Texas will build its own border wall

“Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to do the “job of the federal government” in securing the U.S. border, and he announced a number of moves Thursday, including picking up the building of the Trump border wall in his state.

“I will announce next week the plan for the state of Texas to begin building the border wall in the state of Texas,” Gov. Abbott said at a border summit Thursday in Del Rio, Texas.

Perhaps equally noteworthy, the governor’s disaster declaration to address the border crisis will include potentially arresting anyone illegally entering the state of Texas.

After the summit, Gov. Abbott tweeted the highlights of his plans:

“Enhanced Border Security Plan:

  • Disaster declaration — individuals entering TX illegally subject to arrest
  • Task Force
  • Approving over $1B in funding for border security
  • Building border barriers
  • Interstate compact powers”

Comment: Well, pilgrims, being a state means something different in New Jersey and Texas. PL


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  1. Deap says:

    It actually is a most beautiful wall – one more Trump promise made and promise kept. It is elegant and effective. A national pride. it is as important as the Statue of Liberty – a beacon for carefully regulated and orderly US immigration. You come here because you honor our laws; not because you intend to flaunt them.

  2. Roger+Spenser says:

    Isn’t Texas acting as a sovereign state?

  3. Fred says:

    Excellent caption photo too. Kamala and Joe’s ATF guy is doing his best Faucism bureaucratic shuffle to make all the pistol versions illegal by regulatory fiat. I can’t wait to see them try and collect them all.

  4. Oilman2 says:

    Well, the ‘center’ is not holding; it is useless for what Texans face at this point. If you look at the laws we are passing here, it doesn’t take a genius to see why we are building our own wall. If New Jersey doesn’t want to pay for it, nor the rest of the country – we will, as it is in our best interest.

    We have the longest and most porous border – primarily due to various administrations in DC. This decentralization has to happen, with the federal government and all federal agencies being most thoroughly corrupted. You are seeing the leading wave of this here – because the federal policies have only worsened our situation with every Borg in DC making it worse.

    • Deap says:

      Do the Texas teachers union encourage and protect open borders and sanctuary cities, like they do in California? Yours maybe the longest, but I contend California’s is the most porous — due to voter-supported active public policy choices.

  5. SAC Brat says:

    Super dumb question: What would legally prohibit Texas from building border barriers? Who could stop them? Don’t states also already have border crossing stations between states to restrict agricultural transit?

  6. Polish Janitor says:

    This announcement comes just after two major developments: 1. Kamala’s big fat failure in ‘handling’ the border situation and, 2. Donald Trump’s supposed political comeback down in NC.

    Kamala’s handling of the southern border was so terrible that even the liberal media called it a major flop. Just watch Lester Holt’s recent interview with Kamala and you will notice how much of the disaster it was.
    I see that Joe and his more centrist (east-coast) clique have been setting the VP up from day one. They know exactly who Kamala is and especially the extent of her political ambitions. Kamala’s only use for Joe was for the 2020 election and since then she has become more of a political liability and a dividing figure (e.g. her tie-breaking votes on the $1.9 b Stimulus Bill, and the confirmation of the Obama era State Dep. holdover Colin Kahl for the sensitive position of the policy-planning at the Pentagon). Since January, she has casted her tie-breaking vote four times already and every time she does it she intensifies her image as a political divider and an obstacle for the Dems than anything else. Additionally, Joe handing out the Southern border file, arguably the most pressing ongoing national security issue, to Kamala was another challenge that everybody knew she wouldn’t be able to handle. Unsurprisingly, no one seems surprised.

    Well, the ‘woke’ feds are not only incapable of solving the illegal immigration, but they themselves are to blame for it. This was a suicide mission for Kamala and Joe knew it. She could not even convert her ‘law and order’ shtick to managing the border issue and instead displayed her natural authoritarian tendency on the media for even daring to challenge her on air. I think this recent episode solidified the idea that the illegal immigration crisis can only be managed by the states and the local authorities rather than the feds and no matter how much ‘aid’ they pour into it, or send out Kamala to threaten the downtrodden, the crisis will remain intact.

