Two Instructive Articles

Jerusalem1 Max Blumenthal's video from the streets of Jerusalem is instructive.

And then there is this story in the Asia Times:

The basic story here is simple.  Israeli intelligence are doing their best to fake the evidence of rapid Iranian advances towards weaponization of nuclear weapons.  In their usual short sighted way, they care not that they are systematically undermining the credibility of the US intelligence community.  The US IC has been the source of 90% of all valid raw intelligence information that Israeli intelligence has ever had.  Israeli collection operations are really rather primitive and the farther the target from their borders the poorer they are.  What the Mossad is good at is covert action and black propaganda, not information work.  It is sad to see an era of cooperation ending in such a way.  pl

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  1. Fred says:

    Max’s map is quite informative. The report from Israel is instructive not only to see the views of more members of “Generation Chickenhawk” but the complete incompetence-laziness of American journalists, though I would never expect this on Fox. “we’ve never seen his birth certificate!” “Who’s Benjamin Netanyahu?” this is a political science major?

  2. Ian says:

    “The Israeli co-authors of The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran, Yossi Melman and Meir Javeanfar, revealed that “Western” intelligence was “laundered” to hide its actual provenance by providing it to Iranian opposition groups, especially NCRI, in order to get it to the IAEA.”
    Wonderful. Iranians in favor of democracy also get discredited by this. That won’t make Iran a better neighbor in the long term, not in the slightest.

  3. maui bob says:

    somebody please cue Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors asap!
    Max’s video is ghastly. Jewish first, American second I suppose, but confused they are not. They are simply ungrateful SOBs.

  4. arbogast says:

    A superb post. The video is must see.

  5. Bill Wade, NH, USA says:

    Obama postpones U.S. embassy move from T.A. to Jerusalem
    By Haaretz Service
    United States President Barack Obama on Friday postponed moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by an additional six months, Israel Radio reported.
    A senior White House official said that U.S. policy regarding the status of Jerusalem remains unchanged, and that it is a final-status issue to be resolved within the framework of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
    The U.S. Congress approved the transfer of the embassy 14 years ago.
    Last month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that all of Jerusalem would always remain under Israeli sovereignty. Netanyahu said he had made the same declaration during his visit to Washington last month when he met with Obama.
    “The new U.S. administration informs us with intolerably ease that we have to give up Jerusalem,” the premier said during a May ceremony marking Jerusalem Day.
    “With all due respect, the U.S. president sees the American interest and does not know that Jerusalem is not a territorial issue, but a much deeper one – ‘the hope of two thousand years/the land of Zion and Jerusalem,'” he said, quoting Israel’s national anthem.”
    I can’t help but wonder if had those kids been of the Muslim faith what their fate would have been upon arriving back in the USA.

  6. David says:

    Yes, the video is compelling.
    It is also very sad, “Generation Stupid”

  7. Cold War Zoomie says:

    … “Generation Stupid”
    My hope is that they are too stupid to become successful enough to influence anyone, much less US foreign policy. That they just become so self-absorbed with their own gratification that politics passes them by.
    Since they come from fairly well-to-do families, though, they’ll be successful enough to fund some PAC regardless of how ignorant they are. Oh well.
    And this video reminds me of the “Irish” guys in Boston and New York who funneled money and support to the IRA. They were no more Irish than the Man on the Moon. I think that support actually prolonged The Troubles, and we’re seeing a parallel in Israel – our support based on emotion from afar is actually prolonging the problems and making it worse.
    I must admit, though, the second-to-the-last guy made me laugh. He knows where his priorities are!

  8. Robert C. says:

    Amazing video.
    As I watched it, I flashed back to the days immediatley after 9/11, when we saw, repeatedly, video of celebrating West Bank and Gaza Palestinians, only to find out later that it was all file video. There were no Palestinian celebrations after 9/11.
    Imagine the airplay this excellent (albeit crude) video would get if these were Arab-Americans partying in, say, Beirut. The video would surely make it through the MSM filters.

  9. Serving Patriot says:

    @David, I might call them Generation Coddled. I wish they would simply turn in their U.S. passports and stay in the Holy Land they profess to love.
    @COL Lang, Thanks for this post. You are very much on the mark and at least someone is saying it! At this point, though, I am more worried that the little dog will start the fight irrespective of the big dog’s wishes… all on the premise that big dog will save them.
    Citizens should be asking if there are any treaty pacts between the US and Israel that obligates our action to defend them no matter what they do. I might also add that there is a not so small group of US forces stationed in the Negev manning a US owned missile defense radar (a development not unnoticed in Tehran). A missile attack on the Negev (e.g. Dimona) where these forces are located would presumably permit a proportional military response from the U.S. — with or without a Congressional declaration of war.

  10. optimax says:

    “Who is Benjamin Yahoo?” Great. It’s “Jaywalking” in Israel and makes it look like the West’s major cultural influence in the ME is beer and pornography.

