This is not fair to poor old Joe


"On Thursday, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said that 120 million Americans have died from the novel coronavirus, though the current total is over 124,000.

"People don't have a job, people don't know where to go, they don't know what to do," Biden said Thursday. "Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID."

According to a tracker provided by Johns Hopkins University, as of Friday, there are currently at least 124,424 deaths related to the novel coronavirus, which causes the respiratory disease COVID-19, as well as over 2.4 million confirmed cases."  Newsweek

This poor man needs help.  Someone take him home where he can live in his fantastic past (literally).  pl 

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23 Responses to This is not fair to poor old Joe

  1. J says:

    Who wrote his cue-cards, OR has he lost the ability to read, or even to see past his nose? Literally.

  2. Fred says:

    He is looking more an more like Hindenberg at the end of the Weimar Republic. A figurehead to be manipulated, the election being no more than a way to give ‘autorität’ to a politician, in this case whoever fights or bribes hard enough for his VP slot. The hard left of “Democratic Socialists”, BLM, and assorted ideologues are consuming the democratic party.

  3. J says:

    Also have you watched the videos of Obama and Biden where Biden rambles. Notice how Obama screws-up his face and cocks his head in wonder trying to figure out what ol Joe was saying. Notice how the longer the videos go, the more of a scowl embraces Obama whole expressions. Obama’s body language of ‘ain’t no way he’s gonna get elected’ jumps off the screen.
    Now on a serious note, I hope that after Trump gets re-elected he goes after the Retired General that Obama inserted into the State Department (for mole purposes) who appears to have been a co-conspirator of the fake dossier at the behest of his former boss Obama. I see a garden-variety of charges under the UCMJ that Trump can use against the Retired General if he so chooses.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    I do wonder if running Joe is the DNC’s way of saying “look, we can put up an empty chair for president and still beat you”. I don’t doubt for an instant that The Chosen One (HRC) is vindictive enough to think this way.
    Meanwhile, I see the IC leakers are still working through Schumer’s 6 ways from Sunday list. #TraitorTrump is trending today on Twitter after the NYT article on Russia’s supposed bounty scheme for US forces in Afghanistan. Gotta keep Russiagate alive somehow I guess.
    Trump is not running against Joe, he is running against the combined might of the political, media and Intelligence establishment. They were complacent and dropped the ball in 2016, this time it’s clear they are puling out all the stops. It is relentless.

  5. sbin says:

    120 million lost to covid this after 150 million lost to gun violence.
    Not many Americans left to vote for Dementia Joe in what is left of his mind.
    Crazy uncle in the basement is an interesting choice for a presidential candidate.
    The same people disappeared Tulsi Gabbard after she ended Kamala Harris campaign in a debate.

  6. ST Harris says:

    Can’t wait for the first debate!

  7. blue peacock says:

    IMO. There’s not going to be any debates or unscripted press conferences. The coronavirus “resurgence” and solidarity with BLM will be used to shut down Trump rallies. The media will use the vacuum to spin their narrative.
    Trump needs a real fighter like Bannon instead of Jared & Ivanka who are primarily focused on the period after their stint in the WH.

  8. TV says:

    Yet millions of people are ready and willing to vote for this senile, corrupt career politician because they don’t like the “bad orangeman’s” tweets.
    I always get a kick out of the talking heads and politicians who blather:
    “The voters aren’t stupid.”
    YES, they are.
    Obama could barely hide his dislike of America and they elected him TWICE.

  9. Adrian E. says:

    According to Biden, 150 million Americans have been killed with guns since 2007. Now, he thinks that 120 additional millions died from COVID-19.
    I wonder how many inhabitants the US still has according to Joe Biden. Perhaps around 58 millions, slightly less than Italy?
    At least, after most inhabitants of the US have died in recent years according to Biden, there is plenty of space for the minority who survived (maybe in Biden‘s mind the imagined mass deaths of 270 million Americans are an argument in favor of mass immigration).

  10. Jack says:

    I’m convinced Joe is just a stalking horse. Obama and Clyburn are running the show. I’ve seen many “stories” that Kamala Harris is the anointed one to be the first female and black president. Reportedly Willie Brown’s squeeze who got her going in office in California. And just like Obama, fully bought and paid for by the big corporate and Wall St interests.
    Joe’s role is to hide in the basement and use his positive name recognition to get across the finish line. No one hates him unlike Hillary and Trump. Many will vote for him in the crucial states of NC, MI, PA and WI because of the perception of him being a nice, wise, old guy who will put together a competent team of old DC hands and let them run the government. There will be plenty of suburban moms and old black folks to vote for him. He doesn’t conjure visceral hate like Hillary and Trump does.
    Once the election is done he’ll step down after a fall or some health scare and Kamala will run it. She ain’t no marxist. She’s the Wall St and big money candidate, just like Obama. She’ll pay lip service with high sounding rhetoric to placate the BLM wing and just like Billy will also have her Sista Souljah moment. As California AG she sent black moms to jail for small crimes. She’s a complete phony but it’s the phonies the big money likes to do their bidding. She’ll continue the neocon and neoliberal policies that elected Trump in the first place.

