Texas Seizes Cartel Island in the Rio Grande

This operation was carried out by Texas law enforcement and National Guard troops back in October. This appears to have been a far more aggressive action carried out unilaterally by Texas than the current action along two and a half miles of border yet I never heard of it. Kudos to Texas for doing it, but it should be something the federal government should be doing. The CIS issued a corrected map shortly after the video came out.


This story points out the threat posed by the cartels. They move drugs and immigrants north and guns and cash south over a border that is obviously not secure. They take shots at our Border Patrol agents. I guarantee they are looking at the future use of drones, including the FPV kamikaze drones. We’ll be seeing YouTube videos of cartel drones taking out Border Patrol vehicles, boats and checkpoints unless we take some kind of action.

Another threat is the control those cartels have over the immigrants they are bringing over the border. First, they extract huge sums of money from the immigrants which just fills their coffers. Second, some of those immigrants still owe money to the cartels. So the cartels have their hooks into immigrants who may have been paroled into the US. The cartels have additional intelligence and support assets on our side of the border.

I recall Colonel Lang calling for waging a covert war against the cartels under the authority of an intelligence finding. I liked the idea then and I still do. We best get a drop on the cartels with the FPV drones, too. I also think it’s time we all acknowledge that we need to funnel a lot more resources into border security, including a hell of a lot more border security agents. The idea of a virtual border wall years ago was a bad joke. Even Trump’s big, beautiful wall would be as useless as tits on a boar hog unless it’s kept under observation and fire (or effective apprehension).



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  1. F&L says:

    Good find TTG. Or bad, I don’t know, because it sounds like trouble. Lucky for Mexico it’s name doesn’t end in ‘an.’ I wonder if that old fox Colonel Lang wasn’t using the drug cartel excuse as a canard and if he didn’t think illegal immigration was the real serious problem, but we’ll never know.
    Widening Mideast Crisis.
    Drone Strike Kills 3 U.S. Soldiers in Jordan, White House Says
    “Three U.S. service members were killed — and many wounded — during an unmanned aerial drone attack on our forces stationed in northeast Jordan near the Syria border,” Mr. Biden said in a statement on Sunday. “While we are still gathering the facts of this attack, we know it was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.”
    Still gathering the facts but you know who did it. Nice. Does anyone have Johnny Cochran’s phone number?

    For convenience here are all nations with name ending in ‘n’ – from which you can extract the names of all nations with names ending in ‘an’ of which I’ve counted a total of 14 though that may need checking. All US states except Michigan appear to be off the target list (joke).

    Jordan, Iran, Taiwan, Afghanistan, …

    What is Yucatan? Is that my memory playing tricks or is there such a place? Yes – a peninsula separating the gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean sea.

  2. cobo says:

    This is a couple years old, but gives a sense of proportion to the mass movement of people to El Norte: “Biden Immigration Policy Leading to Mass Death in Darien Gap, Panama/Colombia”

    This is Michael Yon more recently discussing the current situation in Texas, not the average “take” on it: “Investigative Journalist Michael Yon Warns Of Texas Border False Flag”

    I have long hoped for a closer relationship with Mexico and all of Latin America, but what is going on, now, is terribly wrong headed. It will cause greater enmity instead of helping to reduce frictions and build greater trust.

  3. jim ticehurst.. says:

    The Chi Com Cartel Chickens…Are Armed…Weapons of Massive Destruction..Free Range Roosts,,,All Over The 80 Million Acres That Chinese and Foreign Governments Bought All Over The United States..

    So Where Did Those 24,000 Young Chinese Males Go All Coming Across From El Salvador..hmmm Who is Watching…Running Counter Infiltration..Intel Why No One..Is…And Every One of Americas Enemys,,,Is Celebrating,,The American Chicken,,Coup…with all its Rotten Eggs and Poop in the Loop..

    All Global Events Are Multi Nation Wide…Multi Resources Depletions.. Mass Destruction..and Escalating..Our Military..Under Manned..Weakened..Depleted Resources..Delays in Production..Navy…Being Drawn away by Deceptions..by ALL of
    Americas Enemys..
    .Last Man Out..Flush…and Turn out the Lights..

