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ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 23-24 (excerpts) – TTG

Russian forces have made substantial gains in the Severodonetsk-Lysychansk area over the last several days and Ukrainian troops continue to suffer high casualties, but Ukrainian forces have fundamentally accomplished their objective in the battle by slowing down and degrading Russian … Continue reading

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“Why Kaliningrad, Russia’s toehold in Europe, could be the next flashpoint in its war against Ukraine” – TTG

CNN – Tensions are mounting around the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, an isolated but strategically significant territory on the Baltic coast that could soon be dragged into the Kremlin’s war. Russia has reacted furiously after Lithuania banned the passage of sanctioned … Continue reading

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“Batteaux set off from Lynchburg” – TTG

Fifteen batteaux set off from Lynchburg down the James River to near Richmond Saturday morning as the 37th annual James River Batteau Festival got underway in Lynchburg. The festival will continue through next Saturday, June 25, when the boats come … Continue reading

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Juneteenth – TTG

For the Christian Recorder LETTER FROM RICHMOND City Point, Va., April 12th, 1865. Mr. Editor:- I have just returned from the city of Richmond; my regiment was among the first that entered the city. I marched at the head of … Continue reading

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Ukraine War, 13–14 June 2022 by Tom Cooper – TTG

Good morning everybody! A relatively short summary today — simply because there are not many details coming from either side, and I’m not of the kind to fabricate news for the sake of ‘sizing’ my reports. AIR Three Kalibr cruise … Continue reading

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Way Back When – TTG

Yesterday my sister sent me a thumb drive with a lot of old family photos. Among them were several from what I believe was a Flag Day celebration on our town green when I was in grammar school. This would … Continue reading

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ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment for 13 June – TTG

Kremlin-sponsored outlet Izvestia published and quickly removed an appeal by the First Deputy Head of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergey Kirelenko for Russia to rebuild the Donbas on June 12 and blamed hackers for what they (likely falsely) claimed was … Continue reading

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“Putin compares himself to Peter the Great in quest to take back Russian lands” – TTG

Vladimir Putin has compared himself to the 18th-century Russian tsar Peter the Great, drawing a parallel between what he portrayed as their twin historic quests to win back Russian lands. “Peter the Great waged the great northern war for 21 … Continue reading

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Kamil Galeev on Russia’s Transportation Sector – TTG

What’s happening with the Russian economy? Logistics market is a good indicator. Consider the freight rates. Since late February they fell by 30-40%. For example, according to the freight exchange ATI.SU, rates on the Moscow-St Petersburg direction fall by 34,3%. … Continue reading

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“Purchase of Slaughter Pen Farm is Complete” – TTG

After 16-year campaign, nonprofit declares victory at Spotsylvania’s Slaughter Pen Farm By CLINT SCHEMMER FOR THE FREE LANCE–STAR Sixteen years after it began, the American Battlefield Trust has completed the largest private battlefield-preservation effort in the nation’s history. The nonprofit … Continue reading

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