  11. arbogast says:

    Those kids are parrots. Drinking beer and getting [rhymes with weighed] don’t leave much time for developing your prejudices.
    The girl who knew that Obama wasn’t a citizen but didn’t know who Bibi was is the best example.
    They’re repeating what they’ve been told.
    They’re the ass end of the iceberg, if you will.

  12. Fred says:

    I finally finished the Asia Times article. This is far worse than the video. Why is a journalist the chief researcher for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, especially with the apparent entanglements with foreign governments?
    A United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Douglas Frantz, a former reporter for the LA Times with extensive under orders not to speak with the media and further on is noted to be “… apparently forbidden by Israeli officials from revealing their national affiliation as a condition for the interviews.”
    “Frantz, a former journalist for the Los Angeles Times, had extensive contacts with high-ranking Israeli military, intelligence and Foreign Ministry officials before joining the Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff.”
    This is yet another disappointment from Senator Kerry.
    _committee_staff/ I wonder if this was going on during his campaign in 2004; that would certainly have helped contribute to his losing.

  13. meffie says:

    Maybe this answers the question, “why do they hate us?” Not because of our “freedoms” but because of our arrogant stupidity.
    If young muslims expressed the same threats against Obama’s life, they’d be sent you-know-where. Perhaps these kids can be tortured until they reveal the names of the American institutions of higher learning that failed to educate them.

  14. rjj says:

    Generation coddled?
    They are viiiiictiiiiims!!!! They are clearly suffering from esteemia, the PoMo pox.

  15. Jackie says:

    You are point on with the American Irish contributing to the Troubles. The same is going on with regard to Israel.
    Take the outside money away fueling the war and you might get a solution.
    I haven’t watched the video by Max. I’ve heard it described enough to be repulsed without watching it.

  16. Nancy K says:

    Uri Avnery has a new column regarding Israel, it is quite amazing.

  17. David Habakkuk says:

    ‘And this video reminds me of the “Irish” guys in Boston and New York who funneled money and support to the IRA. They were no more Irish than the Man on the Moon. I think that support actually prolonged The Troubles, and we’re seeing a parallel in Israel – our support based on emotion from afar is actually prolonging the problems and making it worse.’
    In the end the USG did play a very important role in making peace possible in Northern Ireland — but certainly a lot of us here do think that support for the IRA from the U.S. prolonged the problem. Some of us moreover have certainly wondered whether such support might have had as much or more to do with identity politics in the U.S., than with real concern about — let alone understanding of — the intractable communal rivalries in Northern Ireland.
    And a similar suspicion certainly arises in relation to the support of some American Jews for hard-line Likudnik positions — which I fear will end up not simply delaying a settlement in Palestine, but making one impossible, and in so doing ensuring that Israel ends up going the way of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.
    Not long ago Philip Weiss — on whose admirable blog the video to which the Colonel linked appeared — commented:
    ‘A lot of the life of this website is a response to a challenge that Tony Judt issued two years ago: “Why is the American Jewish community so determined to convince itself that we are living in 1938? Why does the most successful, the most well integrated, the most culturally and politically influential, the most socially and economically well situated Jewish community since the late years of the Roman republic, why is it so worried about the demon of anti-Semitism — more worried than the Jewish community in any other country I know and certainly more worried than Israel itself?.”
    But, oddly, Weiss does not seem to have taken on board a key part of Judt’s own answer to the question, which reflects his experience as a British Jew who has made a successful academic career in the U.S. In an interview with the FT two years back, Judt noted that back in the Sixties the U.S. did not care so much for Israel, while France was that country’s great friend. The change since then, he suggested, had something to do with the rise of identity politics:
    ‘It became possible, fashionable and in the end almost necessary to identify yourself – Irish-American, Italian- American, Native American, Asian-American. Part of it was because of the rise of the culture of the victim but also because it was a way of being part of the new multicultural space.”
    ‘You couldn’t just be Jewish-American, however, he says. To create an identity, he says, Jewish people instead tied themselves to the Holocaust and to Israel. ”So it became very much a threat to American-Jewish identity to unravel one of these.”’

  18. linda says:

    ignorant-assed punks; with a profound sense of entitlement. perhaps customs might want to pull aside upon their return to the u.s. those loudmouths who threatened the president.
    and that poli sci major. oy. she reminded me of the idjits in jay leno’s street segments who can’t identify photos of high profile newsmakers — but know every celebrity photo put up.

  19. Cloned Poster says:

    ultra orthodox = fundamental muslins
    ISRAELI police fired water cannons at hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who threw stones in protest against the opening of a public parking lot they see as a violation of religious law.

  20. J says:

    The ‘crux’ of our U.S. Mideast policies is that most of our D.C/State Mideast policy makers can’t read/understand/speak Arabic. And if you don’t know squat about how to ‘communicate’ with the Arab world, then policy making goes in the hole in the outhouse.

