The End of the road for Joe?

As Joe Biden’s presidential approval numbers continue to slip, it is reasonable to ask at what point is the Biden administration politically unsalvageable. 

The clear evidence is that the Biden policies are not working well for most, including for Biden voters. A trend of buyer’s remorse is developing among young, independent, women (you don’t have to be a biologist to read poll numbers either), and minority voters.


Tellingly, Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign pollster, John Anzalone, is lowering expectations ahead of the bloodbath by saying it is “the worst political environment” he’s seen in three decades. Democrats on the Hill have doubled down on the most radically left policy agenda including cheerleading the end of American energy independence, inflation-inducing runaway government spending and a cornucopia of perverse woke cultural oddities.

Even if a voter likes the new lefty policies, the overall numbers are sobering.

A Quinnipiac poll released last week has only 33 percent of Americans approving of Biden’s job performance—the lowest approval rating in his presidency. It’s even worse among crucial independent voters, of whom only 26 percent approve of Biden. Biden has now strung together three quarters of dangerously low approvals. 

Presidents have rebounded from low numbers in the past, but the longer he stays at or below 40 percent, the more Democrats on the Hill will abandon him and his pet projects. In fact, there is already a clear trend of Democrats in tough races not inviting Biden or Harris to campaign alongside them. The next step will be shrewd Republicans finding precious video footage of Biden with said Democrat candidates. That video will be somewhat tough to find with a president who hides out more than hangs out.

Comment: Elder abuse. pl

The Biden gig is up | Fox News

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19 Responses to The End of the road for Joe?

  1. powderfinger1 says:

    Welcome back.

  2. Bill Roche says:

    I’ll be 76 this summer and have plenty of medical problems etc, but my brain continues to function. Well, no better no worse. Not so w/Joe. That’s clear. Even the press can’t hide it. Beyond the damage that his side, socialism, is doing to our republic, I wonder at the objectives of his wife. I’m old fashioned and believe your spouse is your best friend. You look out after each other. Not so with the Missus. I don’t know if I want Biden to last his full term. The alternatives are awful. But even if he does … what does she think she will have at the end? I can only wonder, what a strange family.
    BTW stretch the hip (I know it hurts) and welcome back indeed. TTG was terrific.

  3. d74 says:

    Good to read you again.

    • AngusinCanada says:

      Yes, welcome back Colonel!

      It’s amazing to me that 33% of Americans (allegedly) approve of Biden’s performance. I mean, it’s a train wreck. What would it take for that cohort to disapprove lol.

  4. TV says:

    Glad to se you back.

  5. Fred says:

    The election is ramping up and so is Antifa (active in Oregon again) and the left’s doxing-media silencing campaign, as seen lately with the doxing of ‘Libs of TikTok’. Then there is the organized outrage from the left over the Florida bill banning grooming of 4-9 year olds in public schools. The left hates having what they are doing exposed for all to see.

    • TTG says:

      It appears the right hates having what they are doing exposed for all to see, as well. Why all the outrage over identifying the person behind an influential blog account? I have to admit, I had to look that shit up. I never heard of the Libs of TikTok or any of the hullabaloo over identifying the person behind it. Thank God for no cable or streaming services.

    • Al says:


      I live in Oregon. No sign of Antifa here right now, other than some delusional teenager marking buildings with a paint spray can. Antifa will only be here (as in the past) if their rumble mates (Proud Boys, etc.) decide to hold a rally….that’s when Antifa groupies show up.

      Out in the far reaches of Oregon, into Washington and over in Idaho, one after another small community has gone thru self inflicted scares/panic attacks of “Antifa is coming” over the past 5 yrs or so.

      Several of these such “incidents”;

      Armed white residents lined Idaho streets amid ‘antifa’ protest … › national › 2020/06/04
      Jun 4, 2020 — Protesters had only begun assembling peacefully in Idaho when a Facebook page for retired police officers advised its followers to stay on …

      In Klamath Falls, Oregon, victory declared over antifa, which … › tech › social-media › klam…
      Jun 6, 2020 — In Oregon, rumors of an antifa invasion spread quickly, spurring people to take guns to the streets. Instead, they found the town’s Black …

      Like you, Fred, easy to fall for the disinformation out there about Antifa.

  6. Al says:

    At this point in his Presidency Sleepy Joe has to keep up “the front” of being a viable 2nd termer. But the reality is that yrs 2023 and 2024 will be so dismal for him it will be clear to even him as he awakens that a second term will be a futile attempt

    Then for the Dems, what is to be done with Harris?
    Hip, hip, hooray for the Colonel!

  7. walrus says:

    Col. Lang, Welcome back. I have quite a few friends with hip ( and knee) replacements and they all say it was the best thing to happen to them.

    Will you now set off metal detectors?

  8. Jose says:

    Welcome back, but hey have no other options.

    The Dems are hell bent on political suicide via the “Go Woke, Go Broke.”

    They live in Twitter, not the real world.

  9. Joe says:

    I view it as approval 8.5% inflation 33%. I do not know who the ask or what they ask?

    I want to know how much money he is giving to the illegal immigrants, they come here with nothing and get a phone and a place to live. It has to be 10’s of billions.

    The NATO treaty has been violated and no nato country should be participating in that conflict. Article 1 giving arms where a conflict is occuring in a non nato country. Article 8 providing arms to a belligerent not a member of nato.

    i know Ukraine bought protection from the US but cooler heads should prevail and get us out of there and apologize to russia.

    Welcome back Pat.

  10. Sam says:

    DeSantis is making headlines by using his power as an elected official.

    Trump is making headlines by doing interviews with regime propagandists, and storming off in a tantrum.

    If you can’t comprehend the significance of these differences, then don’t cry in 2024.

    The lead up to the mid-terms and the election results will be interesting. The post mid-term political jockeying will be even more interesting as we head into 2024. I’ve no idea how that will play out and if Trump will be the Comeback Kid. In any case it should be an all-out political war. How will both political parties and the governing establishment fare? Will we continue the march to more authoritarianism or will there be pushback?

  11. Outrage Beyond says:

    The end of the road for Joe, or not, is a fascinating question. The man is clearly senile and the puppeteers are in charge. Various sources suggest that there’s a battle among the various puppeteer factions, including, but not limited to: the Clinton Crime Family; the Obama Gang, the Neocon Gang, (a proxy for various Israel-first billionaires) the Swamp or Borg (take your pick) – either way, the entrenched permanent DC interests; the FIRE sector, the Oil and Gas sector; and the Military-Industrial Complex. We might also add the Think Tank Gangsters to the mix, although this group might also be described as the public relations arm for various actual power groups.

    The question arises: if some faction or group of these factions decides to depose Senile Joe, what is their next move? One suspects that any faction that has the stroke to send Joe to a retirement home also believes that they have ironclad control over Dirty Cop Kamala. She seems to be an easily controlled lightweight, but the outcome of such a play remains somewhat unpredictable. Is she such an empty pantsuit that she can be mau-maud into launching a nuclear war?

    Interesting time indeed.

  12. English Outsider says:

    Glad you’re OK, Colonel. I take it this is payback for all the parachuting. I hope the recuperation goes well.

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