The Iranian and Russian Jabberwocky by Larry C Johnson

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I consider myself a student of history. I have done quite a bit of reading over the years and believe I have a pretty firm grasp on the road we have already traveled. With this as my preamble I must say I have never read about a period in our history that is as batshit crazy and dangerous as what we are doing now. Let me be more specific. The anti-Russian hysteria and feckless attempts by Democrats and Republican Trump haters to paint Trump as a puppet or even a paramour of Putin is insane. It is a sentiment not grounded in reality.

Then we have the preposterous policy announcement on Iran by the Trump Administration today.. Call it the Trump/Bolton/Pompeo Jabberwocky moment (for those unfamiliar with Lewis Carroll’s creation, a Jabberwocky is a nonsense poem–sound and fury meaning nothing).

Notice the common thread that binds crazy Adam Schiff with crazy Donald Trump. They each hold a fervent belief that is devoid of fact and based on nothing more then feelings and impressions born of ignorance.

Schiff’s strident insistence that he has proof of Trump’s collusion with Putin is beyond laughable. Notwithstanding the claim in the Christopher Steel crafted Russian dossier that Putin and the rest of his thugs were beyond eager to offer Trump special real estate deals. Yet nothing ever materialized. Devoid of irony, it was Schiff who got on the phone with two alleged Russian informants eager to dish dirt on naked pictures of Donald Trump (just the thought of that brings sour stomach juices to the back of my throat). He later discovered they were impish pranksters. But that setback has not dissuaded the homosexual California version of Joe McCarthy from pursuing his prey. Adam Schiff is channeling the gay version of Gregory Peck’s Ahab.

Reflecting the same sort of mindless, factless quest for a mythical creature, Donald Trump announced that he was placing the Iranian military on the list of terrorist groups. His pronouncements, along with those of his Secretary of State, on Iranian support for terrorism sounds great at first blush as long as you know nothing of history. Iran is not the major sponsor of international terrorism. In fact, Iran has been in the lead in battling the very Islamic radical groups that attacked American civilians on 9-11-2001.

Publius Tacitus had a great piece on this (click here). PT is spot on. The truth about Iranian “terrorism” is that the Iranians, especially over the last 25 years, have focused on striking military targets. That is a legitimate target. We may not like it when our soldiers and marines are the targets, but they are carrying guns and wearing body armor in foreign countries.

Schiff and Trump’s bellicosity in railing against truly imaginary enemies runs the serious risk of creating real enemies with the capacity to strike us and hurt us. If that comes the blame will rest largely with the American public who have willingly gone along with patent bullshit. But we are in an age where genuine truth no longer seems to matter. I do not recall a similar, more delusional period in our history. This one is very dangerous because of the toxic mix of enthusiasm and ignorance.

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One Response to The Iranian and Russian Jabberwocky by Larry C Johnson

  1. Richard Ong says:

    A great article.
    One quibble: McCarthy was dead on in all that he said and is even today excoriated simply for asking, quite reasonably, why the federal government was hiring so many mothertrucking communists. I don’t he used that adjective but he had his finger on the commies’ nerves. It’s been a while since I read any of the details so forgive me if I ask can you please supply the names of those loyal Americans who were falsely accused of being communists?
    The left seems to think it was ok to be a commie but asking someone if they are is just too much.

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