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Tattoo: A Memoir of Becoming by W. Patrick Lang, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® ( Tattoo: A Memoir of Becoming eBook: Lang, W. Patrick: Kindle Store

Tattoo By W. Patrick Lang (

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25 Responses to Tattoo

  1. JohninMK says:

    The story of lives in the military from start to end and how one man (and his uncle) made a difference. Couldn’t put it down in some parts. Definitely a recommended read.

  2. Ed Lindgren says:

    Good to see your new blog up and running.

    I received a copy of your book in the mail a couple of weeks ago. In my old age I am a bit of a plodding reader, but I burned through Tattoo in record time (one day I polished off over 100 pages).

    Of course I had no idea a Navy man played such a significant role in your life. I enjoyed the story of the Japanese naval aviators who visited your uncle to apologize for the Panay attack. I bet they all had one hell of an evening out on the town after your uncle was discharged from the hospital!

    • Pat Lang says:

      Ed Lindgren

      When I was first back from the wars, John told me that he understood that I had followed my father into the Army but that he would have made straight my path into the Navy. I have watched “Greyhound” several times. I see him in every scene.

  3. Morongobill says:

    Available on Kindle, just got mine!

  4. KMD says:

    Received my copy last week. Finished it in 3 days. A great read!
    Big Tujunga Canyon was my backyard growing up and spent a lot of time in the San Gabriel’s also. Eaton canyon and the Mt. Lowe Railway were favorites. Lots of snakes as you describe. Caught a lot of horned toad lizards too. Haven’t seen one of those in 20 years even though I still hike weekly.
    Also glad to see that you’ve been able to move your blog to a “safe space”

  5. Pat Lang says:

    Johnny had an unusual ability to hold two views of the Japanese at the same time. They nearly killed him several time but I never saw any hatred of them in him.

  6. Artemesia says:

    If you’d had that book cover on the former blog, Tattoo would have flown off the shelves.

    You’re cute.

  7. English Outsider says:

    Colonel – in case your readers this side of the Atlantic are finding the same, I couldn’t get Tattoo from Barnes & Noble. First there was some unexplained hold up. Then I saw elsewhere that they weren’t shipping over here because of Covid restrictions.

    So Amazon, which presumably makes other shipping arrangements, has just dropped a copy off. I sometimes have my doubts about Mr Bezos but on this occasion he’s come up with the goods.

    The new site looks superb. I looked at one or two of the older comment sections to see if they were still there. Saw all the commenters in fine form and was taken back to that time in 2016 when it really did look as if change was in the air.

    • JohninMK says:

      Amazon has just installed a several million £ printing system here in MK. They have moved to print on order, which in time will eliminate their warehouses full of books.

      So your copy probably came straight off that press.

  8. Martin Oline says:

    To All:
    I received my hard back edition and want everyone to know this edition is printed in what appears to be acid-free paper, which is rare and makes it a very high quality book. I am taking my time in reading it and enjoying it immensely.
    Thank you for your work, sir.

    • Pat Lang says:


      I discovered more or less by accident yesterday that there is a secondary market in my books, all of them, on E-bay. There are a lot of people selling my books there, often for higher prices than from the major book sellers; iUniverse, B&N and Amazon. “Is a puzzlement.”

  9. Carl Spoleta says:

    I believe that on eBay you can either pay the posted price & get the item immediately; or you can bid the minimum permitted price, and engage in an auction for it.

  10. Monk says:

    Sir, do you have any plans to produce an audiobook version of Tattoo?

  11. Martin Oline says:

    I am happy to report that I bought all three of the earlier books in hardback with free shipping from a seller named Book Depository in London for a total of $96. I went through to find them. They are all new books with jackets in perfect condition, with regular paper, not acid free like Tattoo, but acid-free paper is unusual. Now I can finish Tattoo and not worry about running out of good work to read.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Martin Oline
      Thanks. I may or may not be Isaac Smoot. There was a problem with some hardcovers of Tattoo that I bought as presents. The pictures were too dark. iUniverse has taken this up with their printer.

  12. Ken Roberts says:

    Just finished your book. Very informative and enjoyable. Thank you! I will loan it to a couple of friends. Best wishes, kr.

  13. Harlan Easley says:

    Excellent book. Thanks for providing it. The communication with the AC-130 gunship must have been one hell of a near-death experience. Literally when seconds count.

    Just one question? Did you learn a foreign language as a kid while living overseas? French or German? Or did your natural ability to learn languages show itself later in life?

    For fellow readers. I bought the book on Amazon Kindle for $3.99. An absolute steal.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Many years later I happened to meet the AC-47 pilot in Yemen. He was there training Yemeni pilots on the fighters the Saudis had bought for them. He had been passed over for promotion to LTC. I brought him into my collection operations, cited him repeatedly as a source and got him promoted. I easily picked up a working knowledge in the local lingo wherever we were but only later did I systematize that ability. How are the pictures in Kindle?

      • Harlan Easley says:

        Thanks for correcting me on the gunship – “Puff, the Magic Dragon”. Appropriate nickname. And following up on your reacquaintance with the pilot. I wanted to ask but felt it was too personal. Good ending. On his promotion.

        Pictures are good in Kindle. I downloaded the free desktop version of Kindle and read the book on my large computer screen. I always took time to look at the images. Including the one of you and your wife performing the skit.

        Good thing with Kindle you can highlight any word or phrase and either get the dictionary for the word or search the web or Wikipedia. Like Song Be I looked up the Wikipedia page and looked at their images and information to augment my knowledge.

        • Pat Lang says:

          Harlan Easley

          Some of the Soviet gear I involved him in procuring is in the Fighter Weapons museum at Nellis AFB.

  14. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    I received the hard cover version after quite an adventure- on the part of the book. My copy saw a bit of the world, residing, briefly, in three separate countries; all places familiar to the protagonist. Once I had it in hand I read it three times over to get the general gist. At first glance, an amazing life story of an extraordinary person; a description of times past when “honor” still meant something and being “honorable” was expected, as a matter of course, even of sinners.

    The parts about the Middle East, after Yemen, are historically important, but way too short-perhaps the censors cut them a bit. Colonel Lang debunks the BS still being purveyed by the ziocon media about the origins, prosecution and conclusion of the Iran-Iraq war; reading between the lines here is an enlightening experience. The big game in MENA is still going on and, happily, not to the ziocons’ liking. The book describes how they created this mess and how they removed anyone who might stand in the way; a subtle intimation of the origins of the “woke” rabble.

    Of the many personal vignettes described in the book “the white rabbit” and the “Maryland Troopers” are my favorites. I hope there are still such servicemen and policemen in the USA.

    I would have wished for larger pictures. Perhaps these are adequate for younger eyes.
    Thanks for a wonderful book Colonel Lang.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  15. Bobo says:

    Just finished “TATTOO” and re-read the meaning of the word but believe it really is the Brand of the Man. More than an exceptional career and we are better for it. Passed it on to my niece who also has the facility for languages, she is learning her fifth, who will also be educated by the read.
    Impressed with how the book handled the telling of the story. Much better than other auto-biography’s.
    Looking forward to the sequel as we all know there is much more. Well Done.

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