    And as for DJT, can he use the border issue the 2nd time to revive himself once? It is clear that since leaving office he has been struggling to regain some of that momentum back. Can DJT smell blood on this one too?

    • Deap says:

      The notorious Samatha Powers is now being sent to Central America to clean up the Kamala Harris mess.

      (Or to evade her own role in FISA-Gate, assuming the Durham Report will crack that crack wide open.)

      • Polish Janitor says:

        Again going back to square one. Making the same mistake of Clinton and Obama by bribing the corrupt governments officials of the Triangle to get a hold of the illegal immigration mess through USAID. These Dems never learn from their mistakes and yet the still keep holding on the debunked ‘Rawlsian’ theory of justice through bribery…I thought 9/11 proved the approach 100% wrong! Kenya, Pakistan, were and still are among the major recipients of USAID, but that didn’t help them becoming pacified and more pro-western, did it?

  7. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    As a resident of the State of New Jersey, I can assure you all that Our Governor Murphy knows how to exercise power, but more often than not in aid of restricting the rights of New Jerseyans, and even in service to actively oppressing them when they attempt to responsibly exercise their rights.

    This contrasts very unfavorably with the actions of those such as Texas Governor Abbott, or Florida Governor DeSantis, who exercise their powers to secure the rights of the citizens of their respective States, and to free them from unwarranted governmental restrictions.

    Night and day.

  8. Leith says:

    Where will they build it? I recall that back in April the DoD ordered the Corps of Engineers to “give up lands that the Interior Department set aside for those projects, and transfer jurisdiction of those properties to the Homeland Security Department.”

    But the hell with what NJ thinks about paying for the wall. They weren’t paying for it anyway. It was paid for out of the budgets of the Army, Navy, AF, Marines, and NG. More important than NJ is the $2.2 billion recovered that had come from money the Trump administration diverted from military projects. Those funds are sorely needed.

    • TV says:

      Needed for what?
      An Army that couldn’t beat a band of ragtag bandits with no air force, no armor, no logistics train, no medical service and throw away infantry weapons.
      Throwing any more money at the corrupt incompetents (dressed up like doormen) who have bootlicked the way to their stars is just that – throwing away money.
      “Perfumed princes.”

      • Pat Lang says:

        This is all the result of sending too many (any officers) to fancy grad schools where they are encouraged in thinking that they are geopolitica thinkers rather warrior leaders of warriors focused on the fight when it comes.

  9. Deap says:

    Nice retrospective from another Texan – GW Bush ( By Jack Cashhill -American Thinker)

    ………..”By 2020, (GW) Bush knew enough about Trump’s successes to come to his defense. Trump had revived the economy; cut taxes; rebuilt the military; subdued North Korea; replaced the disastrous NAFTA with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement; reduced regulations; achieved energy independence; built a good chunk of wall; helped move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem; spoken at the March for Life; rescued the U.S. from the delusional Paris Accord; brokered peace throughout the Mideast; filled 500 court vacancies including three in the Supreme Court, most with constitutionalists; started no new wars; and expanded no old ones.

    More impressively, Trump accomplished this despite four years of relentlessly malicious and fraudulent media coverage. Bush knew something about the media. For eight years, he labored in a media environment very nearly as toxic as the one Trump endured. The resulting BDS rivaled TDS in its reach and malevolence……………..”

    • akaPatience says:

      I’m not sure if it was your intention but this excerpt, as posted, of the American Thinker article gives the impression that George W. Bush has revised his thinking and behavior about Trump. The article goes on to show that IN SPITE OF what’s stated in the excerpt, he hasn’t – he’s still against Trump, still chummy with Obama and Clinton.

      • Deap says:

        Agree, this was not to rehabilitate GW Bush, but provide the concise checklist of recognized Trump accomplishments. I should have edited the comment better.

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