The US Armed Forces are not a line in Trump’s balance sheet


If I read the Tweet right, Trump today wrote that the US is entitled to "fair payment for the excellent protection we provide" to foreign countries.  Someone should tell him that all the world is not a marketplace where government services are sold abroad to the highest bidder.

NATO is an alliance in which the US is a partner, but not a business partner.  the NATO countries agreed some time ago to make their own defense expenditures be a minimum of 2% of their GDP.  This is not a payment to the US, but it would seem that Trump actually wants to be paid as if the US Armed Forces were a security company the services of which could be made into a profit center for the business that he seems to imagine the US Government to be.

The German mercenary soldiers the king brought to America have long been despised in the US.  Does the present Commander in Chief think we are no better than they?  pl

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