dracula was more subtle. Israel has such great culture, and orchestras and scientists and engineers? – Remind you of something? And they are as of today an outright military dictatorship. Remind you of the same thing maybe?

          • Barbara Ann says:

            You are correct about Harari of course. Left/right, liberal/conservative – all the dichotomies in the world we constantly invent and then dance around are irrelevant at the end of the day. There is only one where it’s critical we make the distinction correctly: good/evil.

          • F&L says:

            Barbara Ann,
            And Captain Ahab discovered the embodiment of all universal evil and set out to destroy it. Where did it get him and his crew? Evil is part of creation. Those who think they know infallibly what it is or isn’t are usually way off course. (Witch burning. Book butning ..). Those who try to erase something that is part of creation itself are headed straight for the abyss. And that’s why Moby Dick is the greatest American Novel.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            Your sardonic response re Harari was merited as I skipped a crucial link in my argument:

            My intention was not to hold up Harari as an example of a liberal (lol). It is the context in which these words were spoken that matter; at the WEF in Davos.

            The WEF is the factory churning out the (neo)liberal clones who have “penetrate[d] the cabinets*” (Schwab’s own words) of almost all Western governments. This forum’s values are outwardly impeccably liberal – and yet this eugenicist talk pops up in that context.

            The liberal clothing is of course merely convenient camouflage – as is much of their language. E.g. “stakeholder capitalism” which is the funky name the marketeers came up with for the Great Reset’s new economic model. I say new, but it’s really just the reintroduction of the feudalist model (their actual goal) but with nice ‘stakeholder’ badges for we, the own-nothing serfs.

            If readers here are happy ditching capitalism for neo-feudalism, then the liberal politicians who knowingly or otherwise (Brandon I’m thinking of you) will/are implementing the GR, may suit you just fine. If not, I’d humbly suggest that one path to avoiding this outcome is to oust the WEF’s clones – Macron, Trudeau, Ardern etc and that has to be done by electing politicians standing on a conservative and yes, nationalist platform. Does it risk a return to the 1930’s? Probably, but I for one am prepared to take that risk to avoid serfdom and a repeat of the logical conclusion of eugenicist thinking that was arrived at in the 1940’s, if we fail.

            *I don’t know if there are any Counter Intel professional still here, but if a foreign power suddenly bragged about having “penetrated” your government’s cabinet I’m guessing it would be a busy day at the office.

          • Barbara Ann says:

            Agree re Moby Dick. And I am talking about distinguishing good from evil, a capacity our Enlightened society is fast losing, not erasing it. I hope you are not suggesting we give up on trying to make that distinction. But in any case I must retire so I can return to the fight tomorrow – I bid you adieu.

          • F&L says:

            Barbara Ann,
            Re “Your Sardonic response ..”

            Beautifully said. I agree with all of it with one gambler’s caveat – willingness to risk return to 1930s etc. My estimation of the prevailing general ethical and brainpower levels tells me that’s a very risky proposition. And on your reply to Melville, I just wanted to say that I truly sympathize with your evil detection antennas. All post-modern faux cleverness aside – evil exists in abundance; hypocrisy and cowardice have been duplicitously relabeled as ‘tolerance.’ That’s fine up to a point – because people disagree over what’s good or evil. On social media people fight, 97% of the time, simply out of egotism, reputational concern and spite – once you disagree with what they said initially, they fight to the death not to defend the merits of their POV (they may think they do, they don’t) but simply to fight because you disagreed – with them, not any silly opinion they may have had. Extrapolate that to the wider world and you observe what’s on display constantly all the way up to actual war. Sooner or later though you reach a point where tolerance, looking back, really looks like a bad decision. One thing to keep in mind is that the monsters like Count Dracula are nearly immortal (predators reproduce faithfully on into the generations – tigers mate with tigers, not mice), are inhumanly powerful (arm wrestle a mountain gorilla anyone?) and are therefore nearly impossible to kill or overthrow, and they absolutely couldn’t care less what you think about gay marriage, voting rights, cancel culture or peace in country X – they just want to eat you and anything else that you might hold dear because they are vicious vampires, and that’s all there is to it. Kill Moby Dick – good job, now what about the deep blue sea? Later, Leviathan. Ok, behemoth.

          • jld says:

            once you disagree with what they said initially, they fight to the death not to defend the merits of their POV (they may think they do, they don’t) but simply to fight because you disagreed – with them, not any silly opinion they may have had. Extrapolate that to the wider world…

            This is René Girard “mimetic crisis”, ever heard of it?

