Yeah, the Dems really love yah. Ask them.

Condescension is Biden’s Middle name

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  1. If we assume that it is true that Obama stepped in and told everybody to go for Biden-Harris why on earth did he pick those two? A guy who in four runs had never won a primary (to say nothing of cognitive skills) plus someone who never got a single delegate?
    If he wanted obedient tools for a third term, surely there were others who would at least show better.

  2. walrus says:

    Col. Lang,

    Thank you for posting that article. I take some comfort from it.

    I apologise for the nit picking, but the article would have been better without the BS reference and implied slur regarding CDC mask guidance:

    “ And the administration is busy trying to shut the economy down again, pushing lockdowns and mask mandates due to the Delta variant, which appears to be less deadly than any other COVID strain. It might be more infectious, but if it’s a bad cold, people who have already taken a vaccine aren’t going to put up with being required to mask up. That was the whole point of taking the jab in the first place.

    That the CDC appears to have made the recommendation for masking vaccinated people based on flawed and irrelevant science is a bad look.”

    The Spectator reference for that was an epoch times article that stated:

    “ House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) noted that the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) recent mask guidance update is based on a study that evaluated the efficacy of a COVID-19 vaccine that is “not approved in America.”

    “I just left speaking with Dr. Monahan from the House. He said he used the CDC recommendation on a report that hasn’t been printed yet,” McCarthy said on the House floor, referring to Dr. Brian P. Monahan, the attending physician of Congress.

    “He did not know that the report is based upon India, about a vaccine that’s not approved in America, and now he did not know that it didn’t even pass peer-review,” the GOP leader said, referring to a CDC study published July 27.

    The CDC report, in part, notes that “studies from India with vaccines not authorized for use in the United States have noted relatively high viral loads and larger cluster sizes associated with infections with Delta, regardless of vaccination status,” referring to the COVID-19 Delta variant. According to the CDC, the data suggests that “breakthrough Delta infections are transmissible.”…..

    The actual CDC report is not based on studies in India. What it says is this:

    “ Individual and community-level prevention measures in addition to vaccination have been shown to help reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2.(163-167) However, there can be individual and societal costs related to physical distancing, quarantine, school and business closures, and other prevention measures.(168-175)

    Modeling studies suggest that adherence to other prevention measures, such as wearing masks and physical distancing, continues to be important in the context of vaccine implementation.(176-184) In one study, complete relaxation of prevention measures for the entire population prior to adequate vaccination coverage (60-80% depending on the population considered) resulted in essentially no reductions in SARS-CoV-2 infections.(178) However, in the context of rapid vaccine implementation, the benefit of non-pharmaceutical interventions decreases: preliminary data from one study found prevention measures in the United States could begin to be relaxed 2-3 months after vaccination began if a rate of 3 million doses administered daily were attained(185). Correspondingly, preliminary data suggest that increasing vaccination rates may allow for the phasing out of some prevention measures as coverage increases.(184) With high vaccine effectiveness and increasing vaccination coverage, preliminary modeling studies conducted prior to emergence of the Delta variant predicted that vaccinated people returning to normal activities will have minimal impact on the course of the pandemic.(185, 186)”

    Those references:

    Alvarez MM B-GS, Trujillo-de Santiago, G Modeling the effect of vaccination strategies in an Excel spreadsheet: The rate of vaccination, and not only the vaccination coverage, is a determinant for containing COVID-19 in urban areas. medRxiv. 2021; icon.
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    The CDC report:

    It pains me to see politicians grandstanding about things they know nothing about and deliberately misrepresenting the work of honest diligent people trying to protect the American public as best they can

  3. Babeltuap says:

    I use to work with someone who managed senior executives at the CDC not long ago. The stories he told me were pure comedy but one stuck with me. He got sick of staff with advanced doctorates in the joint doing practically nothing all day so he started conducting desk audits.

    What he found were most of them were making 150K plus shredding papers and other remedial tasks all day. That was literally their only job. He tried to clean it up, get them back to doing real work but it was impossible so he eventually left. They had political points and used them.

    The CDC is nothing but a relay station for big pharma and politicians. They contract the work out, repeat what pharma tells them and keep their cushy jobs. Oh, and shred evidence.

  4. Walrus says:

    If that is the case then G-d help you all.

  5. Deep says:

    Must see TV – video of Jan 6 crowd noisy, but not unruly, not climbing up the Capitol Steps ……until the crack Capitol Police, under the leadership of Ms Nancy Pelosi, hit the crowd with flash bangs and later sprays the crowd with tear gas. Who gave that order? Will the crack Jan 6 congressional investigation Schiff-show committee get that answer?

    The crowd had come to only “peacefully protest” and let their voices be heard from the Capitol grounds.. And then the …….police did something. Video shows prior to that flash bang attack by the police, the crowd did appear to stay within their lanes.

    But not after – a few in the crowd broke through and on up to the Capitol steps- which became a clear view stage for police beatings in front of the crown – who were the break-aways? Tea Party members or hardcore Antifa or FBI informants?

    The crowd went from Stop the Steal to “F.U” reacting to the police crowd control escalation.

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