I have been talked into continuing with the blog for a while.  pl 

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  1. Thank you, Colonel, please continue the fight, because the education your web site brings is very important. God bless!

  2. Bill H says:

    Oh, what a relief. One of the very few contacts with sanity, and the one most robust. Thank you.

  3. Harry Hobbes says:

    Thank you Colonel for providing this excellent forum for insight…

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    Praise be. I shall make a donation as an offering to whatever mysterious powers keep you at it, Sir.
    If trolls using your email address (as opposed to the comment facility) are a problem, then I’d recommend a simple anti spam measure: Change your email address and replace the blog’s “Email Me” link with a form linked to the new address. The form allows you to receive email without the sender knowing your address and more importantly, the address isn’t exposed on the web at all. Typepad have a tutorial on this, if you are interested. The form need only have a subject & content section. A reply address section can be included, if you wish.

  5. robt willmann says:

    Good news! I am wondering if a bibliography can be placed on the website of books by conscientious authors about the War Between the States and the political position of the Confederacy, since overt attempts to censor history are plainly visible now. For example, I think Charles Adams has done writing especially on the taxation issues at the time. Lord Acton (John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton) of Britain wrote an essay about American federalism and the Civil War, and perhaps had corresponded with Gen. Robert E. Lee.

  6. John I says:

    Thank you very much, Colonel. The committee under your curation is one of the few remaining sources of critical thinking.

  7. tim s says:

    It heartens me to see it. Now is the time for great men to rise, not retreat.

  8. jld says:

    Thank you for keeping your wondrous work.

  9. fredw says:

    Thank you. I am sometimes annoyed by opinions expressed here (and I sometimes annoy others), but I learn a lot by reading SST. Both from the opinions and from forms of expertise not otherwise very available to me.

  10. Pacifica Advocate says:

    Thank you, Colonel.
    I was shocked by the short-sighted decision you made. My first conclusion was that you must have made such a decision whilst your faculties were obscured by drink–
    Because I honestly could not imagine a reality where you would think your blog was an inconsequential part of history.
    And, after that, I could also not imagine a world where you considered history inconsequential.
    With that said, this “Fred”, “Larry”, and “Eric Newman” shit should probably just be tucked away. You have better friends than them.
    Love —

  11. Thank you. This blog is invaluable.

  12. Cold War Colonel says:

    Colonel, I completely understand your vexation with current conditions. Thank you for maintaining this site as a beacon of sanity.

  13. Alex says:

    Where is Sulla when you need him?

  14. Deap says:

    Thanks, when it was down yesterday I realized how much I was going to miss it. But have no idea what flack is involved maintaining it. Thanks again. I have no other window of sanity. The walls in fact are closing in on anyone outside the mainstream opinion who still believes in personal responsibility for their own outcomes. The Silent Majority needs and wants this continuing lifeline. that you provide. You are performing Good Works.

  15. Deap says:

    Am I the only one who cannot get a typepad account? Every time I try to register and they say are sending send me a code password to complete the registration, it never shows up in my email.
    Therefore, I always have to log on with an accepted yahoo email account. If one needs in the future to sign up for SST only with typepad, I will never be able to get back on. My adieus to all if this becomes the case.

  16. mpn says:

    Thanks for staying. Don’t agree with everything I read here but I value and very much appreciate the insight and perspective that you and the committee provide. I’m a long time reader who’s only commented a couple of times in 10 (?) years. Stay safe.

  17. DH says:

    Thank you, SWMBO.

  18. mcohen says:

    Xi wrote in Qiushi, the influential publication of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.
    “We should stay alert to the ubiquitous factors that could weaken our Party’s pioneering nature and contaminate our Party’s purity,” he said. “If we don’t take strict precautions and correct them in time . . . small problems will grow into big ones,

  19. Haralambos says:

    Thank you for your service. Be well!

  20. walrus says:

    Thank you Col. Lang, an Island of sanity indeed. I note that you are taking no small risk in running this in the current climate.

  21. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Um, did a certain obviously controversial post by a guest author disappear? If so, I can certainly understand why.

  22. turcopolier says:

    De Oppresso Liber. Actually, I do it for the money.

  23. turcopolier says:

    Pacifica Advocate
    Well, pilgrim, faint praise is better than none. Reminds me of the old Willie Nelson cowboy movie “Barbarosa” in which his wife’s large Mexican hacendado family are conducting a lethal vendetta against him (a Texas cracker) for the crime of having dared to marry her without permission of her father, the Don, and all he will say about them is that he has a great relationship with the Zavala family. A great flic BTW.

  24. turcopolier says:

    Someone asked a few days ago for a bibliography on the CW/WBS. I suggest that those systemically ignorant of that pivotal period in US history read “The Civil War, a Narrative” in 3 volumes. author Shelby Foote. He was a novelist and thus wrote something that can
    actually be read comfortably. He was Walker Percy’s bestest friend. I heard the philosopher Mark Levin say today that the majority of Americans despise the men whose statues are being s–t on now. I pity those who despise them. Hate them? Maybe, on the basis of sectional and cultural animosity, but despise them? If you do despise them, you know nothing about them. In spite of the madness that has overcome my country, I have a duty to defend the truth about that war and what it was about and those men. Lee said that “duty is the most sublime word in the English language.” I agree, so bring it on, but prepare yourself for a rhetorical struggle by learning before you argue with me. If you want to start by calling them traitors you should contemplate that word in the context of the constitution then and now. There is nothing in the constitution that claims the union of the states is indissoluble, and men like Lee successfully resigned from US Service before they followed their states out of the union. So, bring it on.

  25. Babak makkinejad says:

    Gone With the Wind is a sympathetic portrait of South during the War Between the States.
    I learnt a lot from Margaret Mitchell.

  26. Jack says:

    “I suggest that those systemically ignorant of that pivotal period in US history read “The Civil War, a Narrative” in 3 volumes. author Shelby Foote.”
    I am willing to bet that less than 1% of our fellow citizens have read about and understand the complexities and nuances that led to the war.
    The knowledge of the majority of Americans are mostly headlines. In my experience most believe the war was about the South insisting they retain slavery and St. Lincoln fought to emancipate. And won. Good triumphed over evil in the perfect Hollywood plot.
    My grandpa took his family and emigrated out west from Louisiana before the war. My grandparents missed the crawfish and the bayou. I recall as a young boy going to Lafayette with them.,_Louisiana

  27. Harry says:

    You do excellent work sir.

  28. Walter Lang says:

    I see that Ziolib choir boy Jake Tapper pronounced yesterday that RE Lee & co. were contemptible Racist Traitor Losers. Ah, if only Jakey boy and his pals had been around back then to face Uncle Bob and his boys. Lincoln told Grant that “you do not know war until you have met them.” Ah, but then Tapper would probably not have fought.

  29. English Outsider says:

    It’s a superb site, Colonel, but I suspect that’s at the cost of you sitting at the computer for hours every day weeding out rubbish. I’d miss the comment section very much but not if that were the price of keeping the site going.
    English Outsider

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