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Deterrent Balance 7

“Operation Deterrent Balance 7 is the most recent in a series of large-scale missile and drone attacks by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia. Operation Deterrent Balance 1 targeted the Shaybah super-giant oil field in southeast Saudi Arabia on August 17 of … Continue reading

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Kill the AUMFs? Yes!!

Comment: The US should have declared war in the case of each and every one of the AUMFs. There are three on the books. Iraq, Afghanistan and the on that authorizes the use of the armed forces against anything that … Continue reading

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Gaza and the Next Lebanon War

“As most Western militaries that share the IDF’s values and legal adherence know too well, the doctrine described by Kochavi is currently the least bad of several bad options. This doctrine will no doubt be tested again, not just in … Continue reading

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“Israeli Intelligence chief: We do not want ISIS defeat in Syria” AMN

“Israeli intelligence Chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, said that the last three months have been the most difficult for ISIS since its inception. In a speech delivered at “Herzliya” conference yesterday , Halevy explicitly said “Israel” does not want the … Continue reading

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The “dogs” have teeth.

Comment: I have worked on the Palestinian/Zionist issue for about 45 years. I was head of US MI/IDF General Staff liaison for seven long, long years. I long ago gave up any hope that the two groups could live together … Continue reading

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Peace (of a sort) is coming in Yemen

Comment: Well, Pilgrims, Liz Cheney will be sorely disappointed. Imagine! An outbreak of peace in the world! Imagine. pl  6,090 total views,  4 views today

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Houthi power. Why are we opposing these people?

“The spokesman summarized the operations of the Houthis and their allies in the past six years as follows: The Missile Force carried out 1,348 operations in which 1,348 ballistic missiles were launched. At least 499 missiles were launched at key … Continue reading

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And now, Hizbullah will have even better weapons

“Iran has recently made significant advances in the development of its weapons industry, including precision-guided rockets and missiles, cruise missiles and drones. Israeli intelligence has observed a leap in Iranian capabilities, which are now being extensively distributed to other parts … Continue reading

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“Israel will face 2,000 Hezbollah missiles per day if war breaks out: IDF commander” AMN

“Israel will experience an air raid of 2,000 rockets and missiles per day during a future war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, OC Home Front Command Maj. Gen. Uri Gordin warned while addressing the B’Sheva Conference in Jerusalem, according to The Jerusalem … Continue reading

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“Iran’s Flexible Fatwa” WINEP

"The Supreme Leader first issued an oral nuclear fatwa in 2003, and he has repeated it in numerous speeches since then. These pronouncements, which use a religious idiom to describe nuclear weapons as “forbidden” (haram), have the same legal standing as … Continue reading

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