    • F&L says:

      Barbara Ann,
      You’re right to mention Israel in this context, although your authoritarian mindset has lurched suddenly from being indignant over their barbarism ⬅️, curiously, to thinking they will have seen the light if the final vestiges of representative government are officially trashed. And here’s why you’re right to mention it as a bellweather for the US led western empire (Ian Bremmer’s Tech algorithmic empire is possibly the only hope).

      Because the US has of late become the Antichrist of the Book of Revelation. Remember the Antichrist represented the Church? Too bad if you don’t like it, it did. But “Antichrist” is a stupid, backward looking anachronism, so let’s stop being backward and stupid.

      We’re talking about a military-theological-technological-high finance totalitarian police state founded on the Bible (BuyBull or Buy, Bull! or given the LGBTQ+ military – perhaps Bi Bully). That’s what this place is converging to, mainly because that’s what Judaism & Catholicism & Calvinism etc always were.

      So since Israel is basically the capstone of that age old civilization – mainly through a long history of literacy which became narrative control via legions of scholar transcribing monks, (after the classical world was destroyed by religious maniacs), who became moveable type printers who became radio engineers, yellow press journalists & propagandists, TV networks, monopoly Movie industries and now internet emperors – yes (!) your instincts are still functioning – the “fact” (is it? Looks like it might be according to the NY Times and Reuters this morning – unbiased, right?)

      That enactment in Israel, over the last year or so, is nothing more than an attempt to give a theological “like”, “thumbs-up” emoji or superstitious man in frock-coat (child molester) blessing to the obvious trend of late involving world war, lockdowns, and militaristic police state dictatorship. I’ll simplify it for you – the rich and powerful have the wealth, mean to keep it, mean to increase it and mean to kill and violently dominate anyone or anything that gets in their way. As always. And a little holy roller nonsensical window dressing is welcome, all the better to mystify and further dupe the dupes, who are as stupid and ignorant as they were when they burned up old women because their barbaric “holy men” (who were only yesterday animal sacrificers and the day before human sacrificers) dressed up in wigs and frocks and told them that if they didn’t burn elderly women alive, then they wouldn’t go to Disneyland when they died.

      The Israel stuff is theatre. Of the absurd – I think so. It means wars are being planned and no one is going to be able to do anything about it, because, look, the Israelites (!) are doing it too, just like in the Buy Bull.

    • Leith says:

      Deri is an unrepentant crook. Did jail time 20 years ago for taking bribes. And then this latest plea deal where they dropped the money laundering and obstruction of justice charges. If he wasn’t a politician he’d still be in jail.

      Reminds me of old time malfeasant pols in the US like Jim Curley, Jim Hastings, and others. No way that they or Deri should ever have been allowed back in government.

    • English Outsider says:

      Barbara Ann – “The move towards conservatism and nationalism in Europe has some way to go, but the signs are encouraging.”

      At first sight, yes. Dissent must be valuable, we think, whatever sort it is, if it indicates some break in the deadening hold the current consensus has on the European political elites, My enemy’s enemy is my friend so we might look with approval at the moves towards conservatism and nationalism in Europe.

      But I don’t think we should. It’s not our sort of conservatism and it’s very definitely not our sort of nationalism.

      Dissent runs in channels already long since cut. The channels cut deep in European history are essentially authoritarian, whether of the Right or of the Left. They lead to the establishment of new political elites fully as undesirable as the current political elites we would both of us like to see gone.


      Well, I checked out that comment with SWMBO and she thought it was OK but could do with a bit more clarity. We kicked it around for a while and I suppose what I’m really saying is, “In other words, don’t go playing around with neo-Nazis.”

      Because those or similar are the channels cut deep, and starting to fill again, in Europe, and you and I want no part of it.

  4. Whitewall says:

    Like a lot of national elections in the western world, this one talks of the ‘conservatives’ and what they might do. First thing I would ask conservatives here and there…what exactly do you want to conserve.?

    • billy roche says:

      For starters individual liberty.

      • TTG says:

        billy roche,

        Individual liberty, except for those who are members of various fringe groups. It’s liberty for me but not for thee.

        • billy roche says:

          Not true. Not true at all. A libertarian respects individual liberty for all as long as it does not threaten civil society. Civil society reqrs laws, taxes, administrations and Libertarians accept that. But they want only the control of people necessary to have a civil society and nothing more. What that has to do w/liberty for me but not for thee shows you don’t understand Libertarians. You have drunk the socialist kool aid. Pity. It is socialism that will lead you to slavery,

          • TTG says:

            billy roche,

            What you’re describing is a not really committed libertarian, which isn’t all that bad. Moderation is a good thing. They want limited government, but are mostly fine with big business. Some who bill themselves as libertarians are anything but libertarian in their attitude towards anyone not in the in group. They want only the control of people necessary to have a civil society and nothing more, but that civil society must conform to their image. They are fine with government when used to suppress those not conforming to the in group norms. They’re flat ass authoritarians in this respect. That should be anathema to a true libertarian or anarchist.

