Starlink Group 3-4

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  1. Fourth and Long says:

    I will not pose the entry question posed to young satirists who are forced to solve this puzzle despite however much they admire the young scion of an Emerald mining company.

    I changed my mind. I will, but I will not, I promise, disclose the unique and frighteningly disturbing solution. Cross my heart.

    Q: What does “Elon Musk” really spell? (A passing solution must consist of two four letter words).

    I will reveal though, that a very important American novel, later made into a brilliant award winning and in fact immortal motion picture starring Judy Garland, did interestingly enough feature an “Emerald City.”


    “Who was that masked man with his faithful Indian sidekick? Anyone know?”

    That Masked Man? Why that was ..

    The Lone Ranger!

    • Deap says:

      Affected by that movie, I made the callow commitment to search for the perfect emerald in my later adult years. I did eventually buy a lovely emerald drop pendant in Cartagena, Columbia which I wear every day. This is how I like being green in California.

      We kids were consigned to sit in the closed off “crying room” at our local theater and I remember ducking under the seats when the wizard scared us with his sound effects.

  2. Deap says:

    Watched this nighttime launch from our back deck at 10:40 pm PST – an amazing long, streaking ball of fire until it shut off for the second stage. Then it became only a moving flash of light against the dark sky as it moved away from the coast. It was a WOW.

    We reminisced that we has watched the Space Age begin and how Sputnik affected our own high school education focus back in the 1960’s, to later watching men walking on the moon to now – global communications in the age of increasing verbal incoherence.

    What hath God wrought? We still live in the days of the Tower of Babel, writ large.

    • JK/AR says:

      Indeed Deap,

      What hath G-d wrought?

      Or perhaps more appropriately posed What hath Elon wrought?

      *I can’t do much about the judgements/assessments of commenters on blogs I do not comment on.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Google translate for all we know, and English established as the universal language, violates the proscriptions of the jealous sky god as outlined in the Genesis chapters on the dispersion following the destruction of the Tower of Babel. (If the lemming nitwits can all communicate intelligibily there’s no telling the mischief they get up to.) My physicist daddy-oh who disparaged all religion, would say (and his explanation for why founding the state of Israel was a bad idea): My favorite part of the Bible was Lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt. What’s it to do with Israel, oh slide rule wielder? What’s it got to do with it? The lesson is “Don’t look back.” And that is the mistake they made. A big one.

  3. Fourth and Long says:

    Instruction for the Children of America (and everywhere) in the days of L Frank Baum. For comparison with contemporary currents regarding same – Learn from the local library’s Transexual ex Crack Addict while she-he is in remission. Don’t Mississippi (can’t say Miss) the rare opportunity.
    Or if you prefer to form your children into “wizards” who are special and simply by dint of waving their wands can do as they please, try the Paree Hotter series of covert cultural infiltrations reportedly authored by a British author who was censored (sorry, cancelled) for believing that .. . Imagine if one of the more gentle Tudor monarchs were in monarching. (Please don’t get the mistaken impression that this means I support the frumious bandersnatch Trump or other O’Deus torture-defendent lawyers for one).

    The living cut-out paper dolls created by an immortal called Miss Cuttenclip.
    The anthropomorphic jigsaw puzzles known as the Fuddles.
    The loquacious Rigmaroles.
    The paranoid Flutterbudgets.
    The living kitchen utensils of Utensia.

    The anthropomorphic pastries of Bunbury.
    The civilized rabbits of Bunnybury.
    A zebra who holds geographical disputes with a soft-shell crab.

    Later, it is revealed that the destruction of their farmhouse by the tornado back in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has left Uncle Henry in terrible debt. In order to pay it, he has taken out a mortgage on his farm. If he cannot repay his creditors, they will seize the farm, thus leaving Henry and his family homeless. He is not too afraid for himself, but both he and his wife, Aunt Em, fear very much for their niece’s future. Upon learning this, Dorothy quickly arranges with Princess Ozma to let her bring her guardians to Oz where they will be happier and forever safe. Using the Magic Belt (a tool captured from the jealous Nome King Roquat), Ozma transports them to her throne room. They are given rooms to live in and luxuries to enjoy, including a vast and complex wardrobe, and meet with many of Dorothy’s old friends, including the Cowardly Lion and Billina the Yellow Hen.

    In the underground Nome Kingdom, the Nome King Roquat is plotting to conquer the Land of Oz and recover his magic belt, which Dorothy took from him in Ozma of Oz. General Blug suggested that King Roquat have their forces dig a tunnel under the Deadly Desert. After ordering the expulsion of General Blug (who will not agree to such an attack due to the powers of Princess Ozma) and the death of Colonel (who also refuses) where he was sliced thin in a torture chamber and fed to a bunch of Seven-Headed Dogs, King Roquat holds counsel with a veteran soldier called Guph. Guph believes that against the many magicians of Oz (the reputation of which has grown in the telling), the Nome Army has no chance alone. He therefore sets out personally to recruit allies from other parts of Nonestica.

    Dorothy, accompanied by the Wizard of Oz and several other friends, departs the Emerald City in a carriage drawn by the Wooden Sawhorse, intending to give her aunt and uncle a tour of the land. Many of the people encountered have never been seen in other books:

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