The IRS Website Crashed Last Week, And They’ll Probably Blame This On The Russians Too. — by J

Irs website crash


Well, U.S. Taxpayers received a 24 hour reprieve on their tax deadline this past week.  Seems that the IRS's website crashed.  Do you think they'll blame this one on the Russians as well? 

D.C. seems to have lost accountability, whether it's the DNC saying they didn't do it, or the RNC saying they didn't do it as well.  Now we have an official U.S. Government Grade-A website (that's what the agency in question's head-shed probably believed before it crashed), going downnnnnnnnn……..silence.

Personal accountability

So who will D.C. now blame for this latest 'glitch', the Russians once again?  Blink, blink.  How much is the 'fix' costing the taxpayers this time?  Blink, blink.  

D.C.'s Syrian 'fix' (aka Tomahawks) sure cost an arm and a leg. 

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