The Bidens are Chinese property

Biden Pere et Fils

“Hunter flew home the day before the lunch. He already had met with Ye, over a private dinner on the Tuesday night, at which the CEFC chairman made him an offer too good to refuse: $10 million a year, for a minimum of three years, for “introductions alone,” as Hunter would later assert in an imperious email to CEFC executives.

Ye sealed the new alliance with a rich gift – a 3.16 carat diamond worth $80,000. Photographs of the stunning stone appear on Hunter’s laptop along with a grading report that lists it as a “round brilliant” of Grade F with prime “VS2” clarity and “excellent” cut.”

 “… the diamond was just an appetizer.

Nine days after Hunter’s meeting in Miami with Ye, $3 million is wired into an account for Rob Walker’s company, Robinson Walker LLC, from State Energy HK Limited, a Shanghai-based company linked to CEFC, according to the Chuck Grassley-Ron Johnson inquiry.

On March 1, another $3 million is wired to Robinson Walker by the same company. Both transactions are flagged by the Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement network in a “suspicious activity report,” filed with the Senate committees as “Confidential Document 16.”

Using the document as a source, the Grassley-Johnson report of Nov. 18, 2020, says: “At the time of the transfers, State Energy HK Limited was affiliated with CEFC China Energy, which was under the leadership of Ye Jianming. In the past, State Energy HK Limited transferred funds to at least one company associated with Hunter Biden’s business associate, Gongwen Dong . . .

“These transactions are a direct link between Walker and the communist Chinese government and, because of his close association with Hunter Biden, yet another tie between Hunter Biden’s financial arrangements and the communist Chinese government.”

The Senate report concludes it is “unclear what the true purpose is behind these transactions [$6 million from CEFC] and who the ultimate beneficiary is.”

We know from the laptop that Hunter received regular payments from Robinson Walker. One document lists $56,603.74 from Robinson Walker as income for Rosemont Seneca Advisors, between June and December 2017.

Rob Walker paid at least $511,000 to Hunter’s firm Owasco in 2017, according to an email from Hunter’s tax accountant, Bill Morgan.

Comment: Sadly, nothing will come of this. “The big guy” controls all federal police. No Durham to deal with this.

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  1. plantman says:

    “Corruption is a cancer: a cancer that eats away at a citizen’s faith in democracy, diminishes the instinct for innovation and creativity; already-tight national budgets, crowding out important national investments. It wastes the talent of entire generations. It scares away investments and jobs.” — Joe Biden, without a trace of irony

  2. Martin Oline says:

    I think this will be dealt with after January 2023 when a new Congress is sworn in to protect America from the kleptocrats of the Democrat party. Biden may have been deemed incapable of performing his role as President by that time. If that happens he and his son may not be investigated.

  3. jim ticehurst says:

    Sir..Yes ,,Nothing Covert about About Where the Trail of Stink comes from that Leads to This Nest of Skunks…Its all In Black and White..I Still Think Durham could pin the Tail on All Donkeys..Taking Us Down into the Abyss..So Many Known Crimes..So many acts that Could be Treasonable..since The United States in now active In TWO Cold Wars..with Hostile Acts and Threats by China Specifically…/In My Opinion.all these Known Democrats are rendered Aid to Nations like China that Consider The United States an Enemy…NOT on the List above…Is the Joint Venture by Hunter Biden and the Chinese Military,,,,AVIC….To help China Buy Henniges Automotive Company..through a Company Called Bohai Harvest..China then had Access to Very High Technology its Military and Airforce wanted..When Hunter made the Deal later..Over here..It Had to got through the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. CFIUS..That Deal was approved by the Biden Administration on Special waiver…with Support from John Kerry at the State Department….There were Objections that the Deal was a Conflict of Interest and Threatened the National Security…That deal is Obscene..Criminal..And Treason..because it renders Material Aid to a Known Communist Enemy of The United States of America…an there was No Reasonable Commerce Involved…I Grit My Teeth over what Skunks have done..are doing..and Are Getting Away With…Those People..Mock the Term,,”Land of The Free”Only They,,Are do the Evil Deeds They Do…

  4. Babeltuap says:

    A military professor once told me Hitler really didn’t matter. He didn’t matter because there were a thousand more little evil Hitlers.

    Are the Bidens concentrated corruption? Of course they are but does it really matter? There is an entire army of Joes and Hunters out there.

    • jim ticehurst says:

      Yes…But…Adolph..Mein Kopf…and Joe Klein Kopf…Are the Ones Who Got Heiled..and Had the Magic Wand…Yhey both were Probably getting the same Shots..and Had/Have similar Ministers..Uber Alles…Sure..Lots more of the Like Minded Losers Out there in the Torch Lite Parades…and versions of Krystal Nacht..Predictable Results Then..Predicitable Results Now..aand Wagner Plays On..

  5. English Outsider says:

    Colonel – such corruption is also an issue here in the UK, though in the case you write of it seems to be more blatant. David Cameron, in a speech a decade ago:-

    ” … I’m talking about lobbying – and we all know how it works. The lunches, the hospitality, the quiet word in your ear, the ex-ministers and ex-advisors for hire, helping big business find the right way to get its way. In this party, we believe in competition, not cronyism. We believe in market economics, not crony capitalism. So we must be the party that sorts all this out.”

    “…We don’t know who is meeting whom. We don’t know whether any favours are being exchanged. We don’t know which outside interests are wielding unhealthy influence. This isn’t a minor issue with minor consequences. Commercial interests – not to mention government contracts – worth hundreds of billions of pounds are potentially at stake.”

    “I believe that secret corporate lobbying, like the expenses scandal, goes to the heart of why people are so fed up with politics. It arouses people’s worst fears and suspicions about how our political system works, with money buying power, power fishing for money and a cosy club at the top making decisions in their own interest.

    “We can’t go on like this. I believe it’s time we shone the light of transparency on lobbying in our country and forced our politics to come clean about who is buying power and influence.

    “Politics should belong to people, not big business or big unions, and we need to sort this out. So if we win the election, we will take a lead on this issue by making sure that ex-ministers are not allowed to use their contacts and knowledge – gained while being paid by the public to serve the public – for their own private gain.”

    (David Cameron, 8th Feb 2010, cited in “A Quiet Word: Lobbying, Crony Capitalism and Broken Politics in Britain”, Cave and Rowell.)

    As far as I know the speech was not followed through on. Presumably that will be the case in this instance.

  6. Fred says:

    “the Grassley-Johnson report of Nov. 18, 2020”

    Safely released after the most free election in American history.

  7. Sam says:

    The question is: who among American elites are not CCP property?

    How much money is provided to universities, think-tanks, media, Wall St, Big Business, etc by CCP? And leadership of the duopoly?

  8. A. Pols says:

    “the aristocracy of pull”
    From Atlas Shrugged

  9. Can’t see that Beijing is getting its money’s worth, can you?

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