Today’s press flaps


-  Ilhan Omar tweeted that AIPAC plays a role in encouraging a lot of Jewish Americans to contribute campaign funds to congressional candidates?  Is that a serious question?  AIPAC is not a PAC in American law and thus cannot make political contributions, but it illegally controls a lot of real PACs and has a lot of political influence in the Jewish community.

– Ralph Northam said on TeeVee that the very first blacks brought to Virginia were initially considered to be "indentured servants" in English law?  He is correct although within a few decades the colonists realized that it would be more profitable to keep them permanently as slaves.  One must remember that Northam is only now learning some actual Virginia history

– Lindsey Graham is IMO correct in suggesting that Trump should "pocket" the barrier money in the negotiated bill, keep the government fully open, and then proceed to used additional funds available to him as CinC  to continue to build the barrier system.

– The National Guard of several states is probably serving on the border with federal funding support although still under state control.  There is a law which provides for that. If the governors order a withdrawal from the border, Trump should IMO call these National Guard forces into federal service.  The governors would then have no control over this matter at all.  pl

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