Starlink Group 4-17

A batch of 53 satellites for Starlink mega-constellation – SpaceX’s project for space-based Internet communication system.

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  1. Christian J. Chuba says:

    Now that I know that Starlink is in low earth orbit (as opposed to geosynchronous), it makes sense to me why they need so many satellites. LEO satellites orbit the earth in about 1 hr. Therefore, the ground station has to keep finding the next satellite to get its data link. That’s impressive.

  2. KjHeart says:

    I keep returning to this post because it gives me HOPE

    We need the internet to remain a free place for discourse – The Starlink launches are a beautiful thing

  3. JK/AR says:

    Colonel Lang?

    It occurred to me when this (and others on the subject) post appeared I might direct your attention to a blog which author, “SiGraybeard” (as he comments on some other blogs I visit).

    Alas my hesitation until this moment resulted in my forgetting to do so. But as it happens today the fellow has a post up I thought sure (may?) you’d get a kick out of:

    Not all his stuff is Space related but there is a bunch regardless. I pray I’m not, to your judgement, taking too much for granted.

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