What about Bob?


We have too many Bobs and Joe Bobs commenting.  Sort yourselves out somehow please.   I still want to know what he whispered to her on the street in Tokyo.  I know what I would have.  pl

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  1. alba etie says:

    When possible and when time permits I try to wiki the herds of talking heads experts on the MSM to decide who might be credible – Two so far I think might be ok are former Naval Chief Petty Officer Malcom Nance . Former COP Malcom Nance seems to be knowledgeable and worth listening to- its very hard for the lay person like myself to sort through all the nonsense out there regarding the threat from ISIS. I particularly like CPO Nance’s learned and spirited denunciation of the the black sites torture program . I think it was Nance who stated once to Chris “Tweety Bird Matthews that tortured is as horrible and soul destroying to the torturer as the tortured . The other fairly regular commentator on the MSM regrading ISIS /Daesh is former SAIC Ali Soufan who also appears to be quite pragmatic& learned in his approach to defeating the Wahabbi Salafist . Mr Soufan also raised hell about the black torture site in
    Thailand .
    Meanwhile can anyone here at SST more learned on the “internet tubes machinations” then I post that clip from What About Bob where Bill Murray is tied to the mast of the Dreyfuss Psychiatrist ‘s sailing ship ? “I’m sailing .I’m sailing !!” What a perfect analogy …for all the alleged unvetted experts on the MSM

  2. LeaNder says:

    alba etie,
    I am sailing, hopefully correct cut, different cuts of the scene:
    The complete film on You Tube too:
    were the scene starts around 50/51:00 minutes into the movie.
    no expertise necessary, see Google search:

  3. JLCG says:

    I think there is much more to the ISIS phenomenon than terrorism. It is some kind of movement in opposition to the “western” movement. We have been told that it is centered in Northern Mesopotamia but I imagine that there are many Muslims that for fear of the Western do not declare their beliefs. I am reminded of those pious Jews that buried Jesus and had themselves not declared being his followers because of fear of the Jews, read Western .
    Decius and Diocletian also wanted to eradicate a movement and they failed.
    So let us beware.
    At bottom this is a religious movement. Catacombs.

  4. The Beaver says:

    You mean this one -the last ~ 30 secs of it

  5. alba etie says:

    Thanks – perhaps instead of an analogy to the talkingheads – this might be more of a metaphor …

  6. turcopolier says:

    I don’t know what you are talking about. I just happen to see a kindred spirit in Bill Murray. BTW, he whispered to her that his office phone number was in the LA directory. pl

  7. JMH says:

    Bill Murray declares war on the winner take all mentality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UZvIZAHjlY

  8. Trent says:

    “We’ll always have Tokyo.”

  9. turcopolier says:

    Nah! there is a voice enhanced recovery of the whisper on U-tube in which it is clear that he says, “I have to leave now, but I won’t let that come between us. OK?” to which she replies. “OK”. pl

  10. Thomas says:

    “We have been told that it is centered in Northern Mesopotamia…”
    The Inner Shura of the Islamic State are men with ties to Samarra.
    When they did their “hostile” takeover of Al Qadea Mesopotamia, they called in an artillery strike on the former Shura where they were scheduled to meet, bewailed their lost Brothers of The Base, and recommended the scholar Abu Bakr to serve as new Amir. Caliph Ibrahim gave his zealous followers a goal to strive for, the Umayyad Restoration (and it just so happens to be Ibrahim is from the family tree).
    It is a religious revivalist movement that is burning through that place in the world, and not for the first time.

  11. Serge says:

    Disappointingly anticlimactic, I’ll have to do my best to forget it.

  12. Medicine Man says:

    Col.: Apparently the exchange between Johansson and Murray was completely unscripted as well. I’m glad they left it in. It was an interesting cinematic flourish. Watching it I got the feeling that I was intruding, which is an interesting way to pull the viewer out of the film. I wish Hollywood had more tolerance for that kind of ambiguity.

  13. turcopolier says:

    Good idea. You will be happier. pl

  14. alba etie says:

    Col Lang
    ” The Lost in Translation ” film was and still remains one of my favorites.

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