The Saudis will not accept punishment.


I have been asked to give my view as to whether or not the Saudi theocracy would accept punitive measures in response to their confessed murder by government personnel of Kashoggi. 

In my opinion they will not.  They believe that they, not the Jews, are the chosen people of God and that it is their destiny to establish the dominance of the 'Umma  (God's community) over the Peoples of the Book (Ahl al-kitab) and the other assorted populations of the earth.  To accept punishment for killing the apostate Kashoggi would be to deny the Ummah' its place in God's plan for mankind.

John Abizaid is nominated to be ambassador to Saudi Arabia.  His "legend" holds that he is a miracle worker with the Arabs, but that is all BS.  He is a descendant of Christian Lebanese.  Such people are servants of the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia.  He learned his Arabic in the US Army.  I would love to test his actual proficiency.  The Saudi establishment welcomes his appointment.  They think that enough money, offered in various paths will deal with him.

What do I think we should do about MBS?  IMO we should use every possibility to turn the royal family against him.  He has alienated many.  Gina Haspel should get busy using wusta (intermediaries) across the world to tell the Saudi nomenklatura that their financial interests will suffer mightily if he is allowed to continue as effective head of government.  pl

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