Who’s the “teach?”

If you think you are are here to sort me out, find someone else to annoy.

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4 Responses to Who’s the “teach?”

  1. Deap says:

    How were you instantly missed in your intangible electronic way, during your recent short absence?

    Missed knowing there as always gruff and ready sheepdog keeping the wolves away from the perimeter. Hate to use the term, but it is nice knowing you maintain is a “safe space” for blunt discussion, often found unpopular or worse even censored on other venues.

    • Pat Lang says:


      if you say so. My people run to gruff defense of the flock.

      • English Outsider says:

        The book gives depth to that,Colonel. I was wondering. At a young age you had a choice of several ways to go. Academia was an obvious one, working straight up the Army ladder was another. And you were presented with choices thereafter. What made you choose the specific course you took?

        • Pat Lang says:


          I was raised in the army. It was a family tradition. Enlisted soldiers pretty much always liked me so I knew I was going in the right direction. They always know a loser. I was one of “them” in the National Guard before I was an officer in the Regular Army.

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