            Anarchists are against big government in any form, but are also against big business. Anarchy, in the traditional meaning, is the opposition to social, political or economic authority. Rules, laws and norms should develop from the bottom and apply locally. Think hippie communes or militia compounds. To a die-hard anarchist, the freedom free-​market libertarians advocate is the freedom of the capitalist to exploit… another road to slavery.

          • billy roche says:

            TTG you’ve drunk deeply of the popular myths presented by socialist, propagated by the media, and inculcated by socialist academia. There is no deeper anathema to a socialist then a libertarian. “If you like business that’s ok. If you don’t like business that’s ok too. Just don’t rain on my likes” … said the libertarian. Remember the “bar scene” in “Star Wars”. What a mix of creatures. All are ok to a libertarian as long as they don’t force themselves on another. That is why socialist cannot allow libertarians to exist. The socialist must have you. They will take your pty b/c pty belongs to the state. Your liberty is meaningless if you can’t exercise it. And why should you exercise liberty if it confounds the state! The “flat ass authoritarians” (nice phrase) are socialist. What a ruse. Blame your enemy for what you are. Under socialism individuals need not apply. Socialism anticipates a one size, plain vanilla, society (sort of like those Mao parkas; we both remember) run by the elite (Plato redux). I hope you will see this b/f it’s too late. Consider what socialist societies gave Europe in the 30’s and 40’s. Fascists, Communist, and Nazis showed what an unrestricted socialist state would do.

          • TTG says:

            billy roche,

            You clearly have never heard of libertarian socialism which is both anti-authoritarian (anti-state) and anti-capitalist. It’s was very much a labor union movement first espoused by Mikhail Bakunin because of his vehement disagreement with the Marxists. It was central to the Republicans of the 1936 Spanish Civil War, who were also often referred to as anarchists. Its ideas now flow through the New Left and many SJWs. But there’s not a damned thing conservative about this.

            So I take it that, as a libertarian, the 24/7 culture war of the MAGA Republicans is anathema to you. They are the flat ass authoritarians that I mentioned. They simply cannot tolerate difference in thought or lifestyle.

    • Fred says:

      collective guilt. It’s worked wonders for the left in maintaining power. The Emmit Till memorial and tearing down of statues, by antifa/blm/Nikki Hailey. Same o same o.

      • English Outsider says:

        Ah but Fred. “Collective guilt” is fake as hell.

        We tear our hair out about past crimes of predatory and often murderous colonialism in the past – and then look proudly on as we unleash predatory mayhem in the Middle East more murderous by far.

        The BLM stuff. We crawl around guilt-ridden because of our exploitation of other peoples, usually of a different skin colour, in the past. But you can scarcely open a newspaper without reading some fool or other asserting that we need them to exploit today.

        And Holocaust guilt? That’s the big one in Europe. I read entire books, books that win prizes and garner fashionable applause, that assert that that must be the foundation of the New European Dispensation. Used to be Mrs Merkel’s star turn, nie wieder, though the current lot have gone a bit quiet on it.

        With good reason. Fake as hell.

        • Fred says:


          I don’t pull my own hair out as I recognize what TPTB are attempting. “unleash predatory mayhem in the Middle East” Sykes-Picot gets some blame, but the “predatory mayhem” has been going on it what was once know as the Near East for a long time. Holocaust guilt? We helped end that though you wouldn’t know it from the number of holocaust museums we have in this country. It certainly isn’t the old WASPs, or blacks, that put those up. Old Europe, on the other hand, …..

          • billy roche says:

            Fred; American liberty and capitalism d/n create the Holocaust, Holodomore, Killing Fields, Cultural Revolution, or N. Korea. All those Human atrocities were the product of socialist states when they act w/o restraint. Eastern Europeans who had the “pleasure” of living under a socialist/totalitarian state would advise caution. But America, Spain, France, and Germany keep socialism alive. Interesting.

          • Fred says:


            Thanks for not actually reading my comments above and giving me an unnecessary history lesson.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Conservatives. Oh and the past, free from ‘contextualization’.

  5. Fred says:

    ” snap election”

    Because otherwise a few more months of socialist government results would have caused an election with “a clear conservative win”. Fixed it for you.

    “a definite move towards conservatism and nationalism”

    You fail to mention the first two items in the BBC report: “LGBT and gender issues” (which came from which party bbc?) and “a loophole that cut jail time for over 1,000 convicted rapists” that was by intent dear BBC reporters, or haven’t you caught on to socialist governments yet?

