Starlink group 4 – 35

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  1. Longarch says:

    I have heard rumors that Elon Musk is planning to open up satellite internet access to Iran. If these rumors are true, this would have considerable importance. Or as we say on the chans: “big if true.”

    • Leith says:

      Longarch –

      Agreed! The Iranian public need some of those Starlink terminals. The ayatollahs have shut down the internet to try to forestall the growing protests.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    Gerbilled news agency says Xi Jinping said “make that ball in side pocket then bank the one over there off the spotted one cross corner into opposite cluster.”

    What to think Kimosabe? Tonto know what he think.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Even more interesting since less nebulous but sounds like another plea for more weapons. Times this morning quoted a top US general as saying it was difficult not to overstate how dicey is the status of Ru troops stuck on that outcropping of land near Kherson minus bridges and with pontoons under fire. And that Putin was directing personally and ordered no retreats even though Ru commanders were overheard requesting them. How fast will the H2O in the Dnieper turn to ice? Is that a stupid question?

      Sonja Angelica Diehn interviews security expert Gustav Gressel:

      A security expert told DW that Russian forces are spent, explaining how the partial mobilization could be a one-shot chance against Ukraine. A successful defense may depend on the West’s timely supply of further weapons.
      Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced a partial mobilization to shore up armed forces for his invasion of Ukraine. DW spoke with security expert Gustav Gressel about the strength of the Russian military and its chances for success in light of the partial mobilization.

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