The “Lion Cub”

“The only son of legendary rebel commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, nicknamed the “Lion of Panjshir” for repelling both the Soviets and the Taliban before his assassination by al-Qaeda in 2001, Massoud junior now represents the last hope that Afghanistan will not fall under the total control of Islamist extremists.

While western governments and their military are rapidly fleeing the country before the August 31 deadline agreed with the Taliban, Massoud – who now commands several thousand fighters including the remnants of the Afghan National Army and special forces commandos who have fled to Panjshir – has vowed to remain steadfast. “I’m the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud,” the commander nicknamed the “Lion Cub” has said in recent days, of his last stand. “Surrender is not a word in my vocabulary.”” Telegraph

Comment: An opportunity to educate yourself. Those who wish to understand will. Sympathizers of the jihadis and the Bidonian cabal will not.

Lockheed MC-130 – Wikipedia

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  1. Mike C says:

    For anyone getting paywalled by the telegraph, the Startpage search engine has a proxy viewer which will bypass that. Works for some other news sites too, but not all.

  2. Leith says:

    The Taliban “propaganda machine” is in full bloom. Both alArabiya and the Jerusalem Post print Taliban claims they have taken over Panjshir. I believe that is BS. Can they take it by force? Doubtful IMO. Winter will soon be coming on in those mountain passes. So that gives Massoud a respite.

    But as someone said logistics are the lifeblood of war and Massoud’s forces will need resupply of ammo. Who will provide? How would those supplies get through other than by airlift or backpack over the mountains? Can the Taliban play a waiting game.

    And what happened to Dostum’s promise to bring 20,000 troops to assist Panjshir? He is negotiating with the Taliban now.

    Why do we hear nothing of major resistance from the Hazaras, 20% of the Afghan population? Is Tehran ordering them not to revolt so as to maintain trade & try for good relations with Kabul? WSJ is reporting that the Taliban is reaching out to the Hazaras. But no matter the sweet whisperings of the moderates, the hard core Salafis among the Taliban will continue to murder Hazaras, force them to convert, & bomb their religious festivals. Arba’een is coming up in three weeks, if that does not go peacefully we may see some Hazara resistance.

    BTW I’m what you call a Bidonian. I’ve donated to the Lion Cub’s GoFundMe account: I was turned on to that site by another Democrat. I’d do more if I was sixty years younger and did not have an ill SWMBO to take care of at home. I would hope some Trump fans would donate also, or if you are young enough then volunteer, since Trump was the one that gave Afghanistan to the Taliban.

  3. Paola Giovanetti says:

    I very doubt this is even a lion´s cub…

    The Massoud junior is like the Tadjik version of Trudeau ( in fcatv they seem both ctu by the same patern…may be by genetic engineering…now that we know they were doing such leaps forward in genetics without our knowledge…) rised amongst cotton, I can not see him sweating or freezing in the trench in what could be a very long guerrilla war with the battered mountainous people totally accustomed to not seeing a shower in months…I dunno, but can see him more fitting along Bernard Henry Levi in a Parisian bistro, where his looking could be soon imitated by the bobos there, as they now fins interesting the Talibanic look…

    Then, it is why and how the father, the real lion, really died…Could the son even know it, or is he simply trying to asure a life of comfort and no working making a full exercise in memory gimnastics?

    It seems he did not want US troops coming in…We know that shit…and false flag… happen…Just after he died, 9/11 took place which casually justified Afghanistan and Irak invasion…

  4. Sam says:

    Col. Lang

    It is not just the Bidonian Cabal not supporting the Lion Cub. We don’t see either Trump or the Republicans do anything either. They’re AWOL too. It appears that those in the halls of power only care about their interests not the national interests. We see that across the board of issues.

  5. Eliot says:

    Col. Lang,

    I assume Massoud has French and British support?

    – Eliot

  6. Poul says:

    It seems the fighting in Panjshir is nearing an end.

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