  6. billy roche says:

    Fred; I believe that the ultimate goal of socialists is anarchy. What do you think a socialists world looks like. We can discuss the whys later. But first, what do they want to achieve? “Progressive” is just a lie word for socialist. So I would be obliged if you d/n cloud the issue w/so called progressives. Funny, socialists often accuse Libertarians of advocating anarchy. Libertarians don’t and never have. They advocate as much individual freedom possible in a civilized society. Individual liberty is abhorrent to the socialist.

    • TTG says:

      billy roche,

      Libertarianism is just a more politically correct term for anarchism. That’s how the label came about, anarchism had too much baggage attached to the term. I agree it’s largely the same with progressivism and socialism.

      • billy roche says:

        Libertarians were among our founding fathers. Most were conservatives and libertarians. Socialist have convinced you that libertarians want anarchism. Actually it is socialists who want absolute govt control. Libertarians and totalitarians are like oil and water. So is individualism and socialism. The socialist have lied to you and you have accepted their lies. When all society is controlled by the elite (and they won’t include the two of us) perhaps you will understand. Libertarians are not Anarchists. Freedom is not anarchy.

        • TTG says:

          billy roche,

          Libertarianism as a political philosophy did not come about until the mid-nineteenth century. Our founding fathers may have more properly considered themselves anarchists. The English Crown certainly did.

          • Fred says:


            Oh hell no. Nothing anarchist about it. They considered themselves English and were going to ensure they kept their rights as free men, just like the English who fought at Edgehill to preserve that freedom. John Adams mentioned the city on his journey their as Ambassador after American Independence.

          • TTG says:


            The idea of inherent rights as free men is the heart of anarchist philosophy. Anarchism and libertarianism share a common philosophical ancestry. You and Billy are just in a tizzy over the modern usage of the term anarchy.

          • billy roche says:

            Sorry but wrong. Libertarianism was a part of “Enlightenment” political thought despite what you read in wikipedia. It is true that different people wanted different results from the revolution. In fact some founders WERE revolutionary socialist who wanted a French Rev. before the French. The majority of the founders d/n. They were conservatives and Libertarians. As an aside, I brought a piece about the “end” of each of the signers of the DOI to the family 4th party. It sat, alone, on a table unread. Most gave their all. There was not a socialist among them. Socialism was tried early at Jamestown and again at Plymouth. It d/n work. It only works where it is compelled and that brings us back to our discussion on slavery. Fear the left, oh fear the left for they aren’t kidding. In fact the election of Jefferson over Adams (1800) could be seen as a triumph of Libertarians over Conservatives. You are right about King George’s govt. They considered Americans revolutionary scum, but I never read George (or any in his gov’t) refer to the Americans as anarchist.

          • TTG says:

            billy roche,

            You’re only partially right. Libertarianism traces its roots to ideas of the Enlightenment and even before. The Levellers of Cromwells’ time expressed ideas that would be considered libertarian. They were also considered anarchists. John Locke’s natural law seems to the impetus for what was to become known as libertarianism especially his ideas of sovereignty of one’s person which extended into personal property rights. Anarchism and libertarianism were synonymous The term anarchism as a political philosophy predates libertarianism. Anarchism and libertarianism were used synonymously, but libertarianism eventually became more popular as anarchism was saddled with derogatory meanings mainly by opponents of both.

            Locke’s ideas were certainly part of our founding fathers’ philosophies, including his idea of property rights, but that was not known as libertarianism at the time. It was known as liberalism as espoused by Jefferson. As you mention, there were also conservatives among our founding fathers led by Adams. You’re also right about the lack of socialists among the founding fathers.

            Modern libertarianism, often represented by Ayn Rand, seems to emphasize the private property aspect of libertarianism over individual liberty. That emphasis leads to an adoration of big business, corporatism and the all encompassing pursuit of profit. That’s a long way from Locke and Jefferson.

          • Barbara Ann says:


            Rand’s emphasis was on the pursuit of personal happiness. No problem with that per se, but what is the overarching moral framework? Rand seems to argue there is no need for one.

            Emerson sets the virtue of self interest (“are the my poor?”) within a society constrained by Christian morality and it works. But a morality defined solely by reference only to one’s self is the ethic of the Übermensch. The whole thing quickly devolves into libertinism with the happiness of the Marquis de Sade having as much value as mine.

            Objectivism as a self help guide is fine, but as a philosophy it becomes the monstrous bastard child of Kant and Nietzsche hidden behind a fig leaf of the good old Protestant work ethic.

    • Fred says:


      Having achieved power they wish to maintain it. Thus the ‘snap’ election, for if they had gone on till the scheduled one they would have lost badly. Now they can blame ‘conservatives’, ‘nationalists’, and ‘extremists’. Ie. the usual suspects.

