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Bundìn er bàtlaus mađur *

* “Bound is the boatless man” – a a Viking expression often quoted in “Wooden Boat” magazine More than three millennia ago, a sinking merchant vessel settled about 5,900 feet beneath the surface of the Mediterranean Sea. Its hundreds of … Continue reading

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Could CIA Sabotage North Korean Arm Shipments to Russia? – Jeff Stein

With time running out five months before the election, and facing a polarized Congress dominated by Republicans eager to bring Biden down, the likelihood of the White House proposing any grand covert ops to sabotage the arms shipments at sea … Continue reading

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Cargo ship Tutor believed to have sunk in Red Sea after Houthi attack

A cargo ship has sunk in the Red Sea a week after it was damaged in a deadly sea drone attack by Yemen’s Houthi movement, British maritime authorities and salvagers say. The Tutor, a Liberian-flagged, Greek-owned bulk carrier, was hit … Continue reading

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Trent Telenko on Western Intel T3R Incompetence

This post [by Tuomo Rusila] was a very good answer to a Wash Post hit piece on Ukraine for it’s ratio of combat to logistical troops, or “tooth to tail” ratio (T3R).  “Zelensky’s office announced that of the 1 M … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the US Army

Today is the 249th birthday of the US Army. I was going to post a 1979 version of the “I am the Infantry” presentation from then Fort Benning, now Fort Moore, but I figured it’s probably a little too parochial … Continue reading

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“Ukraine Launches Unmanned Systems Force as New Military Branch”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have introduced a new military branch aimed at supporting and developing units of unmanned systems, according to a report by Militarnyi. Representatives from the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense presented the Unmanned Systems … Continue reading

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English Outsider on MAD

I Ignored the nuclear dimension up above and was reminded on an English site that I’d done so. One cannot ignore that dimension. When I read various accounts of the current condition of American ground forces – “boutique army” and … Continue reading

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What kind of war?

How do you assess this war: a regional conflict between Ukraine and Russia, a proxy war between Russia and NATO, or an already emerging war for world dominance between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the USA? And does … Continue reading

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“HUGE Legal Victory – HFDF Wins Appeal in Ninth Circuit” – Barbara Ann

Note: I am not a lawyer and the following is not intended as a legal treatment of the issues presented. I welcome expert opinions from any lawyers among the Committee. “The Ninth Circuit ruling today demonstrates that the court saw … Continue reading

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“The Real-Life D-Day Commandos Who Inspired Hollywood’s ‘Dirty Dozen'”

Officially designated as the 1st Demolition Section of the Regimental Headquarters Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 101st Airborne Division, the Filthy Thirteen earned the name while training in England. Instead of using their daily water rations to … Continue reading

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