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Would the US go to war with China over Taiwan?

“Every time dozens of mainland fighter jets and bombers fly into Taiwan’s air defence zone, Taipei scrambles its own aircraft. It is not hard to imagine a scenario whereby a misunderstood signal or action could lead to a deadly incident. … Continue reading

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“Inside every —— there is an American trying to get out …”

I wrote the other day about the responsible job that I thought Austin, Milley and McCkenzie did in their testimony before Congress.  I stand by that judgment but would like to expand my thought in that post. Several times during … Continue reading

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Counterinsurgency – a much failed strategy? (Originally published on SST in 2013. Re-published on the occasion of our 2021 defeat)

Some time ago (2009)  I was asked to encapsulate my views on the afghan policy situation.  The resulting summary is quoted below.  Since policy has clearly gone in a different direction I feel free to state my view for the … Continue reading

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Not surprisingly the generals fought back to defend themselves.

“Top military officials wrapped up the second day of testimony on Capitol Hill over Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. In Wednesday’s House Armed Services Committee hearing, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin continued to contradict Biden’s … Continue reading

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Redoubts 9 and 10 – Where the US was born.

(Reposted) Without the service of the French Regulars, Cornwallis would never have surrendered.  Anthony Wayne’s Continentals and these men captured these two strong redoubts in night bayonet attacks.  There are a whole lot of these fellows buried out in the … Continue reading

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Sorry, but bad s–t happens in war situations.

“Head of the United States Central Command Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced Friday that it is unlikely any ISIS-K members were killed in a Kabul drone strike on August 29, which led to multiple civilian casualties. “We now assess that it … Continue reading

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Just toss them out the door?

“The US Army is looking to quickly develop and deploy new “mini-drones” able to launch from helicopters to find enemy targets, operate under enemy fire, and send instant target coordinates and key surveillance details. It is referred to as the … Continue reading

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Deterrent Balance 7

“Operation Deterrent Balance 7 is the most recent in a series of large-scale missile and drone attacks by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia. Operation Deterrent Balance 1 targeted the Shaybah super-giant oil field in southeast Saudi Arabia on August 17 of … Continue reading

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The Hazara and the Liwa Fatemiyoun – TTG

This article leads to a PBS FRONTLINE documentary by Najibullah Quraishi that was released on 20 July. It highlights two threats to Taliban rule not emanating from the Panjshir Valley. The Hazara, like the Tajiks of the Panjshir Valley just … Continue reading

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The “Lion Cub”

“The only son of legendary rebel commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, nicknamed the “Lion of Panjshir” for repelling both the Soviets and the Taliban before his assassination by al-Qaeda in 2001, Massoud junior now represents the last hope that Afghanistan will not fall … Continue reading

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