“The Gamble House” on TA

Porter-frontdoor I would encourage you all to visit Maureen's post on "The Athenaeum."  pl

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  1. anna missed says:

    Nice post by Maureen. When I entertain the vision of America’s shining city on the hill, I see it filled with Greene and Greene. The American Arts and Crafts is often under appreciated in its breadth, as the Greene and Greene inspired “bungalows” that became the first real middle class housing were also filled with equally inspired furniture, ceramics, metal work, and graphic design. The factories, co-ops, and guilds that produced much of these goods were also often leaders by example in worker rights, wages, working conditions, and such.

  2. David says:

    Yes, nice post. Bungalow style
    homes are also very common here in Australia. They and “Federation”style homes represent the majority of those built between roughly 1900 and 1950. Unfortunately many of these fine homes are being demolished to make room for bigger, but uglier buildings.

  3. rjj says:

    Yes, they have been doing that in Victoria and Vancouver. At least they are recycling them. Eight or so years ago you could buy one for $10-20K Canadian and have it moved to the US for about $100K if you had the lot, the cash, and were on the west coast. Since then the inventory has gone down, the prices have gone up and they have expanded into Washington.
    You can click on house images at the above link to see the interiors and floor plans. Much of what IS available has been heartbreakingly disimproved in one or another updating craze.

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