  7. F&L says:

    From a Ru Telegram channel. Pasted trans below followed by links referenced within. (I don’t subscribe to the Wall St ..rinal ), the post piece is from the 12th June ’23. Nbers of deaths cited are shocking and Shlongress wants to pass a law requiring the Pillitary (new name, right?) to report stats on it! Cute. Same old same old. My generation was VN war and they all became alcoholics and drug addicts over there. Maybe killing the vets off with fentanyl is actual policy – they don’t go out and explode federal buildings in Oklahoma because they overdose first. (The truth hurts). Understandable given the frightening skills aquired during the GWOT.
    The opioid crisis has reached the US military as well. The number of cases of drug overdose among American soldiers is growing sharply – over the past few years there have already been more than 15 thousand of them. 330 servicemen during this time died from an overdose.
    The American military is being killed by fentanyl – which they are addicted to due to post-traumatic stress disorder. This synthetic analogue of heroin now kills 100,000 Americans every year – twice as many as in Vietnam. Crowds of homeless drug addicts who have filled the centers of American metropolitan areas are just sitting on fentanyl.
    They deliver it across the southern border of the United States by drug cartels. Their caches are periodically discovered – where there are stocks of fentanyl for hundreds of kilograms. That’s enough to kill tens of millions of Americans. The opioid crisis began under Obama. But in the era of Biden, millions of illegal immigrants rushed to storm the southern border – and drugs poured in a stream.
    Republicans promise to declare war on drug cartels if they win the election. In Congress, their actions are called terrorist – cartels kill more Americans every year than the US has lost in all wars since World War II. And now they are also ruining the US military from the inside, where there is already a crisis with a shortage of recruits.
    However, Mexico, which now has bad relations with the United States, promises to consider any appearance of the American army on its territory as an act of invasion. The cartels, on the other hand, are armed to the teeth – they now even have javelins bought on the black market. A military operation in Mexico risks turning the border areas into a new Afghanistan – while the cartels will not at all mind moving military operations into the territory of the United States itself.
    The parents of Sgt. 1st Class Ronald Conley Jr. want to know how many days their son lay dead on his bathroom floor from fentanyl poisoning without the Army noticing. Kue Vue’s brother questions how the straight-laced sergeant turned to drugs. Spec. Ari McGuire’s parents wonder why he wasn’t immediately sent to treatment when he suffered withdrawal symptoms in a training exercise.
    None of the families expect they will get all the answers about how the men died from fentanyl, a lethal synthetic opioid that has hit the Army the hardest among military branches and caused a record number of fatal overdoses among soldiers in 2021, the last complete year of data available, according to new figures obtained by The Washington Post.
    The emerging scope of drug abuse in the military has alarmed lawmakers, who in late May introduced a bill to compel the Pentagon to publicly release overdose data each year, as well improve treatment for personnel suffering from addiction. The proposed legislation comes as experts say the services have done a poor job tracking overdoses, which have increased among active duty troops in the last two years. And many families contend that preventive measures, including urinalysis tests and rehabilitation, fall short. (More at link).

  8. F&L says:

    Mexican cartels are preparing for a war; they have military-grade OVEN LAUNCHERS
    These are weapons with costs of between 20,000 and 60,000 dollars on the black market, with shots that can be worth approximately 30,000 dollars per ammunition.
    Drop that in your browser & translate. Is it true or is it prepared for certain purposes? Given Col Lang’s concerns before his passing, I’m wagering there’s something to it.

  9. Babeltuap says:

    Democracies do get slowed as they circle the drain to tyranny. Spain probably will have the rate of flow slowed some but it does not matter. It will eventually drain into tyranny. Not a bad thing either. It means a new Republic is getting closer to forming. Same for the US. I was hoping to not see it in my lifetime (the draining part) but I likely will. As everyone on here knows there is no threat to our democracy because we never had a democracy. We have a Republic being attacked by a democracy that wants to rule with tyranny eventually.

    • Whitewall says:

      “We have a Republic being attacked by a democracy that wants to rule with tyranny eventually.”
      Nice phrasing there. If Dems are able to delegitemize the Supreme Court and its rulings then we are well into that crisis.

  10. F&L says:

    Obama Family Chef Dies While Paddleboarding on Martha’s Vineyard
    Tafari Campbell was a sous chef at the White House during the Obama administration and stayed on with the family when they moved to private life.
    Remy Tumin
    By Remy Tumin
    July 24, 2023
    Updated 7:44 p.m. ET
    A personal chef to the Obama family died over the weekend after he was seen struggling in the water while paddleboarding near the former first family’s home on Martha’s Vineyard, the Massachusetts State Police said on Monday.

