“US Space Force preparing to decommission legacy command and control system”

“By the end of this year, the Space Force hopes to have fully transitioned from its legacy space catalog system to a modernized command and control capability — a milestone years in the making.

The service is in the process of decommissioning the Space Defense Operations Center (SPADOC), which was fielded in 1979, and replacing it with the new Space Command-and-Control (Space C2) system that will bring together operational-level C2 capabilities into one integrated system. Along with developing an enterprise infrastructure, the program will deliver applications to decision-making hubs — like the National Space Defense Center, Combined Space Operations Center and the 18th Space Control Squadron – that will help process data from ground- and space-based sensors.

The Space C2 program follows a series of SPADOC modernization attempts dating back to the 1980s. While upgrades have been fielded, most have not delivered as promised and have struggled to stay on schedule and within their original budget. The most recent effort, the Joint Space Operations Center Missions System (JMS), set out in 2009 as an incremental replacement for SPADOC. Only one of three increments was ultimately fielded, and in 2018 the Air Force stopped development on the program, which was three years behind schedule and about $139 million over budget.

Col. Rhet Turnbull, director of the Cross Mission Ground and Communication Enterprise at Space Systems Command, told C4ISRNET in a recent interview the Space C2 program has been making good progress and has, to date, delivered 11 applications to U.S. and allied coalition operations centers.”

Comment: So, this project stumped USAF but US Space Force since it is solely focused on Space has succeeded.

US Space Force preparing to decommission legacy command and control system (c4isrnet.com)

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3 Responses to “US Space Force preparing to decommission legacy command and control system”

  1. Babeltuap says:

    Everyone wants to have a duck gliding across the pond but IT work on this level is hard work trying to integrate these old legacy systems. Looks like they created large bags of worthless shelfware along the way. The old bridge also needs to stay operational until the new one is built and 100% functional. 11 applications is a start but how many applications to go and how many more defects, delays but big things start from small beginnings.

  2. cobo says:

    And the P3 thing. Over one month ago I ordered two long-sleeve, very cool shirts from the third-party marketing… thing.. that is “Spaceforce.”. I wantd to show my support – are they held up in China?? Nationalize everything!

  3. TTG says:

    Babeltuap is right in that this is a problem to be solved by coders. However, I do believe having Space Force in charge is making a big difference. These efforts are now guided by a focus on space rather than being largely ignored by the USAF fighter pilot mafia. Space Force renamed the Space and Missile Systems Center as the Space Systems Command. IMO that change from a center to a command is important for space systems R&D. And now there’s a service to champion those R&D programs and the required funding in the Pentagon and in the halls of Congress.

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