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The Malleability of Man – TTG

A few days ago, Colonel Lang made a comment that “It is a basic belief of the left that humans are endlessly malleable.” I offer a different view. It’s not the left who believe that humans are endlessly malleable. It is … Continue reading

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The future of the US chip industry is in the northeast – TTG

Comment: I remember the excitement in the Saratoga area when this chip fab started construction. This is great for US manufacturing and great for the Saratoga region. I seriously thought about keeping the in-laws house for one of my sons. … Continue reading

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“The Space Force leans into “Galactic Empire” chic with new dress uniform design” – TTG

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.—The Space Force this week unveiled its new designs for service dress and workout uniforms as it continues to forge its own identity in the Pentagon. Two guardians showed off the business uniform for the first time at … Continue reading

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High genetic barrier to SARS-CoV-2 polyclonal neutralizing antibody escape…that’s a mouthful – TTG

Published: 20 September 2021 ABSTRACT – The number and variability of the neutralizing epitopes targeted by polyclonal antibodies in SARS-CoV-2 convalescent and vaccinated individuals are key determinants of neutralization breadth and the genetic barrier to viral escape. Using HIV-1 pseudotypes … Continue reading

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Statistics and Hysteria… on both sides – TTG

Israeli data: How can efficacy vs. severe disease be strong when 60% of hospitalized are vaccinated? Jeffrey Morris  17 August 2021 A surge involving the rapidly-transmitting Delta variant in heavily vaccinated countries has led to much hand-wringing that the vaccines … Continue reading

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The Hazara and the Liwa Fatemiyoun – TTG

This article leads to a PBS FRONTLINE documentary by Najibullah Quraishi that was released on 20 July. It highlights two threats to Taliban rule not emanating from the Panjshir Valley. The Hazara, like the Tajiks of the Panjshir Valley just … Continue reading

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“US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies” – TTG

By James Gordon Meek, ABC News, 27 August 2021 With the Taliban growing more violent and adding checkpoints near Kabul’s airport, an all-volunteer group of American veterans of the Afghan War launched a final daring mission on Wednesday night dubbed … Continue reading

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“The mujahideen resistance to the Taliban begins now. But we need help.” – TTG

The words in the title are the words of Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan. He wrote an open letter to the West a few days ago in the form of an opinion piece in … Continue reading

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A Day Late and a Dollar Short – TTG

This is from Jacqui Heinrich, White House correspondent for FoxNews via a twitter thread. NEW, thread: Pentagon confirms to me the Department of Defense is preparing to house thousands of Afghan refugees on American military installations, immediately including Fort McCoy … Continue reading

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A Fine Little Dinghy – TTG

I found this gentleman’s YouTube channel a few days ago and have been fascinated by his videos ever since. He’s been doing these videos for years, so there’s plenty to watch. Roger Barnes is a rural architect living, until recently, … Continue reading

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