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Russia’s Main Link to China ‘Paralyzed’ After Tunnel ‘Sabotage’

Russia’s main rail link to China has been left paralyzed after Ukraine’s Security Service blew up a tunnel in the Russian republic of Buryatia, it has been reported. The explosions in the Severomuysky Tunnel were masterminded by the Security Service … Continue reading

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The New Drone Wars – Three Years Later

Back in early 1981, I did a few “odd jobs” between graduating from the Infantry Officer Advanced Course and starting the SF Officers Course. One of these jobs was as an ARTEP evaluator for a mech infantry company on Fort … Continue reading

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US purchases more Gepards from Jordan to send to Ukraine

The new U.S. purchase of the Gepards is being funded through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), which was established prior to Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine. This security assistance mechanism is specifically intended to help acquire weapons and other … Continue reading

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Who blew up Nord Stream?

A senior Ukrainian military officer with deep ties to the country’s intelligence services played a central role in the bombing of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines last year, according to officials in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe, as well … Continue reading

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Alan Farrell on Soldiering

Ladies and Gentlemens: Thanks for having me here to honor those who’ve served. I was a soldier. Then I was a teacher. Now I’m just a… well, a citizen, I guess. A teacher. One day I’m dozing through a meeting of the English Composition … Continue reading

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“A Secret War, Strange New Wounds and Silence From the Pentagon”

Firing weapons is as fundamental to military service as tackling is to football. And research has started to reveal that, as with hits in football, repeated blast exposure from firing heavy weapons like cannons, mortars, shoulder-fired rockets and even large-caliber … Continue reading

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 Ap Bu Nho – A Remembrance for Veteran’s Day 

Garryowen in Glory, the 7th Cavalry Regiment at Ap Bu Nho  By a quirk of fate, “D” 2/7 Cavalry, was given the chance to demonstrate the plausibility of Spinoza’s despair several weeks later.  A Montagnard agent reported that the 141st NVA Regiment … Continue reading

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Zaluzhnyi on modern war

Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief General Valerii Zaluzhnyi assessed on November 1 that the war in Ukraine has taken on a positional nature and offered a series of recommendations for Ukraine to restore maneuver to the battlespace. In an essay entitled “Modern Positional Warfare … Continue reading

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The coming spelunking nightmare

As Gazans Scrounge for Food and Water, Hamas Sits on a Rich Trove of Supplies By Matthew Rosenberg and Maria Abi-Habib Hamas has spent years stockpiling desperately needed fuel, food and medicine, as well as ammo and weapons, in the … Continue reading

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Tales of the River Bank

Kherson direction: Activity of the APU on the left bank, the situation as of 18.00 on October 17, 2023. Last night, at least four groups of then AFU 35th and 36th Marine Brigade from the Katran strike group landed at … Continue reading

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