Trouble reaching SST?

I number of people are reporting difficulty in reaching SST.  How many?  pl

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  1. Bill W, NH, USA says:

    no problems on my end. Site is always available.

  2. wrensis says:

    If you are referring to being able to read anything but the topic title. I have had problems.
    All I get today is
    “trouble reaching SST”

  3. Jkat says:

    no problems here .. k-town USA

  4. Eric Dönges says:

    I’ve had trouble reaching SST from my Mac using Safari when using the bookmark; using the link as found on Google worked fine. Both links looked identical to me, so I don’t see why that should have made any difference.
    Using FireFox on Windows I’ve had no problems, so I assume this is some bizarre Safari problem (Apple released some updates recently, maybe they broke something – it’s been known to happen =8^). The wonders of modern technology …

  5. Will says:

    i have occasionly gottet the message web page unaccessible.
    then i have gone back and gotten the page back from scratch.
    i don’t have it bookmarked.
    i just type in the first few letters, such as turcop etc and the browser does the rest, either that or i click on the link from friday lunch club
    i ofter use my cell phone for a modem. i notice it picks up different cell towers so i come up as various cities in NC even though i stay in the same spot.

  6. No problems with Firefox 3. However, Dow is down 489.

  7. batondor says:

    Will not load consistently and indefinitely with Safari v3.1.2 on MacOS X 10.4.11 but works fine on the same machine with Firefox 3.0.3…

  8. Not me. The post came onto my RSS feed, I clicked on it, and voila! Here I am.

  9. No problems for me and I hit your site everyday perhaps once or twice as I run thru a list of sites,

  10. Will says:

    i’ve been using the new chrome browser. crashes often on my expensive machine but runs flawlessly on the cheap one but i still love it

  11. Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA says:

    No problem here. Are you sure this is unrelated to Cheney’s arrhythmia?

  12. Adjara says:

    No problem with the site. But why I am so fat?

  13. Ed Webb says:

    Firefox 3 on XP, no problems.

  14. Larry K says:

    I can reach it only by googling “Pat Lang” and working back from the SST link there. The SST link I’ve had as a bookmark for some time reads the same but stopped working a week or so ago. Such is my loyalty and level of interest that I still visit several times a day using the roundabout method.

  15. dilbert dogbert says:

    no problems
    ATT Yahoo
    UVerse fiber connection
    Palo Alto CA

  16. Katherine Hunter says:

    i googled Col Pat Lang blog and was able to connect with the link they provided / links at different other blogs and my bookmark wd not load.

  17. Katherine Hunter says:

    oh i see it is mostly mac/safari which i use

  18. batondor says:

    Weirder yet, I have followed the pointers offered above with the following results:
    Safari on my iMac/Intel:
    – Does NOT work from bookmark or when typed in directly
    – Works fine from Google (as indicated above)
    Safari on Windows Vista:
    – Works fine under all circumstances…
    Safari on my iBook/G3:
    – Works fine under all circumstances!!!
    Note to the curious (and nerdier) among you: all Macs use MacOS X 10.11.4 and latest Safari everywhere…
    This one has me stumped… for now.

  19. Jim says:

    I was having trouble connecting to SST a few days ago using Safari. Later I found it was affecting all sites. Yet other members of my household were able to reach with Safari, as could I in other browsers.
    I cleared my cookies for and suddenly all was well. If people cannot connect to SST at all, I would advise trying this.

  20. Larry K says:

    BTW, I’m on an up-to-date IMac and my browser is Safari.

  21. psd says:

    SST will not load on Safari v.3.1.2 on MacOS X 10.4.11 unless I google SST and click from the google page.i thought that maybe my Safari was corrupted.
    loads fine on Camino v.1.6.4; had trouble with Firefox on my home computer, but i’ll have to check which version it is.

  22. Alan says:

    Got a few “Page Inaccessible” errors over the weekend using SRWare Iron browser. No problems since then.

  23. taters says:

    All’s well here, Col. Lang. However if that was happening I probably would have a bad case of withdrawl symptoms.

