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An Email from Elon to SpaceX Employees – TTG

Unfortunately, the Raptor production crisis is much worse than it had seemed a few weeks ago. As we have dug into the issues following the exiting of prior senior management, they have unfortunately turned out to be far more severe … Continue reading

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Go outside and take a walk! – TTG

This parody was put out by Inspired by Iceland, a public-private communication platform to promote Iceland and Icelandic products owned and operated by Business Iceland. They gave us Björk Guðmundsdóttir for God’s sake. Of course it’s quirky. I think it’s … Continue reading

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This all sounds familiar -TTG

Stavros Atlamazoglou Nov 18, 2021, 8:30 AM in Business Insider US special operators played an instrumental role in the fight against terrorists over the past 20 years. But the Pentagon is shifting its focus to preparing for a potential war … Continue reading

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We’re on the Brink of a New Age of Sail – TTG

Comment: I’ve been excited by LightSail 2 since before its launch. My interest in solar sails was sparked by Arther C. Clarke’s “The Sunjammer” when it appeared in Boys’ Life in 1964. The fact that LightSail 2 was the work … Continue reading

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“Europe burns a controversial ‘renewable’ energy source: trees from the US” – TTG

As world leaders pledge more action on climate change, one so-called solution, burning trees for electricity, could undermine progress. By Robert Kunzig, ENVIRONMENT Executive Editor [National Geographic] The map my colleague Katie Armstrong made (see below) shouldn’t have surprised me. … Continue reading

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“The Great Resignation just hit a new high” – TTG

DALLAS — More than 4.4 million people quit their jobs in September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. In a sign The Great Resignation continues to grow, the data showed the accommodation and food services industry had the highest … Continue reading

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Square Sails and Dipping Lugs – TTG

I ran across an interesting video a few days ago entitled “Square Sail Tacking.” It showed the intricate actions involved in tacking a traditional Shetland Island fishing boat called a sixareen. The name refers to the six oarsman who power … Continue reading

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“Messing about in boats” – TTG

Here are two new videos by Roger Barnes, the English dingy sailor I discovered back in August. Though still very English, he has transplanted himself to western Brittany to enjoy the local sailing, the local company and the local lifestyle. … Continue reading

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Better than sharks with frickin laser beams – TTG

China’s new hypersonic missile demonstrated an advanced space capability that caught US intelligence by surprise, report says Alia Shoaib, Sunday, October 17, 2021, 7:39 AM In August, China tested a hypersonic missile that orbited the Earth before speeding towards its … Continue reading

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The Malleability of Man – TTG

A few days ago, Colonel Lang made a comment that “It is a basic belief of the left that humans are endlessly malleable.” I offer a different view. It’s not the left who believe that humans are endlessly malleable. It is … Continue reading

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