    The body of the chef, Tafari Campbell, 45, of Dumfries, Va., who was visiting the Vineyard, was found just before 10 a.m. Monday about 100 feet from shore in Edgartown Great Pond in water about eight feet deep by the Massachusetts Environmental Police. It had deployed sonar from a boat during an hourslong search that began Sunday night and involved several law enforcement agencies.

    Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were not home at the time of the accident, the state police said. An investigation into the death of Mr. Campbell, who had worked as a sous chef when the Obamas were in the White House and stayed on with them afterward, is being conducted by the state police and the Edgartown Police Department.

    Just before 8 p.m. on Sunday, emergency services from Edgartown responded to Edgartown Great Pond near Turkeyland Cove, where Mr. Obama has a summer home, for a call of “a male paddleboarder who had gone into the water, appeared to briefly struggle to stay on the surface and then submerged and did not resurface,” the state police said in a statement. (See link)
    Chef dies reported by Re My Tumi n. (Remy Tumin). OK. Turkey Land Cove. Interesting.
    How do you spell the name of that illness of 2019- 202x? Cov..
    Great Pond. Edgar Town. And the boss and his missus were not at home. Tafari was 45. President Obama was “number 44.” Camp Bell. Does “sous” mean “sauce?” Is it a monetary denomination of olden days? So Us Chef drowned. Ok. Sous is almost soup. So Up. Sew Up. There is a famous soup named Campbell’s Soup.

    • billy roche says:

      Sous chef is an assistant chef.

      • F&L says:

        Admittedly this is from 4 yrs ago. People age.
        A wealth of photography:
        Probably irrelevant. For example my dad flew during WW2 from Dec 8, 1941 to Dec 31, 1946 and then was in the USAF reserve for 7 years and he never crashed once, even with 3 engines of a 4 engine bomber shot out or gone kaput. But this poor woman was not a trained Air Force officer. Explanation.
        From a source which can be considered hostile:
        Moreover, the current tragedy is not the first for chefs in the White House. In 2016, the former chef of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also suddenly died. He went alone to travel to New Mexico – there his body was discovered. There are also well-known cases of mysterious deaths of the Clintons’ close associates – including their lawyer Vince Foster, whose body was found in a cabin in the Virginia woods after he was fired.
        One can only guess what they could know – since they suddenly passed away. And this is a clear hint to all those immersed in corruption scandals of the Biden family, including their former partners, who want to testify in Congress. They definitely better not once again swim in the pond or climb mountains.
        The same source as directly cited above mentioned that the depth of the pond was 2.5 meters. But I, for one haven’t verified that, and a person can drown in “3 inches” of water – which last I once read in a newspaper which was quoting a homicide detective, of all people, regarding a puzzling death.

        Assistant chef. Interesting word, assistant. Thanks billy roche.

  11. jim ticehurst.. says:

    Yes…The United States is a Constitutional Republic…That was Created By Brave
    Immigrants Called Colonist…In Reaction to the Tyrrany…of the British Empire..and Defeated them and Sent Thier Military Back to England…

    I Love Our Constitution..and Who Laid our National Foundation..and Corner Stone..

    We were Never Intended to Be A Government of Democrats..No Limits,,

    We Are to Be a Nation Where those who Govern are Represenatives.

    ..”Of The People..BY The People..and FOR The People…” With A Constitution.
    ..Pre Amble and Bill of Rights…Limited…and With Checks and Balances…

    What I see in America Now..Are Politicians..who Hijacked the Neo Progressive
    Party…and An Educational System..And Empowered ONE Generation..of
    Reactionarys…and used Thier Power to Protect Radical and Illegal Changes..Social…Economic…and Political… ( Rats Gnawing on the Pillars of Truth)
    …..Those are even Democratic…or Acceptable in any Democracy..Right,,?

    They are Extreme Liberal…Converts…To Anti American National Socialism…

    What I Despise More than any of that…Are Those Who Suggest that Its,,
    “We,The People”…..Those SST People…Jefferson…Franklin…Virginia ..Colony Folks.
    Who are ” Snark Snark.”…Referred To. .I See Above…on a Colonel Pat Lang Site..
    As ” Neo Nazis…”,,,,,Shame on those who Abuse Freedom,,,to Say such things..IMO

    • Babeltuap says:

      It will be fine. Once it works itself out everyone will understand the welfare state is over. Rough at first but it will simmer down. The welfare class will get it that the era of printing money is over. It was fun for a while but it had to end. Lots of changes ahead. Just wanting stuff and voting for said stuff is not going to work anymore. No money no funny. Voting and cheating will not change it.