  24. taters says:

    Hey, looking at the feed indicates there’s a good showing of fellow Michiganders. Awright!

  25. Cieran says:

    SST loads fine from my array of computers, from current Mac/Safari to Windoze and Linux with Firefox 3. No problems whatsoever from home or office. Even my iPod reaches SST just fine and dandy from anyplace with an 802.11 signal, including the local Starbucks.
    But then again, all of my computers know better than to get between me and my daily dose of Vitamin SST! They appreciate that I know where their power switches can be found…

  26. batondor says:

    Larry K:
    Are you using an Intel-based iMac and/or MacOS X 10.5.x (“Leopard”)? (You only say “up-to-date” but not the model or version…)
    If Intel-based with the newer OS, then the problem is probably with 10.4.x (“Tiger”) and is probably something very low level because otherwise an Intel and PowerPC device would probably not behave differently…
    If not this case, then I’m stumped… but if it is the configuration you’re using then I think the problem is pretty arcane…

  27. batondor says:

    Jim at 7:55 PM hit the nail on the head:
    I cleared my cookies on my Intel-based iMac and the direct entry of via a bookmark works fine in Safari now…
    Hurrah! (and thanks, Jim)

  28. parvati_roma says:

    No problem for me from Italy (via ADSL connection with Windows ME)

  29. Steve says:

    No problem with IE7 and Vista.

  30. psd says:

    Thank you, Jim! I cleared all my cookies off my sites and viola–SST on Safari!

  31. Florestan says:

    When I enter <> directly in the address bar I do not get to the site, although this worked until recently(through autocompletion, mostly). The Googlesearch link works fine and results in the same address.

  32. Patrick Lang says:

    Got this from Typepad help desk –
    “Hi there,
    Thanks for the reply.
    This sounds like a cache issue within Safari. You may want to advise them to perform a hard refresh to clear their cache.
    If they use Safari on a PC, then ask them to hold down the Ctrl + F5 keys which will clear the cache in most browsers.
    If they use Safari on a Mac, then ask them to hold down Command+Shift+R to force the browser to load the current version of the blog.
    Please let us know if there is anymore we can do to help.

  33. Larry K says:

    My Mac is version 10.4.11, Intel-based.
    Larry K

  34. K says:

    I’ve had trouble reaching SST from my Mac using Safari when using the bookmark; using the link as found on Google worked fine. Both links looked identical to me, so I don’t see why that should have made any difference.
    Same here.

  35. jon says:

    I’ve been unable to directly reach any Typepad blogs, for the past week or longer.
    I found that doing a Google search, and clicking through that, can bring me to your homepage successfully.

  36. drongo says:

    No probs

  37. Haralambos says:

    No problems here in Greece–Firefox 3 on XP connected with OTENET–Greek National telecom.

  38. JohnS says:

    No problem accessing SST on my Mac OS X intel version 10.5.4 using Safari version 3.1.2.

  39. b says:

    It is a bookmark issue related to Typepad. It was the same at my site also running on Typepad.
    Delete the old bookmark and go to the site you want to go to through google. Then bookmark the site again.
    That solved the problem for readers at my place.

  40. johnf says:

    I’ve had trouble reaching SST from my Mac using Safari when using the bookmark; using the link as found on Google worked fine. Both links looked identical to me, so I don’t see why that should have made any difference.
    As Eric Donges.

  41. The beaver says:

    Problems with Safari and it is OK with Firefox though yesterday night I couldn’t get the content of one heading.

  42. DH says:

    No problems.

  43. YT says:

    Only problems I encounter are with the infrastructure & general INCOMPETENCE of the brainless denizens where I’m puttin’ up…

  44. bigbird says:

    My bookmark in Firefox kept calling up the “Sic Semper Tyrannis” Policy post for perhaps two weeks. I assumed that you were off on vacation or something; then a rash of more recent postings appeared without my fiddling with the bookmark.

  45. Jon T. says:

    10 – 4 on XP Home Firefox 3.03

  46. johnf says:

    Problems re-occured with me.

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