    So.. Little Man…So Spic And Span..Where were You..When The
    Shit..Hit the Fan..? Oh…building Solar Panels,,for Mrs. Igloo.. Aha

  4. F&L says:

    This is mostly FYI. I’ll add that this is concurrent with the attack on US troops reported in Jordan (on the border with Syria) and that this Balochistan area has in the past been an area of covert Israeli activity. I guess the morning line is on whether Iran is going to be attacked and how much did Epstein (and therefore Netanyahu and MI6 along with factions of US intelligence) have on Biden so he hasn’t a choice other than to kow-tow.
    Iran-Pakistan tensions Live. Gunmen in Iran kill 9 Pakistanis days after tit-for/tat..
    Nine foreign nationals were killed in Iran’s south east near the Pakistan border a week after deadly cross border fire.

    • Stefan says:

      Jordanians are saying it happened in Syria. CNN seems to not want to be talking about this and say that it happened in Jordan and are not even registering that the Jordanians say the attack was on US troops in Syria. BBC said it happen at the border, pointing out the Jordanians said it did not happen there.

      US media is not asking why we have troops in Syria when the government there does not want them. Maybe the US doesnt really want to be talking about illegal US occupation of Arab countries? The Iraqi government has demanded all US troops leave, the US has refused.

      Considering what is happening in Israel and Palestine, it doesnt look good.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        French media (yes I speak French – not bad for a toothless, KKK, trailer dwelling hillbilly, huh?) says the attack was in Jordan, right where Jordan, Syria and Iraq meet (the “triangle”). One of their experts – who is of Iranian extraction – was saying that the political heads of Iran don’t always know what the revolutionary guards and various proxies are doing. So it could be true that the political leadership in Iran is honestly denying responsibility for the attack, but Iran is still responsible. That stretches my credulity a bit, but who knows how things work in these backward places. Probably happens in our country too now that we have a corrupt senile old fool in the White House.

        US mainstream media that I’m following, including CNN (I hold my nose and repress my gag reflex and watch it sometimes) is consistently saying that US troops are in that region, including in Syria, to assist with making sure ISIS doesn’t revive and become too strong. Most of the talking heads (colonels, generals, etc) are repeating that message.

        • Stefan says:


          The US is not in Syria to help with ISIS. When is the last time you heard of any US casualties fighting ISIS in Syria? From the beginning the US has been interested in regime change in Syria, even if it meant installing Islamic extremists/head choppers to do it.

          It was very clear in the Saudi cable gate episode, where Hillary had been working for years to get rid of Assad. Obama, Trump and Biden were all supportive of the projective and it continued under all of them. So much for Trump draining the swamp.

          The drive to attack Iran is another project, long standing, of “the swap”” and US neo cons. Trump, like Biden, Clinton and Obama were all in favour of it. Some of these things unite the political parties.

          I have heard maybe the PFLP played a role in the attacks. This would mean terrorists organisations founded by Middle Eastern Christians are involved in attacking US forces.

          Maybe Trump will ban Middle East Christians from coming to the US. Considering their connections to Hizb’Allah and other terrorist organisations, might be a good idea.

          • Eric Newhill says:


            You’re being quasi-covertly personal re; Christians. Also ridiculous.

            The US casualties were in Jordan. This is off topic. Should our host choose to post on this topic, we’ll discuss it then and there.

  5. Fred says:

    We better figure out which banks the cartels are using, especially the foreign ones, and cut them off from access to the Federal Reserve.

  6. F&L says:

    For those who think that only American kids are raving lunatics, voila.
    What did these soup throwers want? “Healthy and sustainable food.” Makes a great deal of sense. Good thing for Mona Lisa – they remembered to bring a can opener. According to an old story the surrealist artist Marcel Duchamp stole the Mona Lisa and was intending to use it as an ironing board. I guess there’s something in the food over there.
    Protesters throw soup at Mona Lisa.
    Two environmental protesters hurled soup on to the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris, calling for ‘healthy and sustainable food’. The painting, which was behind bulletproof glass, appeared to be undamaged. Gallery visitors looked on in shock as two women threw the yellow-coloured soup before climbing under the barrier in front of the work and flanking the splattered painting. One of the two activists removed her jacket to reveal a white T-shirt bearing the name of the activist group Riposte Alimentaire (Food Response)

  7. Whitewall says:

    I recall Colonel Lang mentioning that border operation. Something about Special Forces authorized in such a way that would offer ‘plausible deniability’ as well as a form of authority that could, hopefully, keep the CIA’s hands off it. Step one, the current individual in the WH must be gone. Replaced by someone both ‘not him’ or someone remotely like him ideologically. Fail this, fail it all.