    • billy roche says:

      J.T. there isn’t a bit of difference b/t a socialist and a progressive. Progressive is a “lie” name American socialist, circa 1900, gave themselves b/c they d/n want to call themselves socialist. Socialism and individual freedom are incompatible. Socialists have been gnawing at our federal structure and the constitution for over 120 years. TR, I think, was at heart a socialist. So were Wilson, FDR, and Obama. There was no meaningful difference b/t the Nazi’s, Communist, and Italian Fascist. There is the state, then there is the state, then the state. Many are beguiled by socialism which has a 24/7/365 propaganda organ in the press. Advertising works you know. As to Biden he is just a rudderless pol who has no commitment to any political idea. He is sheltered by the media b/c they, as they were in 1900, remain socialists. Biden supports them as they prop him up. It is wise to fear the left. They are come for your liberty.

    • Whitewall says:

      “They are Extreme Liberal…Converts…To Anti American National Socialism…”
      No longer ‘liberal’ but now illiberal?

    • Fred says:


      Washington wasn’t an immigrant, nor was Adams, Jefferson, nor the thousands of others who fought that war and founded this republic.

      • leith says:

        Fred –

        Jefferson’s mother was an immigrant. So was Wahington’s grandmother. Adams was a 4th generation immigrant. The Americans of 1776 who fought that war were either immigrants or descended from recent immigrants. The exceptions were our allies in that war – Oneida, Tuscarora, Mohican, Lumbee and many others.

        • Fred says:


          “4th generation immigrant” is a pretty laughable argument. Washington’s grandparents came from where, a different part of the Colony of Virginia, making them – English. Just like the Adam’s.

        • Fred says:


          Washington’s grandmother moved from one part of England to a different part in their new world possession. That did make him an immigrant any more than moving from London to Canterbury would have. Many here may be 3rd generation immigrants, however the United States didn’t exist until after these men created it.

          • leith says:

            Twisted logic that.

            Immigrating to the English colony of Virginia is nothing like moving from London to Canterbury. Seems like you’re trying to say the Father of Our Country was English. Not cool Fred! The man deserves more. He gave the best years of his life to freeing us from the tyranny of an English monarch whose parents were immigrants from Germany.

      • Jim Ticehurst says:

        Immigrant Are people who came ” In On a Grant” Like Two Fellows Thomas Washington and George Jefferson
        Who got a 4000 acre Land Grant in Virgina after arriving in 1740 from Ireland

        They bcame farmers and raised Bacon snd Eggs and Build Stage Coach B@B Stops From Marthas Vineyard to Atlanta .. During the Tea Time period of high Inflation and 40,000 new Tax Collectors And high Price of Oats Folks couldnt afford to Travel And hurt the BandB business

        Si they both went to Town Halls And Got into Politics And Started a Movement Justice for New World Immigrants and Farmers..”! They were the Primary X Movers And handed out free Unk and pens to the Signers at Freedom Hall Plus They Catered the Event And Inspired Many others to OnTuPreNur.

    • English Outsider says:

      Jim. Must object!

      You’re talking about 1776? And here you accuse us of behaving improperly. Us, of all people. “In Reaction to the Tyranny…of the British Empire.”

      But we weren’t being tyrannical at all! We merely wanted to tax you. Without the inconvenience of allowing you to say what was done with the taxes.

      Perfectly normal. Can’t think what all the fuss was about. Not as if you’ve ended up with anything different anyway.

  12. F&L says:

    I don’t understand much of your back and forth with billy, and not to detract from billy roche at all, but I love your “flatass authoritarian” characterization. Expressed a bit differently I first encountered it decades ago – an older, smarter and much wiser colleague, himself descended recently from plantation slaves, made the distinction between the flatasses who were in this case administrators, and “the water carriers.” I overheard it as he expressed his opinion to a Harvard grad 5/8 ths Cherokee Indian who had served 9 years in the Marine Corps. Pretty sure the 5/8ths Cherokee got it, not to mention the 3/8ths of an Irishman. Did the Harvard grad or Marine? Good question.

  13. F&L says:

    Barbara Ann,

    David said to Gad, “I am in deep distress. Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercy is great; but do not let me fall into human hands.”
    — Samuel 24:14

    When evil people are in power, crime increases. But the righteous will live to see the downfall of such people.
    — Proverbs 29:16

    The righteous hate the wicked, and the wicked hate the righteous.
    — Proverbs 29:27

    When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, people’s hearts are filled with schemes to do wrong.
    — Ecclesiastes 8:11

    “Crime will come from the wicked.”
    (I think that’s from Samuel, somewhere. Looking for it online I stumbled upon the first one above).

    • Barbara Ann says:


      Ah yes, but if Harari has his way the Bible will be ‘corrected’ by AI. I actually feel sorry for the guy. It can’t be much fun being front man for the ever more insane ideas the WEF pumps out as banksters desperately try and retain their narrative hold over us.

