“The Advisor” 15 April, 2006

This is from the Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq, not sure exactly about the name.  I guess any kind of torture of the language will do if you do not want to use the words that sound like the 20th Century.  I subscribed to it.  Anyone can do so.  I think it is worth reading as an indication of the sincerity and devotion to duty with which our people are approaching the task that our government have given them.

Pat Lang

Download the_advisor_15_april_06.pdf

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3 Responses to “The Advisor” 15 April, 2006

  1. Redleg says:

    I have no doubt most of our soldiers and Marines are busting their humps to make things better in Iraq. The unfortunate thing is that the administration has given them a tough mission but apparently inadequate support . And if the mission in Iraq fails, and our Army is severely weakened as a result of Bush’s policies, we will be much worse off than when we were before we invaded.

  2. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I recall reading Moshe Dyan’s impressions of US officers and officials in Vietnam; that many many seemed to honestly believe in their mission and the justness (not Dyan’s word) of their cause-so to speak.
    I am not surprised to read this.
    I do feel saddened by the waste of it all in this particular case.

  3. Chris Bray says:

    “Engineering the Future.” Twinkle, twinkle. The sincerity and devotion are clear, but so is the pie-in-the-sky fuzziness. I’d be impressed if this publication also truthfully covered stories like the large attack on a police convoy a few days ago. As it stands, it looks to me like a cheerfully Soviet celebration of the unrelenting march toward the success of the liberationist project, huzzah! This thinking is the problem.

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