  8. Eric Newhill says:

    A covert war against the cartels? Next thing you know women and children will be caught in the crossfire and then South Africa will be calling on the international court to sanction the US and stop the genocide.

    In addition, I’m sure we will be hearing that the cartels are like Hamas; a non-state actor. We can’t legally do anything to them. Besides, we stole their land. They used to own all of the SW USA. They are freedom fighters against the genocidal, racist, oppressor, US government. My God, have you no heart, TTG?

    • F&L says:

      He doesn’t Eric, he has in place of a heart an obsidianish, coal-black, diamond-hard stone object which neither absorbs not reflects light, beats, nor requires nourishment. Life isn’t fair. It isn’t fair at all.

      Now you can be the first contestant to answer correctly this question and win a free subscription:


      And now for the question.

      Why, Eric, do you suppose that the singer C.C.CATCH was so popular in the Soviet Union?

  9. babelthuap says:

    I’m in TX and this entire episode is fake outrage. Abbott refused to fully support Trump when Trump was in office. He only started this after Trump was gone.

    The best outcome would be to stop defending the border entirely. Also stop the busing to sanctuary cities. Let all these cities go bankrupt. The more that go bankrupt the sooner we can circle the drain and get to the bottom. At that point real decisions will start being made when people have truly had enough of these political games. Unfortunately that means towns and cities start getting set on fire, innocent people murdered but that is the only way feeble minded people learn to stop voting to harm themselves. At that point it will stop.

  10. JK/AR says:

    Recalling my single point of hesitation viz the good Colonel’s advocating covert action[s] – that China is the source of the supply of fentanyl to the cartels and, what happens if they are in the way – I’ve gotten over that objection.


    It’s true a wall wouldn’t stop incursions but perhaps delays are sufficient.

  11. gpc says:

    is biden openly stops the immigrations waves, will the arrived part turn against dems?
    i dont think so – so why is he stalling?
    or is it an excuse to stop sending help to ukraine?

    • ked says:

      the point is to force Congress to act. after all, it’s their job. if Congress can’t / won’t deliver legislation out of their near-infinite angst over how to politicize everything for short-term partisan gain, then the Executive is freed to take emergency action. so, Mike Johnson is under duress to;
      – corral his caucus to achieve a politically tenable consensus w/ the dems,
      – get the Freedom Caucus nihilists under control, somehow, to deliver passage.

      more interesting; the gqp in both houses will be forced to go public w/ their stand… on record by voting on something other than Speaker(s) & Continuing Resolutions. or bail (more likely, but not by much – “we shall see”) w/ convoluted “reasoning” about, oh, I don’t know; the Founding Fathers? the Will of the People?, Communism? Jesus?, Hunter?

      when the legislative path fails, then the Admin will be in a slightly improved blame allocation position. but that won’t be enough, esp in an election year. so… maybe Biden releases a very well timed (& crafted, natch) Executive Order that unequivocally resets the Crisis in a manner that neutralizes the damned issue. at least until after the election.

  12. LeaNder says:

    I don’t quite get the geography. But interesting campaign.

    Island? Fronton Island? The map shown in the video above suggests no Island to me. Terra incognita beyond the border, Mexican no man’s land?


  13. JK/AR says:

    Well worth time spent listening.

    And, let’s remember the Bret Weinstein fellow was amongst the first (and very few) who put themselves out very publicly against “The Fauci Narrative” in the earliest days of our 2020 & Ongoing National Hysteria:


    Er, y’all do remember the hysteria doncha?


  14. John Minehan says:

    “The idea of a virtual border wall years ago was a bad joke. Even Trump’s big, beautiful wall would be as useless as tits on a boar hog unless it’s kept under observation and fire (or effective apprehension).”

    As G.S. Patton said, :Fixed fortifications are a monument to human stupidity.” (He was a bright guy despite going to VMI and USMA for 7 years to get a degree.)

    Strategic IMINT; Aerostats; RPVs; SIGINT; and patrols could all be used legitimately (it is an international border and there is no intent to spy on US Nationals). Some kind of agreement could be made to rescue (and redirect) people in rough terrain moving from the Mexican to the US side.

    Patrols to rescue and redirect migrants sounds better than “apprehend” and looks better than making El Paso look like the DDR side of the IGB in 1985.

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