  11. ked says:

    I’ve heard young PhD’s similarly misspeaking on-the-fly; 125 million vs 125 thousand. Are you certain his mental state is significantly worse than Trump’s? Should we formalize independent & comprehensive mental testing of the ruling gerontocracy? I’m all for it.

  12. Polish Janitor says:

    Col Lang,
    I think the Democratic leadership want him where he is and then with a woman of color as VP he will be a passive president and the VP would run the show, something similar to Bush and Cheney. Additionally it serves a broader process of weakening the POTUS position, and strengthening the Congress that are easier to manipulate/lobby/manipulate.

  13. Outrage Beyond says:

    If Joe Blow had the brains and intestinal fortitude to select Tulsi as his VP, he’d really give some people a reason to vote for him. But of course, that won’t happen.

  14. J says:

    Biden lost without a clue is a sad circus to watch, AND another circus has emerged….the lost-without-a-clue Minneapolis City Council (MCC) that is hell-bent on de-funding their city’s police and putting the whole population of their city in grave peril. Oh, to note this erstwhile MCC will let the population face terror, but THE MCC WON’T. Bilking the city taxpayers, the MCC has hired their own private guns to ‘protect the MCC membership’. What a group aren’t they. Note once again, that the ‘city’ is funding the MCC’s hired guns.

  15. J says:

    Looks like Biden has cavalry to the rescue, the NEOCON REpugs aka Chenyetttes. The same ones that brought us endless wars, endless boondoggles, endless bloodshed and suffering. All the while they line their personal coffers with their blood-money. It is this cavalry to Biden’s rescue that is forming to de-Trump the White House. They are called the ‘Lincoln Project’ NEOCON REpugs determined to put Biden in and Trump out. The Republican Establishment. And today June 27, Cheney has joined the NEOCON REpugs establishment resistance.
    Always remember that it was Cheney who declared the VP office as the ‘fourth branch’ of the government.
    So who is the real danger to our Republic, our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Is it Trump who has been trying his best to get U.S. out of endless wars? Or is it Cheney and his Lincoln Project NEOCON REpugs who want to throw everybody else’s children under the bus so they can line their personal pocketbooks with their endless wars?

  16. Yeah, Right says:

    Well, let’s analyse this: Joe Biden got the “over 120…” bit exactly right, which suggests that he wasn’t just plucking some number out of thin air.
    It means that he was attempting to drop a pre-written sound bite into his “off the cuff” comments, only he had misread the number when he was learning his lines.
    That means that he is such an empty-suit that he can (mis)read a queue-card as stating “over 120,000,000” and not immediately think to himself: wtf is this s**t, that can’t be right…..
    You don’t have to be senile to make that mistake (though it must help) you just have to be so unthinking and uncritical that you will recite anything without making the slightest attempt to think about what it is you have been tasked to say.
    Well, heck, in today’s Washington that would make him the perfect POTUS, wouldn’t it?

  17. eakens says:

    it’s a lot worse than messing up numbers….

  18. Bill H says:

    Do you really think, do the Dems really think, that if Biden is elected and, after a short time, steps down due to disability leaving Kamela Harris in the White House, that Trump voters will sit quietly and support their new female, black president? Or will they start a “not my president” movement that will make Hillary’s gang look like high school pranksters?

  19. Barbara Ann says:

    Bill H
    There is nothing extra-constitutional about the veep taking over from an incapacitated POTUS. A “not my president” movement may make some folks feel good, but what can it achieve other than yet more division?
    The Constitution provides an outlet for the disgruntled. The time for movement is now, before November 3rd.

  20. AK says:

    When I or anyone I know with fully functioning mental faculties makes such an error in speech, we immediately catch it and correct it. During this election cycle, Biden has never caught his own slips and corrected them, which to me betrays a lack of awareness of one’s own thought patterns and the speech that they produce. He is definitely mentally senescent to an advanced degree.

  21. Yeah, Right says:

    AK: “During this election cycle, Biden has never caught his own slips and corrected them”
    Nailed it in one.
    Either Biden is too senile to understand what he is reading, or he is too lazy to pay any attention to the scripts that has handed to him.
    Either way, who would want such a man sitting in the White House?

  22. FakeBot says:

    So long as he picks a capable VP, they won’t care about Biden’s senility, but come the time of the debates this may prove his downfall. Privately, they must be concerned about how he will perform.
    Even if he wins, it doesn’t bode well for the Democrats. For the past four years, the media desperately campaigned to authorize the 25th amendment against Trump by throwing into question his mental fitness. Trump’s antics and hyperbole aside, this was clearly a ploy, like all the other ploys to force Trump out of office. What goes around, comes around. Republicans will attempt to do the same should Biden win and there’s good reason to suspect Biden’s mental health will only further deteriorate as president.
    After four years, after a parade of failed impeachment attempts, the Democrats wheeled out Biden to beat Trump the only way that was ever going to be realistic. Maybe if they weren’t so focused on impeachment since the last election, they would have had a better plan at recapturing the White House than what they are left with now: an old, white man who just about represents the antithesis of what the party has come to be after embracing the crazies in their manic obsession to remove Trump from office. Serves them right.

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