Wednesday 5 November open thread.

The20open20gate I do this in my "spare time" and I am taking the day off.  pl

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  1. par4 says:

    Can we see some more.

  2. J says:

    Taking the ‘day off’ from ‘spare time’, an interesting idea. Enjoy.

  3. rjj says:

    BIG smile.
    Who is Simon Wachtel?
    How did you come across him?
    His “industrials” remind me of Charles Sheeler.
    What is “this” ???
    Whatever “this” is, whether setting stone, strolling thru gates, or painting, ENJOY!!!
    ALSO — thank you.

  4. Virginia for Obama! Woohoo!
    And my former home state of North Carolina did pretty well too. Greensboro, the town where I went to high school, where my parents lived for 20 years, was 60% for Obama. Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Winston-Salem – all the cities with good colleges in them and thriving industry went for Obama, as did the larger area around Fayetteville.
    That’s the South I know and love…

  5. mike says:

    Great image of the open gate, thanks. I have always thought that open gates symbolize freedom and opportunity, and also hospitality.
    I have a similar one but more southwestern style, purchased at a roadside stand in Southern California thirty years ago, and probably painted in a Tijuana factory studio. But it still holds a place of honor on my living room wall.

  6. Dave of Maryland says:

    The Open Gate, by Simon Maurice Wachtel, 1900-1965.
    I hope you enjoy your day.

  7. TR Stone says:

    My wife asked me yesterday what I was going to do after the election, as I have been listening to “POTUS08” on satellite radio, plus the political tv stations full time.
    I don’t know, maybe I’ll go back to listening to OTR (old time radio)!

  8. Kevin says:

    Bulk ammo is sold out or overpriced, I can’t find high capacity magazines anywhere, and the local gun store is stripped bare. Getting ready for “change” is tough.

  9. zanzibar says:

    It seems official that Rahm Emmanuel will be Chief of Staff.
    I am led to believe that he is a dual citizen – US & Israel.
    So how does that work with security clearances?
    Does it mean that AIPAC has their own at the heart of the White House?

  10. Clifford Kiracofe says:

    1. here is some data (which one would have to verify) from Wiki per Rahm Emanuel:
    “His father, the Jerusalem-born Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a pediatrician and former member of the Irgun, a militant Zionist group that operated in Palestine between 1931 and 1948. …[Rahm]Emanuel volunteered as a civilian volunteer in the Israel Defense Forces during the 1991 Gulf War, serving in one of Israel’s northern bases, rust-proofing brakes.[12][13]”
    2. Steve Clemmons warned:
    “My greatest fear about Emanuel is that he might perpetuate a “false choice” orientation towards Israel in Middle East affairs that he’s going to have to compensate for and get under control. There are no rational alternatives in the Middle East than actually delivering on a Palestinian state and finally putting the Middle East peace business out of business.
    Emanuel needs to prove his judiciousness by not preempting serious progress in Israel/Palestine affairs and not encouraging Barack Obama to make the mistake of trying to define his presidency by exploiting some national security conflict.”

  11. This had me rolling – another classic news story from The Onion!
    Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

  12. Dimbulb says:

    If you wanted to find out, perhaps you could file an FOIA request for the SF 86 forms, if this is possible.
    The Billy Goats Gruff are freely walking over your bridge you know. Perhaps you should go back home.

  13. peg says:

    Cold War Zoomie — that was very funny! Have you read this from the Onion?
    Black Man Given Nation’s Worst Job

  14. YT says:

    “Events are the ephemera of history, they pass across its stage like fireflies, hardly glimpsed before they settle back into darkness and as often as not into oblivion.” : Fernand Braudel

  15. Hello,
    You may be able to imagine my surprise at finding the image of my father’s painting on your blog 🙂 The original hangs in my home in New Zealand.
    A few other pieces of Wachtel’s work have been used to illuminate the pages of my website,, should you want to have a look.
    The site will be relaunched in January 2012; here, most of his paintings will be available to view and enjoy. I hope you will visit me there.
    Kind regards,
    Judith (Wachtel) Sansweet

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