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The Solitude of Combat Veterans – Alan Farrell

Note: I thought I’d reshare these words by Alan Farrell. He gave this address to a group of vets one Veterans Day at the Harvard Business School. Granted the address is more appropriate for a Veteran’s Day than a Memorial … Continue reading

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Idle Hour

By W. Patrick Lang Comment: I thought of this story yesterday while I was waiting for my lobster role order. Whenever the Cousins Maine Lobster food truck comes to our area I pick up a couple for SWMBO and myself. … Continue reading

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The Great Charge – 3 July 1863 (from “The Butcher’s Cleaver”)

“… A mile away, across the grassy valley from the cemetery ridge, Pickett’s Division lay waiting in the woods.  They had come up to this position in the early morning hours.  The officers occupied themselves with the usual business of … Continue reading

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The Solitude of Combat Veterans – Alan Farrell

Ladies and Gentlemens: Kurt Vonnegut — Corporal Vonnegut — famously told an assembly like this one that his wife had begged him to “bring light into their tunnels” that night. “Can’t do that,” said Vonnegut, since, according to him, the … Continue reading

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A short biography of Saint Pierre Favre S.J.

This was written by one of our fellow correspondents from France going by the  pen name of D74. His intent was to gift this to Colonel Lang. He finished the piece with difficulty after learning of the Colonel’s passing. Rest … Continue reading

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“Winter Quarters” 1863-1864 Pat Lang (from Death Piled Hard) reposted 2022

       Winter Quarters (Orange, Virginia)   “The seemingly endless time of cold darkness crept past in a succession of grey days and long nights. In its camps, the Army of Northern Virginia once again experienced the religious fervor that came … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in the Field – 1863 from “Death Piled Hard” reposted 2022

One of my pre-occupations is the cycle of novels that I wrote concerned with what I think I learned in life.  It is set in the American Civil War and called “Strike the Tent.”  Why?  If I knew why perhaps I could … Continue reading

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The “Daughter of Time” redux

Researchers claim to have found evidence that the older boy Edward may not have been murdered, but instead secretly allowed to live on his half-brother’s land under a false name. They have followed a trail of medieval documents to a … Continue reading

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Yo’ Jus’n Cain’ Get No Good Conch Frittahs Nor’ a Marathon

Stars were beginning to fade in the Western sky as the first gleams of the new day began to beat back the darkness. A fin broke the surface off the port bow up near the shallows on the edge of … Continue reading

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Review of “Tattoo” by Publisher’s Week

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