      In response to your comment on the latest post, specifically: “..the current gender identity clown circus shows which I theorized were possibly intentionally inserted during the Obama as toxic larvae for detonation in future political contests, they might rather or also be a sign of something else”.

      You are not alone. A hypothesis you may find interesting below. Personally, I would say this single article is the most important I’ve ever read on the phenomenon of identity politics and why it happened when it did:

      • Whitewall says:

        I see what you mean. It’s a thorough piece and it makes “The Matrix” seem like child’s play.

      • F&L says:

        Thanks for that AI – Bible correction link. They have a death wish that I wasn’t aware of. Why don’t they try correcting Beethoven and the Sistine ceiling while they’re at it? (Some Japanese fresco restorers already ruined those masterpieces by removing 75% of Michelangelo’s matchless chiaroscuro via “cleaning.”) They need to perish quickly, preferably by act of God so the point is inescapable. Wait till Chabad and the religious lunatic fringe in Israel hear of this. Harrari is a perfect example
        (Too bad, Switzerland was a beautiful country.)

        Harrari is a perfect example of what I was trying to say earlier but my long-windedness overtook me. The Hong Wu emperor made the point explicitly as do the eunuchs portrayals in Game of Ts. The eunuchs and the homosexuals (here comes the crucifixion squad with my initials on the headpiece but phuq them – tolerance is hypocrisy & cowardice when overdone) are nouveau “chosen ones” now specifically because of their deep and profound bitterness and murderous envy for the un-abnormal, and that’s why the power-establishment has activated them. They are a division of the police state. An Inquisitional morality priesthood Gestapo & SS corps just as real as the phony shrinks who poisoned several generations of western citizens with toxic and addictive tranquilizers, brain damaging antipsychotics and sleeping pills.

        The idea – the elites wanted not only the pharma profits which followed closing the asylum systems – they needed and purchased the practice of causing long term brain damage do that so called mentally ill people who are potential critics and dropouts of dehumanizing plantation-industrial-nuclear & bio war-techno-faux-utopia-prison-surveillance-state-synopticons .. should they made it to maturity with it’s aquired wisdom & experience … they will arrive there disabled permanently via the drugs. Saves on asylums, profits from the disabling drugs, frees up resources & person (man) power.

        The sublimatinal threat is castration and disfigurement. Was used in the past by religious authoritarians who instituted obviously flagrantly homosexual priesthoods. Passion and lust are relabeled demonic and evil because … look (!) Father Fondleossi doesn’t desire women at all because he’s a raging homo! (But you can’t say the raging Homo part, there’s dungeons and stake-burnings for that – and did you happen to notice that for some reason the homosexual priests burn women alive for sh*ts sake? No, because you’re either too terrified or your another recently verbal semi neanderthal who goes ape with degraded crowd psychology and in addition to your love of public executions and beheadings, drawing & quarterings and judicial ordeals to the death – you happily take in a few human auto-da-fes for variety, ever since the rituals of tearing out 12 year old virgin’s hearts to make the sun rise and the Roman amphitheaters shut their doors.

        That’s what the non-binary woke transsexual no homo it’s gay nonsense is. And it’s promulgated by the same criminal high priesthood class. The high priesthood is the same bloody fuckers that sacrificed humans and then animals – myopic thich spectacled monsters like Beria & Himmler (and the university administrators) who can’t empathize with a human person because without their coke bottle glasses, people are blurs like buzzing annoying insects. It’s the MD (short for MaDmen) doctors (Dr – short for Dracula) that authenticate the validity of the non-binary lgbt agendas and who do the surgeries and prescribe the pills & hormones. Oppenheimer the atom bomb project administrator (translation: mass murderer) is a typical high priest caste member. (He nearly strangled to death his roommate at Goettingen University and was saved by his incredibly wealthy family’s influence from expulsion).

        Well, my long-windedness got the better of me again. If the transhumanism link covered all the above, I’m not sorry, but my apologies anyway and thanks a million again.

    • Mark Logan says:


      If I may add to your list,

      “Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things. Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.”


      • F&L says:

        Thanks. 1954 became 1984. About 20,000 times already according to the history books. We’ll not see the like of Ike again for a long time.

  14. mcohen says:

    Spoke to some people who are from Hungary.They were living there in the 1940’s
    They said that Europe today reminds them of those times just before ww2.

  15. Stefan says:

    These things run in cycles. Dont read too much into it. It is also important to note that most “conservatives” in Europe have beliefs that would get them drummed out of the Republican party in the US. Conservatism in Europe and conservatism in the US are two different animals. The average US Democratic official would been seen as center right in Europe.

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