  21. J says:

    And the ‘second’ problem with our D.C./State Mideast policy makers is that they don’t have enough ‘backbone’ to do what needs to be done — castrate AIPAC.

  22. lowlander says:

    @David Habakkuk. You have your finger partially on the truth in your comment. Hatred like these kids have, doesn’t sprout up over night from a vacuum. You’ve got to be carefully taught from year to year, it has to be drummed into your dear little ear. These kids parents and grandparents harboured these same hatreds for generations which was your point. Tradition, without it our lives are as shaky as a fiddler on the roof.
    The question I have is are these attitudes examined by outsiders? Outside elites? I say they are more then examined , they are nurtured and protected by a group of Anglo American/European nobility. These little people of haters are used by the elites as foot soldiers for use in execution of a variety of hidden agendas throughout history.

  23. Patrick Lang says:

    The video IS depressing, but what it really shows is a bunch of privileged very drunk post-adolescents talking tough to impress each other, especially to impress the girls. The most truthful guy is the one towards the end who says something like “what I really want is p—y.”
    Unfortunately, as someone commented, the racist drivel and hatred towards Obama is probably representative of their families’ thinking.
    I think these guys should make use of their new Israeli citizenship to stick around and join the IDF. This would give them a chance to “be all they can be” against Hizbullah troops next time around.
    What was the Kilmer line about “midnight in some flaming town?” pl

  24. Serving Patriot says:

    I think these guys should make use of their new Israeli citizenship to stick around and join the IDF. This would give them a chance to “be all they can be” against Hizbullah troops next time around.
    Perhaps this is why the IDF is not doing so great these days? Too many kids like these (American and Israeli) have joined up! While many, many more children of the educated, central-liberal side of Israel leave with their families to some other country.

  25. Fred says:

    PL, I agree these kids should sign up but I also think these kids at least realize what they would face in the IDF is much different from the first intifada 22 years ago. It’s much easier to be a couch commando than a real one.

  26. Neil Richardson says:

    “I think these guys should make use of their new Israeli citizenship to stick around and join the IDF. This would give them a chance to “be all they can be” against Hizbullah troops next time around.
    What was the Kilmer line about “midnight in some flaming town?” pl
    Posted by: Patrick Lang | 07 June 2009 at 01:18 PM ”
    I hope for the sake of these wannabe Zvika Greengolds and Motti Gurs, the IDF training standards have improved since 2006. Although I suspect you already knew this, I wasn’t that familiar with the details of the 2006 campaign. I found this study by Matthews to be rather eye opening.

  27. Babak Makkinejad says:

    David Habakkuk:
    Much of this was rather foolish bravado – trying to impress the girls – I should think.
    The young man who referred to himself as “yid” – I am certain that he has had no understanding whatsoever that the word is considered a very very vey bad term in both Russian & Ukranian languages.
    A few years ago there was a young American reporter who was looking for a place to live in Jerusalem. She responded to an advertisment placed by two other young American women who were looking for a third house-mate.
    The two declined to rent her the place; both were Jews with one studying to be a Rabbi, one stating that she did not feel comfortable with a Muslim in the apartment. You see, he reporters’s parent were Iranians although she herself had been raised in US with no religious upbringing.
    Clearly, they were not compatriots.

  28. Mark Logan says:

    I though that was a Seeger
    That such behaviour was being used to impress the local “talent” says something too. It’s very
    sad and disgusting. They
    have somehow have come to feel so little appreciation for their own country it’s remarkable.
    I would recommend to Max that he could perhaps bring along a couple of IDF recruiters in plain clothes
    next time. It is a target rich environment. Should get some classic footage when they spring an offer to serve on some of those guys.

  29. Patrick Lang says:

    Seeger it is. pl

  30. William P. Fitzgerald III says:

    Pat Lang,
    “I have a rendezvous with death in some flaming town, when spring trips north again this year” (approximately). In many anthologies, including “The Great War and Modern Memory” by Paul Fusell. Alan Seeger was an American volunteer in La Legion Etrangere (I can’t do accents on French words) and was killed in 1916. He was Pete Seeger’s uncle.
    The people in those Jerusalem interviews seem fairly detestable and remind of some people I encountered years ago, ca. 1967 or 68 who opined that the mighty Israeli Air Force could clean our clocks in air to air combat.

  31. Patrick Lang says:

    I memorized it in HS. Fussell is an interesting man. Met him at a thing a few years back in which he and I were panelists. pl

  32. William P. Fitzgerald III says:

    Pat Lang,
    While you were memorizing that, I was memorizing “The Cremation of Sam Magee”.
    I might add to my previous comment that the Israeli Air Force enthusiasts I mentioned weren’t experts on air combat or airpower. They were just people spouting off in the vein of “OUR air force could beat YOUR airforce” and they were Americans! That’s why the video reminded me of that conversation

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