“Who Loveth Best” Alan Farrell

Displayimage I put this on once before but there are now so many new Farrell "Groupies" that I thought I should give you another chance to contemplate the deep symbolism of this neo-Kafkaesque gem.  pl

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4 Responses to “Who Loveth Best” Alan Farrell

  1. rjj says:

    Was that published somewhere?

  2. Fahey was a Corona drinker.
    No wonder.
    Kafka roaming the prairie can lead to some startling developments, to say the least. At least it wasn’t a cockroach.

  3. taters says:

    Sunkommander Dred – LOL!!
    Jody is a gopher!!?? Uh, I mean prairie dog.
    Whoda thunk?
    Thanks for posting this, Col. Lang. All too rich imagery. I have stated this before, I am envious of anyone who has been fortunate enough to have been or is in either you or Alan Farrell’s classroom. And I certainly feel the same way about the esteemed Dr. Kiracofe. Thanks to all here who share their pearls – and graciously tolerate a novice such as I.

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