“The March of the Penguins”

SST2005 has in hand several reviews of recent and/or classical films.  These were reviewed by Alan Farrell who resides at Lexington in the Shenandoh Valley of Virgina.  Professor Farrell is a college teacher of French (ptui!) (That was a joke – see review)  Pat Lang

Download march_of_the_penguins.pdf

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2 Responses to “The March of the Penguins”

  1. RJJ says:

    this is VERY funny.
    Looking forward so his review of the penguin-produced documentary, “Lifestyles of the Featherless Bipeds.”

  2. Eric says:

    I like koalas,too, but they’re apparently vicious little bastards.
    Remember Joan Lunden intereviewing a zoo person who brought along a koala to Good Morning, America.
    Joan was all smily , lovey-dovey, till the koala went for the breastworks like Sir Edmund Hillary.
    Guess you just had to see it.

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