Fly! Baby! Fly!

Comment: I have been waiting to see how much the naval and other spooks could bring themselves to reveal of the pile of data that the “sapped” have been sitting on reaching back in time all the way to February, 1942 and and the Battle of Los Angeles when George C. Marshall, then Chief of Staff of the US Army, began to take an interest and evidently wrote an “eyes only” letter to FDR proposing the creation of what amounted to an early SAPed compartment. Was that compartment and “bigot list” called “Maestic” and were the principals call the “Majestic 12?” Who knows?

In in any event, the demonological Bible thumpers in the Pentagon, plus those who covet exclusive access to knowledge and those of limited imagination all seem to have combined to continue to deny the citizenry the truth.

It looks like the UAP report will continue the tradition of keeping us all as pet mushrooms, i.e., by keeping us in the dark and feeding us horseshit. pl

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  1. Leith says:

    There is a good article regarding this on the SETI Institute blog by Professor Shostak, who BTW is their senior astronomer:

    He also has a YouTube channel:

    Let’s hope he puts out another youtube video soon about the UAP report.

    Shostak’s book Confessions of an Alien Hunter is definitely worth a read. He has been senior scientist at SETI for 20 years.

  2. Cofer says:

    Are you referring to Majestic 12?

  3. Eric Newhill says:

    Apparently there is some evidence that may substantiate that a former head of the DIA (Admiral Wilson) thinks UAP are real alien tech; and that he even understood that there is a program to retro-engineer some recovered craft.

  4. CNu says:


    I believe this goes back further than 1941 – and – it’s people.

    Please have a listen to the late Dr. Paul Czysz. I began hoovering up his written and videotaped fragments before he died some time ago, because I was interested in hypersonics, rhythmodynamics, and the curiously parallel systems these projects spawned in both the former Soviet Union and compartmentalized pockets in the U.S.

    • BrotherJoe says:

      Thanks for the link. Totally fascinating interview. My only hesitation in believing the credibility of this man, and this may sound silly, is that he seems to know TOO much. He talks about severe compartmentalization of information but he himself appears to have witnessed everything from Mach 12 planes to secret Tesla experiments. Could be but I dunno.

  5. CNu says:

    This is pure coincidence theory Colonel, but let the record show, Preznit Trump’s uncle Dr. John G. Trump was the engineer dispatched for the post mortem retrieval and assessment of Tesla’s papers.

    Lot of concern about those scalar waves back in the day – jes sayyin…,

  6. Battle of Los Angeles?
    Spanish ships Real Carlos and San Hermenegildo at Second Battle of Alegeciras?

    • Pat Lang says:

      Patrick Armstrong
      Look it up. Wikipedia.

      • I did. And that’s what inspired my answer.

        • Pat Lang says:

          Patrick Armstrong

          The editor of the wiki is clearly a scoffer. Ho hum. I have faced it too often to have much regard for it.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Col Lang,

            Wiki is just one more stalwart, and boringly predictable, guardian and cheerleader for hardcore materialist sciency know-it-all-ism.

            A good place to go for an elevator speech on a lot of topics, but not when a particular paradigm is at risk.

      • Ed Lindgren says:

        When Pearl Harbor was bombed in December 1941, General ‘Vinegar Joe’ Stilwell was serving as the senior tactical commander in California (Third Corps with HQ at Monterey). He was responsible for the defense of the sea frontier of America from San Luis Obispo south through LA to San Diego.

        Stilwell’s memoirs of his WW II experience (edited for publication after Stilwell’s death by Theodore White) cover the frantic days following Pearl Harbor when the West Coast was in chaos. Passing motorists ‘firing’ at Coast Artillery batteries; rumor of Japanese airfields in Baja California; “ [one] captain and his wife and daughters actually saw three Jap planes …..on December 9 outlined against the moon.”

        Stilwell wrote “This situation has produced some other strange cases of jitters. Common sense is thrown to the winds and any absurdity is believed.”

        UFOs or “strange cases of jitters”? Application of Occam’s razor would suggest the latter explanation. Insofar as Stilwell is concerned, by late Feb 1942 he was in the Middle East traveling by air towards India and his rendezvous with history in China.

        Source: Joseph W. Stilwell (edited by Theodore H. White) – The Stilwell Papers – William Sloane Associates – 1948

  7. Mark Gaughan says:

    Totally off topic, just good music: enjoy

  8. Desayuno con diamantes says:

    Whitney Webb asks, related to this new UFO frenzies…

    “How is it now acceptable in mainstream and mainstream-adjacent circles to talk about UFOs and Aliens, but still not acceptable to question the official 9/11 narrative?
    Strange times!”

    The neocon agenda to militarize space…

  9. Deap says:

    Fly Delta Fly: Pilot called out for all “able-bodied men” to come to the front of the plane to help with a disturbance.

    The aisles were quickly crowded because every man got up to help. MAGA country lives:

    It was not known if “birthing persons” stayed in their seats.

    • akaPatience says:

      All examples in the article of in-flight “disturbances” caused by passengers were on flights departing from Los Angeles. Maybe it’s not designated LAX for nothing…

  10. Harlan Easley says:

    If we are being visited or there is an unknown highly intelligent life form in the oceans then they can make themselves visible to the rest of us if they so desire.

    I’m leaning to deep in the Oceans. They may have a National Security reason they are watching us evolutionary apes so close. What if a thermonuclear global war could destroy their habitat deep in the ocean due to fallout?

  11. Desayuno con diamantes says:

    While you are looking at that squirrel passing…what is happening with the US homes market…”Building back” to the Middle Ages, becoming peasants…”better” redistribution of wealth from down up…

  12. Polish Janitor says:

    What’s Obama up to regarding the recent UFO updates? I mean what is his agenda here? because he’s popping left and right of the UFO news lately.

    Lastly, Colonel have ever read about this supposedly major (but not really discussed) UFO incident in Brazil in 1977? This one always amused me because of the large number of witnesses and because of the nature of the incident which was really fascinating!

  13. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Someone (Robert Lazar) claims (in 2020)
    the U.S. actually has (he claims to have seen it) and is testing alien technology at the Nevada Test Site:

    This is a 14-minute video from a reputable news organization, 8NewsNow in Las Vegas.
    There are open questions about his credibility.
    The question is: Will others corroborate his story?

  14. j.+casey says:

    Thanks, Colonel.

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